”Well, I think people are looking at us. ” Mei Lilli looked around when they stepped in the public cafe.

Usually, they could just eat at their faculty ’s cafe but it was good to change the mood for a while.
But when they met up, people began to look at them and kind of whispering something.

I think they are fascinated by our looks. ” So Pang Lim joked.

Her friends quickly gave a look.
A look that clearly meant that they were telling her that she was stupid.

”Tsk, I am just joking, okay. ” So Pang Lim rebuked her friends.

Song Ha Ting brought out her phone and looked at something.
She then called her friends.
”Girls, I think this is the reason why we are been looking at.
Well, not us.
But you, Yu Qi. ” Song Ha Ting showed something on her phone and pointed her finger to Yu Qi.

”Oh, it has been while then… ” So Pang Lim chuckled.

”A while? ” Song Ha Ting tilted her head feeling confused with what So Pang Lim had meant by that.

”A news about our Yu Qi here. ” So Pang Lim pointed out it happily.

”Oh, I think…
Indeed. ” Mei Lilli nodded.
’It has been a while indeed. ”

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”You guys have made Yu Qi a source of your entertainment. ” Ding Na An sighed.

”So, what is the news? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Oh, it is about yesterday night. ” Song Ha Ting answered.

”Oh, let me see. ” The former who had been discussed was not feeling anything but the latter was interested in the matter.

”What? Yu Qi, you are being called with names. ” Mei Lilli frowned when reading the news.

Someone wrote about yesterday ’s incident.
About Yu Qi went to the club.
There was a picture of Yu Qi attached to the story.
The picture where Yu Qi was standing alone outside the ladies and then that she had been approached by two men.
The angle of the picture was taken showing like the man kissed Yu Qi.

So, that was how the story was being twisted.
Saying Yu Qi went to the club every night, playing with different men.
It was a story that had wanted to destroy a person ’s reputation.

Just don ’t worry.
The news will vanish soon or later.
Just let them be. ” Yu Qi just smiled.

If you don ’t want to be watched, we can change the place. ” Ding Na An gave a suggestion.

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”No need. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
”If I ran away here now, it will make this news to look more true. ”

”I see. ” Song Ha Ting nodded her head.

They boldly went straight into the cafe.
Now, the eyes that watched them increased.
They also were whispering among them.
Some of them did not bother to slow down their voice.

”That is her, right? ”

”Yes. ”

”What do you think if I ask her out? ”

”You can try. ”

”She will be happy. ”

”What a s.l.u.t. ”

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”She already has a boyfriend, right? ”

I wonder how her boyfriend feels if he knows that. ”

”She may have been dumped. ”

”If she has been dumped, I want to try to be his girlfriend.
He is so f.u.c.k.i.n.g handsome. ”

Yu Qi stopped her steps.
She looked at the girl who had spoken just now.

”What? ” The girl instantly felt scared by the look given by Yu Qi.

”Even I may be dumped by him, but he will not look at you. ” Yu Qi looked at the girl up and down.
Clearly looking down at the girl ’s appearance.

”You… ” The girl wanted to say something.

But Yu Qi glared at her like she was a slice of dead meat making her not able to finish her sentence.
”Huh? ”

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The girl was trembling.
’This girl is scary. ’ Her friends beside the girl pulled her from the place.

Yu Qi was still glaring at the girl.

”It is my first time seeing Yu Qi lose her composure.
How refreshing. ” So Pang Lim was stunned.

Actually, Yu Qi just ignored the talk around her like she was a deaf person.
But today, Yu Qi acted differently.

”That ’s right. ” Song Ha Ting also agreed with it.

”What do you think why has Yu Qi snapped out? ” So Pang Lim asked.

”You hear what the girl has said before Yu Qi has snapped? ” Mei Lilli asked.

About Yu Qi ’s boyfriend has dumped Yu Qi and the girl wants to be his girlfriend? ” Song Ha Ting innocently said what she heard.

”See, you know that reason? ” Mei Lilli said.

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”Eh, I know? ” Song Ha Ting still did not understand.

”I got it.
She is jealous, right? ” So Pang Lim clapped her hand.

I think that is the reason. ” Ding Na An also nodded.

”Wow, I never know that Yu Qi is so possessive about her boyfriend. ” So Pang Lim found a new fact about Yu Qi.

”Well, her boyfriend is also so possessive about her. ” Ding Na An commented.
She remembered what Tang Han Lee was talking about Yu Qi ’s boyfriend.

Yu Qi also lost her appetite.
Telling her friends to eat without her.
She walked back to her room.
She entered the room.

Aoi who was laying down on the bed, stood up when hearing the door had opened.
He knew that that his master had come back.

Seeing his master ’s face, he knew something was going on.
His master was usually calm.
His master got angry hardly.

”Master, what ’s wrong? ” Aoi climbed on Yu Qi ’s lap when she sat on the bed.

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Yu Qi sighed while thinking about what had happened just now at the cafe.
She basically snapped out when she heard that the girl wanted to seduce her Long Hui.

Yeah, she was jealous.
She did not even want others to think about her Long Hui like that.

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