After submitting her progress report to her professor, Yu Qi went to her office.
Today, the new employee would come to sign the contract.

Yesterday Yu Qi had already asked Ming Xuehai to prepare the contract for Han Baise.
Ming Xuehai had already submitted the drafted of the contract in the morning for Yu Qi to read first.
If Yu Qi was satisfied with the draft, he would print it out.

After reading the draft, Yu Qi nodded.

”Can you add one more clause in it? ” Yu Qi asked.

”What is it? ” Ming Xuehai asked.

”The party A should help Party B with odd works. ” Yu Qi said as her eyes flashed a mischievous glance.

”Odd works? ” Ming Xuehai could not understand.

”Its okay.
He will understand it. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Ming Xuehai just followed Yu Qi.
He knew it would be mean something.
It must be in her plan.

Yu Qi reviewed the report given by the factory.
Suddenly the excited scream could be heard in front of the office entrance.
Yu Qi ignored the noise and returned her sight back to the report.

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He is so cute. ”

”What is he doing here? ”

”He is coming here… ”

It was a man with a cute appearance.
Well, it was a ’shota ’.

”Miss, I have an appointment with your boss.
Can you inform your boss? ” The ’shota ’ asked.

”Owh, sure.
Wait a minute. ” The girl nodded.
She picked up the telephone and called Yu Qi.

After getting the answer, she hang up the telephone.
”Mister, you can follow me to the meeting room. ” The girl said to the ’shota ’.

The ’shota ’ nodded and followed the ladies.
The girls behind him still said something like…

”He is very cute. ”

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”Hmm… ”

”What is he doing here, then? ”

”He is probably a new employee. ”

”If that is the case, we will have another man to look at. ”

An appetizer is Mr.
Ming, the main course is Mr.
Su, the dessert is him.
And we can have a complete dinner. ”

The ’shota ’ shivered when he heard about the conversation.
He already knew what he needed to do after getting the job here.

Later, he sat on the chair as the girl who had guided him here left the room after serving him a cup of tea.
She asked him to wait here.
Their boss would come later.

Before coming here, he had already investigated about this property.
It was registered under Qi Qi Skincare Office.
It was lead by a man named Su Yu Hi.
The person from yesterday was probably him.

The meeting room door had been opened by someone.
A woman and a man entered the room.
The man held a file.
He moved his sight to the girl.
He was shocked.
He recognized the girl.

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It was the girl on whom he had written an article about.
When he had accepted the job from the website, he had just thought it was an easy job.
Just making a post regarding the picture taken.
He had already edited the picture to make it look like the girl was being kissed by the man.

”Thank you for coming. ” The girl smiled.

He came out from his thoughts.

”You look better in real instead of your ID Card. ” The girl just casually commented.

The ’shota ’ frowned.
His ID Card? He had never showed it to anyone.
’Why does this woman know about it? ’

”Well, it is nice to meet you again, Shiro. ” Yu Qi smiled.

The ’shota ’ was shocked as his eyes opened wide looking at the girl in front of him.

’ ’You…
You… ” He was very shocked until he could not manage to talk properly.

”Oh, I have forgotten.
It is not a good thing to call you by that name.
Well, let me start again.
Mr Han Baise, nice to meet you. ” Yu Qi forgot that Shiro was his username.

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With that, the ’shota ’ or his full name, Han Baise understood that it was definitely this girl who had chatted with him yesterday.

”As I have mention that day, I want to hire you as our IT person. ” Yu Qi began to talk about the main business here.

”IT person? ” Han Baise asked.

”We have multiple businesses under us.
So, I want to create some kind of system to monitor the businesses. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Oh, I see. ” Han Baise nodded.

”Here. ” Yu Qi placed the contract in front of him.
”This is the employee contract.
You can read it first before signing the contract.
You can ask to add the terms.
If I think the terms are good to add, I will add them. ”

Yu Qi leaned over to the sofa.
Han Baise took the contract that read it.
He read one by one word on the contract.

”This clause, what do you mean by it? ” Han Baise pointed to the clause that Yu Qi had asked Ming Xuehai to add.

”For this clause, I need you to follow my order even though it not related to this business. ” Yu Qi grinned.

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Seeing the grin, Han Baise had already imagined the worst.

”Don ’t worry.
I will not use you to kill innocent people. ” Yu Qi still grinned.

Han Baise felt relieved hearing it.

Well, Yu Qi had already highlighted innocent people in her speech.
Meaning she might kill her enemies.
She did not care whether Han Baise noticed it or not.

Han Baise continued to read again.
10 minutes later, he finished reading the contract.

”I don ’t have any problem with the contract.
But I just want to add one thing. ” Han Baise said.

”What is that? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I want to work in my own place.
Not in this office. ” Han Baise stated his term.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi immediately agreed.

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Han Baise seemed to be surpised when Yu Qi immediately agreed with his term.

”What? ” Yu Qi asked when she saw the surprising and confusing look on Han Baise.

”I have thought that you will argue with that. ” Han Baise did not expect that she was an easy person.

”Well, if it will help you to do better in your job, why not? And I also don ’t stay here all the time. ” Yu Qi thought if you can give 100% even you stayed at home, it was okay then. ”

Yu Qi knew that due to his job, it would be better for him to stay at home.
And seeing the reaction of her female employees just right now, it was also good for him to work from home.
Otherwise, he might be eaten by them.

Yu Qi asked Ming Xuehai to go and draft the new contract.
Meanwhile, Yu Qi stayed with Han Baise.

Han Baise looked at the girl.
She seemed at to be the same age as him.
She sensed that Han Baise seemed to have something to ask her.

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