Yu Qi noticed that someone else had entered the room.
So, she looked up and saw that a man had just entered the room.
He seemed to look straight at her.
She also noticed the similarity between this man and Mu Li Zei.

’Oh, he is the only son of Mu Li Zei.
What is his name…? Oh, I remember.
Mu Kuang He. ’

Yu Qi finished treating Mu Rong Xie.
She started to pack her equipment.

”This is the new medicine.
This bottle, take two pills twice a day.
As for this bottle, apply the contents on the wounds. ” Yu Qi placed the two bottles on the side table.
One was green and one was blue.

”What? Another medicine? I don ’t want to take anymore. ” Mu Rong Xie was whining.

”I don ’t mind if you want to stay inside forever. ” Yu Qi told her.

Mu Rong Xie still did not learn her lesson.
She then shut up her mouth and glared to Yu Qi angrily.
Even though Yu Qi was the one who treated her, she was not grateful to Yu Qi.

Mu Yian stepped toward Yu Qi.
”Miss Tang, will you like to have lunch with us? ”

Yu Qi did not answer yet and stared at Mu Yian deeply.
Seeing Yu Qi staring at her hardly, Mu Yian could not help but swallowed her own saliva.

”That ’s right, Miss Tang.
We have already prepared it. ” Su Yu Qing went to support Mu Yian.

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Mu Yian was relieved.
Her mother was helping them even though she was ignorant about their plan.

Yu Qi was silent for a few whiles before answering them.
”I will.
Thank you. ”

Mu Kuang He was still staring at Yu Qi.
He wanted to know this woman.
He approached his first sister, Mu Yian.

”First Sister, who is that? ” Mu Kuang He asked.

”She is a doctor who is treating Second Sister, Miss Tang Yu Qi. ” Mu Yian explained.

”Oh… ” Mu Kuang He nodded several times.
’Tang Yu Qi… ’ It was a beautiful name.

They went to the dining room.
Then a servant came and whispered something to Mu Li Zei ’s ear.

Yu Qi quickly enhanced her hearing to hear what the servant had said to Mu Li Zei.

”Master, Master Zi Lin has arrived with his wife and his daughter.
Shall I receive them? ” The servent asked Mu Li Zei ’s order.

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”What does he want? ” Mu Li Zei asked.

”Master Zi Lin has not told me, Master. ” The servant said.

Mu Li Zei frowned.
Then, he could hear his brother ’s voice.

”Brother, you have a guest? ” Mu Zi Lin greeted his brother.

Mu Li Zei threw a sharp glare to Mu Zi Lin.
Mu Zi Lin noticed the glare but he just directly ignored him.
Mu Li Zin ’s wife, Jiang Na Na and his daughter, Mu Man Su followed behind him.

”What are you doing here? ” Su Yu Qing asked in an angry tone.
She never liked her brother in law and his family.

”Sister Yu Qing, we just want to visit Rong Xie.
We have heard an amazing doctor is treating her and she has begun to recover.
So, here we are. ” Jiang Na Na smiled.

Yu Qi just leaned over and watched the show.
In her past life, the relationship between her second and third uncles was not this good.
In reality, they would like to pretend that they were so close but they were fighting among each other.

Both of them wanted to lead the Mu Group.
They fought with everything that they got.
That was what Mu Zi Lin did including sacrificing his own daughter.

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Yu Qi took a look at Mu Man Su.
The girl still did not talk much with others.
She was just silently taking and obeying her father ’s order without a single protest.
That was why she had been ended up given away to an old man whom Mu Zi Lin wanted to bribe.

The most disgusting person was Jiang Na Na at that time.
She was willing to give her daughter to the old man to maintain her lifestyle.
Even though she did not like Su Yu Qing, but she could admit that Su Yu Qing was a loving mother to her children not like Jiang Na Na.

Jiang Na Na swiped her sight to a beautiful young girl that she met before at the hospital.
She did not have anything against this young girl but she did not like to see her face.

As for Mu Zi Lin, he also looked at Yu Qi.
’This young girl is very similar to the father ’s first wife. ’ But seriously this young girl was indeed an attracting girl.
The l.u.s.t arosed in his eyes.

Sensing the look from Mu Zi Lin, Yu Qi threw a chilly look to Mu Zi Lin.
Mu Zi Lin immediately stepped back when receiving the stare from Yu Qi.
Then he coughed to hide his embarrassment.

”Since you are here, Second Uncle, Second Auntie, Man Su, you can join us.
Coincidently, we have cooked a lot of food today. ” Mu Yian smiled.

”Thank you, Yian-er.
You are so nice to us. ” Jiang Na Na said with a smile.

Su Yu Qing looked at the shameless family that had just come and intruded in her home.
Ignoring that, Su Yu Qing paid attention to Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, forgive us.
This is my brother in law ’s family.
Hope you don ’t mind if they join us. ” Su Yu Qing put the words nicely to Yu Qi.

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”I don ’t mind.
This is your house.
It is your freedom to invite people into your house. ” Yu Qi put a faint smile.

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