The food was served.
Yu Qi was just eating a piece few of the food before stopping.
Su Yu Qing noticed it.

”Miss Tang, the food does not suit your taste? ” Su Yu Qing asked.

”Well, I just do not have an appetite.
Sorry about it. ” Yu Qi said.

However, Jiang Na Na interrupted the conversation.
”Maybe it is the first time Miss Tang is eating such rich food. ” What Jiang Na Na meant Yu Qi was from a poor family and could not eat such rich food like this.

The mood of the dining room suddenly became gloomy.

”Brother in law, you should make sure that your wife washes her mouth. ” Su Yu Qing glared to Jiang Na Na.
However, Jiang Na Na just made an ignorant face while continuing to eat the food.

”Sister in law, my wife is probably saying the truth. ” Mu Zi Lin smirked.

Mu Yian and Mu Li Zei were just silent.
They just thought Mu Zi Lin was a fool.
Even though Yu Qi was adopted in the Tang Family, she was their beloved princess in the family.
She probably had tasted some of the luxury food.

Yu Qi ignored others as she took some tissue to wipe the spoon that she had used.

”Eh, Miss Tang, why are you wiping the spoon? ” Mu Yian asked.

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”It is my habit.
Please don ’t mind me. ” Yu Qi continued wiping the spoon and the cup that she used.

Mu Yian and Mu Li Zei frowned.
They thought it would be easy to get the sample for the DNA test.
They did not expect it would be hard to get some sample from Yu Qi.

However, Mu Yian did not give up.
She had some tricks, to begin with.
’If plan A does not work, go to plan B. ’ Mu Yian signalled her maid to work on the plan.

A maid came out brought out the soup.
She casually glanced to Mu Yian.
Seeing Mu Yian making the signal, she nodded.

”Miss Tang, we make some sweet bean soup.
You can have some taste of it.
Who knows if you like that soup? ” Mu Yian said.

When Mu Yian finished the sentence, the maid stumbled and was about to fall, the soup was sent on the air.
The direction of falling was on Yu Qi ’s head.

Yu Qi quickly dodged and the soup was falling directly on the chair that Yu Qi previously sat.
Even though she managed to dodge, the soup managed to stain her clothes.

”What are you doing? ” Su Yu Qing shouted angrily to the maid.

”Madam, forgive me.
Someone has kicked my legs. ” When the maid said that, she glanced at Yu Qi with a wronged face.

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”What do you mean by throwing that wronged face to me? Does that mean you telling that I kicked your legs? ” Yu Qi said with a faint smile to the maid.

”But… ” The maid still wanted to act.
She began to imagine that Miss Mu Yian would give some reward to her by framing this young girl.

”It is laughable.
I don ’t know you.
And you don ’t know me.
Why will I want to kick your legs? ” Yu Qi laughed.

The maid did not have anything to say.
Yu Qi wanted to attack the maid again.

”Not like you are very beautiful that I must be jealous of you. ” Yu Qi put an arrogant face.

Mu Kuang He burst to laugh.
Her sentence was totally right.

”You… ” The maid was very embarrassed when the girl has said something like that.

”Nanny Su, come here.
Take this maid to the punishment. ” Su Yu Qing shouted.

An older and tough looking woman came and dragged the maid out of the dining room.

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”First Miss, help me…. ” The maid begged.
However, she shut up her mouth as she saw both of her masters, Mu Yian and Mu Li Zei stared at her.
By sending some kind of message like ’Shut up your mouth.
Otherwise, I will kill you. ’

The maid was silent being dragged by the Nanny Su.
Yu Qi sighed.
The maid would be punished badly.

”I want to leave first. ” Yu Qi said.

”Miss Tang, if you want to change your clothes, you can use one of our room and if you don ’t have any change of clothes, you can use mine before we cleaning your clothes.
I ’m sure it would not have a long time. ” Mu Yian tried to suggest.

”No need.
I already have an appointment.
The clothes, I will get change in my hotel room.
You don ’t need to worry. ” Yu Qi rejected it.

”But… ” Su Yu Qing felt bad to see her guest in this state since it was their maid ’s fault.

”Mrs Mu.
Don ’t worry.
Well, then, I will leave first. ” Yu Qi just walked away without worrying about their answer.

As Yu Qi walked, she was laughing at the situation.
That family wanted her to stay at their house.
They must be planning something.
It must begin with the maid just now.

They must be angry as their plan to make Yu Qi stayed at their house had failed.
Sorry, she would not be obeying them.
Yu Qi walked to her rental car.

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She rentals the car because it was hard to get a taxi in this area.
She had already experienced it.
So, she did not want to experience it again.

Since her clothes were stained with the bean soup, Yu Qi wanted to check in to the hotel, cleaning up before going to see Grandpa Su.

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