Chapter 633: Another News Explode

The university exploded with Yi Su Ran ’s news which was about her abortion.
It was completed with a letter from the hospital that she did the abortion.
And to be more shocking, she already did more than once.

After that, there was a lot of news that had appeared, telling that Yi Su Ran had slept with various men.
Even the father of her unborn child was unknown to her.

Yu Qi felt that she knew the source of the news.
She felt that boy needed a good scolding.
Even though she did feel refreshed when seeing this.

When Yu Qi walked around, there were peopls talking about Yi Su Ran.
People started to forget about Yu Qi ’s news.
The effect was good.

Finishing her matter for today, she walked back to her room together with Aoi that just had his dog walk.
Aoi suddenly became alert after looking at the person in front of them.

He secretly informed his master via telepathy.
”Master, someone is hiding beside the wall.
Be careful. ”

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi stepped forward with caution.
Even though it was a female dormitory but still better to be cautious about it.
Who knew some men could enter the building.

When Yu Qi passed the wall, suddenly a hand that held a knife came out and wanted to stab Yu Qi.
She quickly stepped backward.
She then looked up and saw Yi Su Ran was there, holding a knife.

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”Miss Yi, what are you trying to do? ” Yu Qi asked while narrowing her eyes.

Yi Su Ran was scared when she looked at that eyes but thinking of the news about her getting the abortion, she became less scared.
In her mind right now, she wanted to kill Yu Qi.

As for why she wanted to kill Yu Qi, the reason was that she had actually assumed that Yu Qi was the one who revealed the news about her.
Yu Qi was a future doctor.
It would not be strange if Yu Qi had the report of her getting abortion.
She seemed to forget that a doctor must not tell the third party about someone ’s medical file unless it was necessary.
In addition, she was the one whom she had tried to slander.

”I will kill you today. ” Yi Su Ran said angrily.

”And why? ” Yu Qi asked.
”By killing me, can you clear your name? ”

Yi Su Ran was silent.
Of course not! She knew it.
But she wanted to satisfy her ego.
She wanted to blame Yu Qi even though she knew it was her fault for getting abortions.

”You should think about your parents.
How will they feel about this? ” Yu Qi said.

When the news about Yu Qi seducing the men in the night club had spread, the news had reached her brothers ’ears.
They were calling her asking whether she was alright.
Whether she wanted their help to clear the matter.

When she asked why they believed the news was not the truth, this was what they said.

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Tang Han Lee: ”They are not good looking. ”

Tang Jin Wei: ” Of course, I believe that is not the truth.
Because I know you will not find someone lower than me.

Tang Qin Hao: ”They are ugly. ”

At first, Yu Qi was speechless with her brothers.
Her brothers seemed to say that she just aimed at a high standards men with good looks.

In the end, they said, ”You already have someone good looking as Long Hui.
If you want to find others, you will try to find someone as good or higher level than him. ”

The conclusion was that they totally believed her.

”Stop talking about my parents! ” Yi Su Ran shouted.

Her father called earlier.
The news seemed to reach his ear.
He was very angry with the matter.
He was telling her that he would come and take her back home.

She would withdraw from this university and would be sent aboard for a few years.
She was shocked by her father ’s decision.
Her father did not hesitate to send his daughter far from home.
Her father thought their reputation was more important.

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”It is because of you that my father wants to send me aboard. ” Yi Su Ran shouted loudly.

Because they were in the corridor, her loud voice was echoing.
It had been heard by students on that floor.
People came out from their room and saw that Yi Su Ran was pointing a knife towards Yu Qi.

Of course, the students knew both of them.
One was in the news before and another one was still on the hot topic.

Mei Lilli and So Pang Lim was on that floor as well.
They also came out when hearing a loud voice.
They were shocked when seeing Yu Qi in that situation.

”Yu Qi. ” Mei Lilli tried to call Yu Qi.

”Stay away.
It is between me and her. ” Yi Su Ran gave the warning.

Yu Qi looked at her friends and nodded as assuring them that she would be okay.

”Pang Lim, I will go and call Madam Gu. ” Mei Lilli ran in the opposite direction to call Madam Gu.
Madam Gu was one of the wardens who on the duty.

”Tang Yu Qi, I already don ’t care about anything.
I want to kill you. ” Yi Su Ran seemed to lose her ability to think straight.

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Yi Su Ran ran towards Yu Qi and wanted to stab Yu Qi straight in her chest.
The other female students screamed.
Yu Qi just avoided the knife and chopped Yi Su Ran ’s neck making Yi Su Ran to loose her consciousness and fell on the ground.

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