Yi Han Tong was embarrassed when she was rebuked by her husband.
She sat down and hugged her daughter who was just looking down from the beginning.
She was very sad when she watched her daughter like this.
Her proud daughter fell into this state.

The culprit was that damn girl.
That damn girl was in front of her but she could not do anything to that damn girl.
She only could glare at Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, do you know why my daughter has suddenly attacked you? ” Mr Yi Dang Kui said.

Yi, do you think I ’m a mind reader? How can I know what is she thinking? ” Yu Qi threw the question back to Yi Dang Kui.

Yi Dang Kui could not reply to the question.
He sighed.
This girl was proud.
He knew since the last time they met.

”You have posted that article about me! ” Yi Su Ran suddenly shouted at Yu Qi.

”What? She is the one who has posted that article? ” Yi Han Tong stood up.
”How dare you? Let me go.
Let me hit that evil creature. ”

”Evil creature, you say? Hit her, if you dare! ” A voice shouted right at Yi Han Tong.

”Who do you say is an evil creature, huh? ” Another voice followed up.

Yu Qi recognised these voices.
She looked at the door.
Her two aunties were here together with Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei.

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Do you think she doesn ’t have any family members, huh? ” Tang Jin Wei asked proudly.

Both of her brothers stood in front of Yu Qi protecting her.
While her aunties stood beside her.

”Are you okay, Yu Qi? ” Ming Yue asked.

”You, child, why don ’t you tell us about this? ” Su Xiao sighed.

We can protect you. ” Ming Yue patted Yu Qi ’s head.

”If not because of Jin Wei ’s talk, we will know nothing. ” Su Xiao glared to Tang Jin Wei.

Yu Qi felt like she wanted to tear up but she held back.
It was not the time to tear up.

Yu Qi stepped in front of her brothers and said, ”Yi Su Ran, to tell you, I haven ’t post anything about you. ”

”Humph! Like I believe you. ” Yi Su Ran snorted.

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”If you want to accuse me, please give me the evidence. ” Yu Qi only smiled.

Yi Su Ran was silent.
Evidence? Of course, she did not have it.

”Well, Miss Yi Su Ran, do you have anything evidence telling that Miss Tang Yu Qi has posted that article? ” One of the unknown men asked Yi Su Ran.

Don ’t…
Have it. ” Yi Su Ran gritted her teeth.

”Then tell me, why have you tried to attack her? ” Another unknown man asked Yi Su Ran.

Just… ” Yi Su Ran could not Mrwer that question.

Yi Dang Kui, last time, I told you to not let her disturb me.
But she repeated the same mistake.
Now, I will not let this matter close just like that.
I will sue Yi Su Ran for aggravated assault. ” Yu Qi stated the point.

”What? But you have not been injured at all. ” Yi Su Ran argued.

”Use of a deadly weapon during an assault constitutes aggravated assault.
This applies whether the weapon has caused physical injury to anyone.

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Basic assault does not require physical harm, but rather how the perpetrator has behaved and intended to put someone in reasonable state of fear for their safety.

Someone who does this by threatening the person with a deadly weapon commits aggravated assault because the fear involved is fear of more grievous injury.

Aggravated assault is usually a felony punishable by approximately one to twenty years in prison, depending on the specific provisions of each state ’s sentencing structure or sentencing guidelines. ” Yu Qi gave a powerful sentence.
It was the law and fact.

Every one was speechless with Yu Qi ’s long explanation.
They looked at Yu Qi with different expressions.
Some of them were shocked, some of them were proud and some of them were admiring Yu Qi.

”I have a lot of witnesses that saw you were pointing a knife at me and attacked me. ” Yu Qi gave another powerful sentence.

The Yi Family members had already paled when listening to Yu Qi ’s words.
Yi Su Ran was already shivering when she heard that she could go to jail for one to twenty years.

”No, I don ’t want to go to jail.
Mom, dad… ” Yi Su Ran started to tear up when she thought about the consequence of her actions.

”Miss Tang, let us settle outside the court. ” Yi Dang Kui begged.

Even though he disliked Yi Su Ran ’s action, but she was his only child.
If she would go to jail, her life would definitely over.

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”I beg you, Miss Tang. ” Yi Dang Kui bowed to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at Yi Dang Kui.
It was Yi Dang Kui ’s unfortunate life for having such a daughter.

”I will pay any amount. ” Yi Dang Kui begged again.

Yu Qi ’s eyes lifted up.
’Money! ’ Her expression did not change but in Yu Qi ’s head, she already thinking how much money she wanted to ask.

”Are you sure you want to pay any amount? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes! ” Yi Dang Kui quickly answered it.

”5 million.
And your daughter will withdraw from this university. ” Yu Qi stated the amount of money and adding another requirement.

”Why do I need to withdraw from this university? ” Yi Su Ran shouted angrily.

I will make sure she withdraws from this university. ” Yi Dang Kui ignored his daughter ’s shout and agreed immediately with Yu Qi ’s demands.

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”Husband… ” Yi Han Tong was shocked by her husband ’s decision.

”Dad… ” Yi Su Ran also shocked.

”Shut up. ” Yi Dang Kui glared to his wife and daughter.

”But Miss Tang, you need to promise me that you will not use this crime to sue my daughter anymore. ” Yi Dang Kui did not want this young miss to use another chance to sue his daughter again.

”Well, if she does not disturb and repeat the same mistake.
Well, why not let us sign an agreement? ” Yu Qi suggested.

”That will be better. ” Yi Dang Kui nodded.

Mrs Gu and the other two men, probably from the university management team were stunned by this result.
Tang Yu Qi, this young girl dominantly controlled the situation and got the best result that she could get from this situation.
It was not like a young and ignorant girl at all but an experienced businesswoman who stroke the deal for profits.

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