Hmmm… ” Yu Qi was humming an unknown song.

Her family was behind her, following her to have lunch together.

”Big Brother, I don ’t know that our little sis is a black-bellied person.
Seeing that back then, I get some goosebumps. ” Tang Jin Wei whispered to Tang Han Lee.

”Huh? Brother Jin Wei, do you say something? ” Yu Qi turned around and looked at Tang Jin Wei.

Tang Jin Wei waved his hand several times.
I ’m not saying anything. ”

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi said with a smile on her lips.
She already heard what Tang Jin Wei had said to Tang Han Lee.
But she would not do anything.
She just wanted to scare Tang Jin Wei.

In Tang Jin Wei ’s view, Yu Qi looked like a devil in disguise that wore a goddess ’s face.
He would never tell Yu Qi about what he had thinking right now.
Otherwise, the girl might do something to him.

”Stupid. ” Tang Han Lee commented.

”Big Brother, you…. ” Tang Jin Wei glared to Tang Han Lee.

”Yu Qi, are you okay? ” Mei Lilli ran towards Yu Qi together with her other friends, Ding Na An, Song Ha Ting and So Pang Lim.

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”I ’m okay.
Don ’t worry. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”So, how ’s the conclusion? ”Ding Na An asked more.

Yu Qi understood by what Ding Na An asked about.
It was the situation between Yu Qi and Yi Su Ran.

”Well, I have already reached an agreement with her parent.
She will withdraw from this university.
It seems that her parent wants to send her aboard. ” Yu Qi told them.
However, she did not let out the information that she had scammed Yi Su Ran ’s parent ’s money, about 5 million.

”Oh, that ’s good.
We don ’t have to see her face anymore. ” So Pang Lim said while laughing.

Then she stopped laughing when seeing two handsome men and two older women behind Yu Qi.
She faked several coughs.

”Yu Qi, who are they? ” So Pang Lim closed up the distance between her and Yu Qi and asked Yu Qi in a low tone.

”Let me introduce to you.
Girls, this is my family.
My big brother, Tang Han Lee, my second brother, Tang Jin Wei, my first aunt, Auntie Ming Yue and my second aunt Auntie Su Xiao. ” Yu Qi introduced her family to her friends.

Then she introduced her friends to her family.
”This is Song Ha Ting, Mei Lilli, So Pang Lim and lastly, Ding Na An.
I guess that Big Brother Han Lee already know her very well. ” Yu Qi grinned causing Ding Na An to blush.

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Tang Han Lee just coughed after Yu Qi finished her sentence.
Auntie Ming Yue ’s eyes lifted up.
’My future daughter in law. ’ She scanned Ding Na An up and down.
She nodded, satisfied after accessing her future daughter in law.

She looked at Tang Han Lee and gave him a thumbs up.
Tang Han Lee was speechless.
And then chuckled.
Auntie Ming Yue stepped forward and grabbed Ding Na An ’s hand.

”I think I will treat you all. ” Auntie Ming Yue said as smiling to Ding Na Na.

Ding Na An was awkward.
She did not know how to react to this situation.
So she turned to Yu Qi for help but Yu Qi just smiled and gave her a thumbs up too.

”Let ’s go. ” Auntie Ming Yue said as she started to walk together with Ding Na An and left others behind.
Tang Han Lee quickly followed them.

”I ’m so jealous. ” Auntie Su Xiao mumbled.

”Eh, why do you feel jealous, Auntie Su Xiao? ” Tang Jin Wei heard Auntie Su Xiao mumbling.

”Of course, I ’m jealous.
She has already gotten her future daughter in law.
I still have none.
I wonder if that brat of mine has feelings for a girl. ” Auntie Su Xiao sighed.

Tang Jin Wei laughed.
”If Qin Hao knows that his mother thinks that he is gay, Little Sis, what kind of expression will he wear? ”

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Yu Qi also let a small laugh.
She also wondered about it.
She was also interested in Tang Qin Hao ’s woman that he took was interested in.

”Yu Qi, does your second brother has a girlfriend already? ” So Pang Lim whispered to Yu Qi ’s ear.

He does. ” Yu Qi told her.

A good man is hard to find. ” So Pang Lim commented.

Mei Lilli patted So Pang Lim to encourage her not to give up on finding her own good man.

They went to a restaurant and had a good lunch together.
During lunch, Yu Qi finally asked why they were here in the first place.

Tang Jin Wei began his story.
”Last night, I was talking to Big Brother Han Lee.
And suddenly a certain girl called him. ” Tang Jin Wei glanced to Ding Na An before continuing his story.
” Big Brother Han Lee answered in speaker mode.
So, I ended up listening to everything that she had told him. ”

Ding Na An blushed.
Thank goddess, she did not talk about anything else yesterday like before.
She just recited everything that had happened to Yu Qi.
Nothing else.

”I see.
No wonder.
But why even Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao are here too? ” Yu Qi understood the part Tang Jin Wei heard about the situation.

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”He was mumbling about what happened on the breakfast table.
Of course, mother and auntie Su Xiao heard it. ” Tang Han Lee answered curiosity.

”I see.
Thank you for coming. ” Yu Qi was happy that they came to visit her.

”Of course, we will come.
How dare they bully our Yu Qi. ” Auntie Su Xiao was angry with Yi Su Ran ’s parents.
Their daughter had wronged Yu Qi.

”Well, it is also worth coming here. ” Auntie Ming Yue smiled.

Everyone knew that she must be referring to Ding Na An.
She was happy to get to know that her son had a girl.
Before this, she thought he was gay.
And started to feel worried for him.

Fortunately, this girl appeared in his life.
She did not have requirements for her future daughter in law.
She just needed her to be kind and considerate.

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