After submitting her thesis to the faculty, Yu Qi already did not have anything to do at the university.
So, she decided to go to the factory with Yu Qi.

When she entered the factory, she could see the employees were working hard in packing the Qi Qi Skincare product with their packaging.

Yu Qi smiled.
With the current speed, she could estimate about thousands of the products were packed in one day.
The machine that she brought from Feng Cooperation really helped in speeding the packaging process.

Yu Qi walked in the R&D Department.
She placed her access card on the reader beside the door.
The beep sound could be heard which indicated that the door was already unlocked.

Every department had its own lock.
The door only could be unlocked by their special card.
So, someone that worked in the department such as R&D could not enter another department.
It helped to avoid the theft occurrences in the factory easily.

If someone wanted to enter another department, they needed another person inside the room to open the door.
However, there was a special card that allowed a person to go anywhere in the factory.
Only two of the people had this special card which is Yu Qi and Song Tai.

She wanted to step inside but she did not manage to step in because someone had blocked her.

”Stop! ” A woman shouted to Yu Qi and blocked Yu Qi from stepping inside the room by her arm.

Yu Qi did not change her expression as she watched the woman in front of her.
”What? ”

”Who are you? I have not seen you before. ” The woman questioned Yu Qi.

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”Eh, Miss Yu Qi, what are you doing here? ” An employee from the R & D Department was surprised to see his boss here.

”I have come for an inspection. ” Yu Qi told the employee.

”Senior Si, who is this? ” The woman asked the employee while pointing her finger to Yu Qi.

The employee slapped the woman ’s hand.
”You, don ’t point your finger at people like that.
It is rude. ”

”Ouch, Senior Si, it hurts.
Why do you slap my hand? I will report to my uncle about this.
I will make you lose your work here. ” The woman arrogantly stated the matter.
She then turned to Yu Qi.
”And you, don ’t you dare enter this room.
This is not the place for you. ” Then she entered the room.

Yu Qi turned to the man.
”What is your name? ”

”Si Zan Lu. ” He answered.

”And that woman earlier? ” Yu Qi asked again.

Si Zan Lu knew who Yu Qi meant.
”She is Wen Jiang Tong.
She is a niece of Mr Wen Dong Ho. ” Si Zan Lu explained.

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”What is his position, this Wen Dong Ho? ” Yu Qi inquiries.

”He is holding the position of the HR manager.
As for Wen Jiang Tong, she is one of our members in the R & D Department.
But her skill is not suitable for this work. ” Si Zan Lu answered honestly.

”I guess, I need to do some spot checks in this factory. ” The corner of Yu Qi ’s lips curved up.

Someone was playing some trick in her own factory and company.
And she did not happy with that.

”Mr Si, you can enter and do your job.
Trust me.
You will not be fired by anyone. ” Yu Qi assured the man.

”Miss Yu Qi, thank you. ” Si Zan Su bowed to Yu Qi before entering the room.

Yu Qi called Song Tai.
”Brother Tai, where are you? ”

”Miss Yu Qi, I ’m at the mob demob area.
Why? ” Song Tai asked.

”I have something to discuss with you.
Can we meet at my office? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”Oh, okay…
Just give me 15 minutes.
By the way, Miss Yu Qi, you can wait inside my room first. ” Song Tai said and agreed.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

She ended the call.
She went to Song Tai ’s room.
She then had been greeted by a woman.
Yu Qi remembered this woman.
She pointed this woman as Song Tai ’s secretary.

”Miss Yu Qi, it has been a while since we see you have come here. ” The secretary there welcomed Yu Qi happily.

”Hello, Sister Lana. ” Yu Qi greeted Lan A Sing.

”Looking for Mr Song, right? Wait for a minute.
I will call him. ” Lan A Sing wanted to call Song Tai but Yu Qi stopped her.

”No need for that.
I have already called him before.
He is at the mob demob area.
Probably handling the herbs that have just arrived here. ” Yu Qi said.
”By the way, Sister Lana can you give me all the files of the employees complete with their achievements? ”

”But Miss Yu Qi, there is a long list. ”

Yu Qi just smiled.
”Don ’t worry.
I will be fine.

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”Oh, okay. ” Lan A Sing quickly got the file.

’Master. ’ Aoi called Yu Qi.

’Done strolling around? ’ Yu Qi asked.

’Yeah. ’ Aoi answered happily.

Yu Qi caught that expression.
’So, what do you eat? ’

Master, I don ’t know what are you talking about ? ’ Aoi was playing dumb.

Yu Qi smirked.
’Oh, playing dumb in front? I will dock your amount of food. ’ This idiot needed to be threatened.
The most effective thing was to threaten him by docking the food.

’Master, please don ’t be cruel.
I will tell you…
I will tell you. ’ It was indeed an effective way to threaten Aoi.

Aoi told everything that he experienced.

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’But Master, I have heard something unpleasant. ’ Aoi words sparked the interest of Yu Qi.

Unpleasant? What did you hear about? ’

This company will be their family business. ’ Aoi said.

’Oh, interesting.
Do you remember their faces? ’ Yu Qi ’s eyes narrowed.

I will transfer the memory to you. ’ Aoi nodded.
He began to his eyes.

Both of them could share their memory if they wanted to.
Aoi finished sharing his memories about that.

’Oh, they are very ambitious.
But I really don ’t like others converting my things. ’ Yu Qi was grinning evilly.
’I will make them see what is the consequence of converting my things. ’

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