Lan A Sing returned and placed the disk in front of Yu Qi.

”Miss Yu Qi, this disk contains all the information about the employees in the factory. ” Lan A Sing said while her eyes constantly glanced to Aoi.

Aoi that laid down beside his master sensed something.
Something that could make him shivered.
It was something like he felt when she faced Song Ha Ting.

’An enemy. ’ Aoi stood up and stayed alerted.
He already noticed that the feelings coming from this woman in front of Yu Qi.

Lan A Sing ’s eyes flashed a glint.
’Those eyes…
Those ears…
Those paws…
I want to touch them. ’ She was excited to see such a nice dog.

Aoi shivered again.
It is the same feeling.
I have not misunderstood. ’ Aoi looked at Lan A Sing guarded.

Yu Qi watched the show.
’Sister Lana is funny.
She is like Ha Ting. ’

Lan A Sing wanted to touch Aoi but she was afraid that Yu Qi would be angry touching her dog.
She needed to endure.

”Miss Yu Qi, I will…. ”

”Here, you can touch him. ”

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Lan A Sing was shocked as she saw Yu Qi lifted Aoi hand over Aoi to Lan A Sing.

’Master, what are you doing? ’ Aoi was stepped down but he was not able to do so.

’She looks like she wants to pat you.
Just let her pat you a little. ’ Yu Qi grinned when she looked at Aoi.

I…. ’ Aoi wanted to cry right now.

Lan A Sing was happy when Yu Qi gave Aoi to her.
She quickly took Aoi in her arms and hugged Aoi.
She patted his head several times.

”How soft. ” Lan A Sing could not help to mumble those words.

Song Tai entered the room and was dumbfounded with this scene.
He never saw Lan A Sing like this.
Usually, she was strict.
Even strict with the immediate boss which was him.

Lan A Sing was shocked when Song Tai entering the room without saying anything.
She immediately let Aoi go.
She was reluctant to let the dog go but she needed to.

She stood up.
”Miss Yu Qi, Chief Song, I will excuse myself now. ” Lan A Sing bowed to both of them and went outside.

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Song Tai smiled gently when he saw this scene.

”Brother Tai, I don ’t mind you want to look at her but can you please listen to my voice for now? ” Yu Qi reminded Song Tai with a teasing tone.

Song Tai was shocked.
He coughed several times adjusting his voice.
”Sorry, Miss Yu Qi. ”

Now I get your attention, we can discuss about the business. ” Yu Qi pointed at the red file.
The file that had information about the new products that Yu Qi wanted to launch.

Song Tai took a look inside the file.
He nodded several times.
”So, we need to make some testers to be sent to be tested. ”

Can I expect those can be finished in one month? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I think we can manage. ” Song Tai thought they had enough time to make these products.

”By the way, do you know Wen Dong Ho? ” Yu Qi suddenly asked an unrelated question.

”I know.
He is our HR manager. ” Song Tai nodded.

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”I see.
How is he? ” Yu Qi inquired.

”To be honest, he is not a good person.
He uses his position to hire his family.
Even the people from his wife family are hired by him.
I don ’t care if the person is competent with the job but most of them are useless.
And to be worst, they are lacking off.
I have reminded them before.
They just put me off. ” Song Tai sighed.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi smiled.
”So, they think this is their family business. ”

Song Tai remembered the sneer given by Wen Dong Ho ’s relative especially his son.
He acted like this factory was his father ’s business.

”I think this factory needs a major cleaning.
Brother Tai, I think you will have to train new employees. ” Yu Qi needed to check all the employees ’ performance.

”I don ’t mind to train the new employees rather than having a useless person. ” Song Tai was happy with Yu Qi ’s decision.

Yu Qi did not come to visit the factory for a long time.
At first, Song Tai held the power.
Then it was divided into two people.
Song Tai and Wen Dong Ho.
However, the operation process power was still on Song Tai ’s hand.
Otherwise, he did not know what would happen to this factory.

”Don ’t worry.
I will handle this matter. ” Yu Qi smiled.

As for those people, they could enjoy their last days working at this factory for now.
Yu Qi already had strategies for the stage.

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”I will come in a few days. ” Yu Qi said.
Then she remembered something.
”Oh, I will call you later.
Probably two days later. ”

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi. ” Song Tai nodded.

”I ’m going back. ” Yu Qi said.
”Aoi come. ”

”Be careful Miss Yu Qi. ” Song Tai sent her off.

”Where are we going next? ” Aoi asked after sitting in Yu Qi ’s car.

”We will go to the office.
It is just 3 p.m.
Brother Yu Hi is probably in the office right now. ” Yu Qi answered.
She started her car and went to her office.

Arriving at the office, Yu Qi quickly asked the people whether Su Yu Hi was there.
They nodded and told her that Su Hu Yi was inside his room.

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