For the last four days, their office was bombed by people that wanted to have a job at the factory.
From thousands of applications that had been sent to the email, Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi selected hundreds of them for interview.

So, after conducting the interview for four days, they succeed in choosing about 50 people at various type of positions.

”It ’s done. ” Yu Qi leaned on the chair.

Choosing people was so tiring.
She looked at Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai.

”Thank you for your work. ” Yu Qi really appreciated their two men ’s help in choosing people.
Without them, she did not think that she would manage until the end.

”What are you saying? This is our job.
Of course, we will do it. ” Ming Xuehai smiled.

”It is not over yet.
You still need to handle the matter at the factory.
When do you plan to confront them? ” Su Yu Hi reminded Yu Qi.

I don ’t want to waste time. ” Yu Qi showed them a wicked smile.

Seeing Yu Qi smiled like that, the two men knew that she was fully prepared.
She would not fail.

”As for today, let ’s celebrate first.
It is my treat.
You can tell our co-workers. ” Yu Qi wanted to treat them something.
So, having delicious food was the best.

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Ming Xuehai told others that Yu Qi wanted to treat them for dinner.
Some of them could not join since they already had married and wanted to spend their night time with their family.
Yu Qi did not mind.
However, it was only 10% of the workers who were already married, 90% of them had not married yet.

Ming Xuehai started to call the restaurant to book since they were a lot of them for booking the restaurant.
Thank goodness, there was a restaurant that could accept the booking.

The workers left the office at 5 p.m.
They would meet directly at the restaurant at 7 p.m.
Yu Qi was lazy to go back to the dormitory since she already brought the changing clothes.

Yu Qi changed the clothes after getting showers.
She told Su Yu Hi to renovate some area to build the shower room for men and woman so that it would be easy for the workers if they ended overtime working and could not return home for the night.

”Aoi, you need to stay here.
I will come to take you later. ” Yu Qi told Aoi.

”Eh~~~ Why can ’t I come with you? ” Aoi whined.

”The restaurant does not allow animal inside.
Since people already know you are here, they will suspicious if I suddenly put you in my space and they can not see you. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh…. ” Aoi made a sad face.

”Don ’t worry.
I will bring some food for you and Bo Ya later. ” Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head.

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”It is a promise, ” Aoi said.
He cheered up.

Yu Qi went to the restaurant.
Some of her employees already gathered in front of the restaurant.

”Not everyone is here.
Well, let ’s enter the restaurant first. ” Yu Qi said.

So, they entered the restaurant.
The waiter saw the group and knew that they were the people that booked about 20 tables for tonight.
His manager had already informed him and the rest of the crew about this.

”Let me bring you all to your table. ” The waiter said politely.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi said.

The waiter did not expect that the young girl would thank him.

They could choose to sit on any assign table.
Yu Qi sat with the oldest employees that had been with her since she opened her business.
They were Sang Ya Min, Song Jue Rei, and Han Yi Dong.
Another two empty chairs were for Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai.

After 5 minutes, all of them arrived and occupied the empty chairs.

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”You can order what you want to eat. ” Yu Qi said to her employees.

They were happy and started to look at the menu book discussing with their friends about what to eat.
The waiters started to write down their orders.
The first arrived was their drink.
Some of them ordered a beer.
Some of them ordered the soft drink.

”Everyone, I take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work.
Thank you for believing in our company.
Cheers!!! ” Yu Qi stood up and gave some speech before drinking her drink.

”Cheers!!! ” Everyone shouted.

Everyone was in the good mood.
In the restaurant, only a few other people that not related to their company.

”Company gathering? ”

”Probably. ”

”But why is the girl talking? ”

”Probably their mascot. ”

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Yu Qi ’s employee that sat behind the one ’s that being talking frowned after hearing that.
He turned to them.

”Hey, let me tell you.
That is our boss okay.
Not our whatsoever mascot. ” Yu Qi ’s employee said.

”Eh!!! That is your boss? ” The people could not believe that.

She has built the business. ” Yu Qi ’s employee was proud of his boss.

”Really? Hey, does she have a boyfriend? ” The people wanted to take chance.

”Are you an idiot? Of course, she already has a boyfriend. ” Yu Qi ’s employees said.

”Is the boyfriend sitting beside her? ” Yu Qi was currently sitting beside Su Yu Hi.

Her boyfriend is a soldier.
And a scary man. ” Yu Qi ’s employees said.

”Hey, Mong Ji, Dian Wo, what are you talking with them? ” Another Yu Qi ’s employee asked his friends when seeing them talking to other customers.

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Both of them scratched their back head and grinned.
”They seemed to be curious about our boss. ”

”Miss Tang doesn ’t like her identity being discussed.
Don ’t talk about that. ” He reminded.

”Oh, I forget. ”

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