Yu Qi went to the factory with Ming Xuehai.
Today she would do the major cleaning for her factory.

First of all, Yu Qi called Wen Dong Ho to go to the meeting room.

”Miss Tang. ” Wen Dong Ho bowed respectfully to Yu Qi.
He knew that she was the owner of this factory.

”I think Mr Wen knows why have I called you here? ” Yu Qi only gave a faint smile.

”Miss Tang, can you tell me since I don ’t know anything about this? ” Wen Dong Ho still wanted to play dumb.

”Mr Wen, you think that I ’m a fool right? That is why you still want to play dumb with me, right? ” Yu Qi slowly wearing her icily expression.

Wen Dong Ho started to tremble.
He did not know why his body trembling after seeing Yu Qi ’s face.

Yu Qi took a file from Ming Xuehai.
She threw the file in front of Wen Dong Ho.

”Look at this.
It is the detail about how much money you have taken from my factory. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi asked Ming Xuehai to fully investigate Wen Dong Ho, including his bank account.
The result was terrifying.
This man managed to take half of the sales for two months.

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And how he managed to get it? Of course, he had his accomplices in the finance department.

”I have never thought that you are so bold to steal the money. ” Yu Qi slapped the table.
Of course, she did not use much strength because the table would break into pieces.

”Brother Xuehai, you may call everyone in the list now.
As for you, you can wait for a while since we still have many things to talk about. ” Yu Qi turned to Ming Xuehai before looking back at Wen Dong Ho.

Wen Dong Ho felt that she would not do anything.
This was the first time he met her face to face.
When he got hired, it was Su Yu Hi who had handled it.
However, he did hear from Su Yu Hi that the owner was a woman.
He thought that she just opened this factory for fun since she was rich.

He never thought that she was a girl with a strong personality.
He felt like he was facing a veteran in the business.
Well, Yu Qi could be considered as a veteran if combining her two lives.

Ming Xuehai called everyone.
Not long, the meeting room began to full.
Some of them wore an arrogant expression when they stepped into the meeting room.

One of them shouted at Yu Qi.
It was Wen Jiang Tong, the one who Yu Qi had met outside the R & D Department.
”Hey, you, what are you doing here? ”

”Silent! ” Ming Xuehai displayed his power.

Everyone was shocked.
The one ’s that wore the arrogant expression began to feel worried as they saw Wen Dong Ho stood with his face facing down.

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”Everyone is here, right? ” Yu Qi asked Ming Xuehai.

”One is missing. ” Ming Xuehai already counted the people from the start.

”Well, let ’s settle everyone here first. ” Yu Qi did not care for one that been missing.
He or she would be fired too.

”Let me tell you all.
You are all fired. ” Yu Qi ’s sentence bombed them.

”What??? ”

”What do you talking about? ”

”Huh??? You can ’t fire us? ”

”That ’s right. ”

”For what reason you firing us? ”

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”Don ’t think that we will step back without a fight? ”

The people started to shout.

”What is your right to fire us? ” Wen Jiang Tong asked while glaring at Yu Qi.

”Oh, you want to fight? I don ’t mind.
We can settle this at the court. ” Yu Qi faced all of them with a cold look.

Everyone stepped back when seeing Yu Qi ’s cold look.
Yu Qi also started to let out her aura.

”You treat this factory as yours. ”

”You are slacking off. ”

”You bully other employees. ”

”You have occupied the position that does not mean to you. ”

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”As for what right of I firing you, I ’m the owner of this factory. ”

”Do you want to hear more? ”

Yu Qi stated the reasons why she was firing them.

”Oh, you can say that you do not do all of them.
However, we have all of the evidence telling us that you have done it. ” Yu Qi raised her eyebrow.

”Another thing, if you want to depend on your Mr Wen Dong Ho, I ’m telling you that he is also one of you.
I will sue him for taking the company money illegally. ” Yu Qi dropped another bomb.
”Of course, I don ’t forget you, Mr Wen Si Ten.
You will have the same charges. ”

Wen Si Ten kneeled down with a pale face.
Everything was over.
Everything was over.
The sentence kept repeating in his mind.

”As for others, I will not sue you or anything.
But if you want to fight, let ’s meet at the court. ” Yu Qi looked at everyone.

There were about 40 people here.
Everyone was relatives of Wen Dong Ho.
His daughter, his niece, his nephew, his brother, not to mention the people from his wife ’s family.
He really brought everyone in this factory.
If everyone thought about it, they would think that this was a Wen Family business.

”You can go now.
By the end of today, I don ’t want to see you anyone ’s face.
Otherwise, you can see me in court. ” Yu Qi threatened them again with the court.

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As Ming Xuehai had investigated, most of them were coming from the village.
So, they were afraid of while facing the law.

”As for Mr Wen Dong Ho and Mr Wen Si Ten, you need to stay here first.
We have a lot of things to talk about. ” Yu Qi smiled.

But the two men knew what was her smile meant.

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