”It ’s Sister Yu Qi. ” The kids shouted excitedly when they saw Yu Qi coming.

Yu Qi smiled.
Looked like they were fine staying over here.

”How are you? ” Yu Qi patted the head of one of the children there.

”We are fine. ” The children answered Yu Qi energetically.

”Sister Yu Qi, where is Aoi? He does not come with you, does he? ” One of the children pulled Yu Qi ’s skirt and asked about Aoi.

”Eh, he is here too.
He is there. ” Yu Qi pointed to the bush at the gate.

’Master, why are you telling them? ’ Aoi shouted through the telepathy.

’Just play with them for a while.
That will not hurt you, right? ’ Yu Qi grinned.
’Don ’t whine.
I will reward you with my cooking tonight, okay? ’

Just don ’t forget about it. ’ Aoi ’s eyes lifted up after hearing about the reward.
He would not be backing off if his master ’s cooking became the reward.

The small children ran and caught with Aoi.
Yu Qi asked the older children about Grandpa Chang.
He told Yu Qi that Grandpa Chang was currently spending his time in the garden behind the mansion.

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So, she went to look for Grandpa Chang.
Turned out Grandpa Chang was currently taking care of the plants with other children.
The garden was full of vegetables such as carrot, tomato, salad leaves, radish, potato, peas, onion, garlic and other vegetables that easy to grow.

”Wow, it is full of vegetables. ” Yu Qi ’s voice made Grandpa Chang and other children realized that Yu Qi was there.

”Oh, you are here. ” Grandpa Chang smiled.

”Sister Yu Qi. ” Other children greeted Yu Qi.

”The vegetables look very good and fresh. ” Yu Qi commented.

”The seeds are given by you.
Of course, the result is good. ” Grandpa Chang said.

”This result is because of you.
You take good care of them. ” Yu Qi replied.

Grandpa Chang laughed.

”No wonder Father is laughing so loudly.
You are here. ” Shi Yuan appeared at the back door of the mansion.

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”Auntie Yuan. ” Yu Qi greeted Shi Yuan.
She noticed something was different about Shi Yuan.

”Auntie Yuan, you look different. ” Yu Qi commented.

Shi Yuan suddenly smiled shyly.
”Actually, I discover that I ’m pregnant for three months last month.
So, I ’m currently in my fourth month. ” Shi Yuan told Yu Qi the truth.

”Really? That is good news. ” Yu Qi grabbed Shi Yuan ’s hand.

Kang An has been jumping up and down after hearing this news.
Somehow, he looks like a monkey. ” Shi Yuan recalled the moment when she told his husband about the news.

That day, she was feeling uncomfortable.
Grandpa Chang told his son to bring Shi Yuan to go to the hospital or clinic and have some check up.
However, Shi Yuan rejected that by telling them it was just some fever and she would be fine for the next day.

She indeed felt better the next day.
But somehow, three days later, she began to feel uncomfortable again.
She began to feel dizzy.
She felt scared.
She made the decision to go to the hospital to have some check up.
She went alone since she did not want others to feel worried about her.

When she was about to step inside, Shi Yuan became dizzy once more and was about to faint, a nurse came and supported her.
The nurse asked her whether she could walk.
She immediately said ’yes ’.
She told the nurse she wanted to have a medical check up since she felt unwell lately.

The nurse brought her to the registration so that she could register to get the doctor to check her.
After completing the registration, her name had been called and brought to a doctor ’s room.

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The doctor did her job.
After asking checking her body and asking some questions, the doctor told Shi Yuan that she wanted to have urine samples.
Shi Yuan did everything that the doctor told her to do.

After a while waiting for the result, the doctor called her.
The first thing that the doctor did was to congratulate Shi Yuan.
She was dumbfounded.
The next words from the doctor made her blinking her eyes like an idiot person for a while.

After her brain was done processing the whole things, her tears came out.
She was crying.
She asked the doctor whether it was real.
The doctor said it was the truth.
She was pregnant for about 3 months.

She told the doctor that she could not believe it.
The things that she could pregnant at this age.
She was married about twelve years but still could not pregnant.
So, she thought she might not have her own children in this lifetime.

The doctor was smiling.
She asked Shi Yuan what the recent change that happened in her life and her diet.
Shi Yuan answered by telling the doctor that she just moved to Shiwa Town from four months ago.
And about her diet, she ate the same things as she used to but the difference was she had eaten Yu Qi ’s pill.
She told the doctor that she was taking some pills contained some herbs made by someone.
She did not mention Yu Qi ’s name at all.

The doctor just listened and nodded.
She told Shi Yuan the pill had probably helped her body too.
After one hour of talking with the doctor, the doctor told Shi Yuan to take care during her pregnancy.

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