Returning home, Shi Yuan was happy.
She planned to tell her family about her pregnancy that night.
She was very careful preparing the dinner.

After finishing dinner, everyone had gathered, including the children.
She stood up and told everyone that she had something to announce.

She said that it was good news.
Everyone was waiting.
Then she told them that she was pregnant.
It was a moment of silence.
Then a child asked the question, ’What is pregnant? ’, Chang Kang An stood up and held his wife if it was real.

Shi Yuan nodded and said that she already got the confirmation from the doctor.
Chang Kang An hugged his wife.
He was very very very happy with this news.

Releasing his wife, Chang Kang An was jumping.
He could not contain his happiness after hearing that his wife was pregnant.

”I can imagine Uncle Kang An behaving like that. ” Yu Qi ’s voice made Shi Yuan return to reality.

”Sister Yuan, here, water. ” A woman that Yu Qi did not know appeared serving Yu Qi and Shi Yuan some tea.

”Who is this? ” Yu Qi asked while looking at the woman.

”Oh, she is here is our helper, Miss Xuelou.
She was looking for a job.
Since I may be unable to do the homework, so I have hired her to do the homework. ” Shi Yuan explained.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”Oh, Xuelou, this is Miss Tang.
Our saviour. ” Shi Yuan introduced the two of them.

”Nice to meet you, Miss Tang. ” Xuelou greeted Yu Qi.

Nice to meet you too. ” Yu Qi greeted back.

Xuelou returned to do her work.

”Yu Qi, thank you. ” Shi Yuan suddenly said to Yu Qi while bowed to Yu Qi.

”Huh? Auntie Yuan, what are you doing? ” Yu Qi quickly stood up and held Shi Yuan from bowing to her.

”After taking your pills, I become pregnant. ” Shi Yuan said.

”Eh??? That pills have just improved your body ’s condition.
Getting pregnant is not the effect of the pills. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

Shi Yuan also shook her head.
Because of your pill, my health has become better and because of that, I have become pregnant.
Thank you, Yu Qi.
Thank you. ”

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Previously Yu Qi had taken Shi Yuan ’s pulse.
She noticed that her body had become weaker.
To improve her body ’s condition, she gave some pills.
Yu Qi did not expect Shi Yuan to take the pills periodically.

Yu Qi was thinking about something.
Another branch of the business.
She needed to discuss it with Su Yu Hi about this.

”Can I read your pulse? ” Yu Qi asked.

Sure. ” Shi Yuan put her hand on the table allowing Yu Qi to read her pulse.

Yu Qi read her pulse.
Then her expression changed.
Her eyes opened widely.
Shi Yuan was looking at Yu Qi ’s face immediately noticed the changes.
She became worried as she looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi lifted her face.

”Yu Qi, is there something with my baby? ” Shi Yuan asked worriedly.

”It is not a baby… ”

”What? It is not a baby? Is it a lie? ” Shi Yuan shouted.
’What? Then my pregnancy is a lie? But I have already confirmed it with a doctor. ’ Shi Yuan was about to cry.

”Don ’t get me wrong.
It is true that you are indeed pregnant but there are not only one but two babies in your stomach.
Twins! ” Yu Qi was surprised by it.
That was why her expression changed.

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”Not one, but twins? ” Shi Yuan blinked her eyes stupidly.
It was like to buy one and get one free.

”But I think you should confirm it at the hospital first.
Since I may be mistaken. ” Yu Qi was afraid that she might get the wrong reading.

”It ’s okay.
I will keep it as a secret first.
I am going to have a check up three days later.
I will ask the doctor. ” Shi Yuan asked.

”Brother Ha Yang, Sister Mo Mo, you are back!!! ” The voice of the children in front of the mansion could be heard shouting Kim Ha Yang and Chang Mo Mo ’s names.

”It seems Ha Yang and Mo Mo are back.
Let ’s go and see them. ” Shi Yuan smiled.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

At the entrance, they could see that Kim Ha Yang and Chang Mo Mo had been surrounded by other children.

”Mama Yuan, we are back. ” Chang Mo Mo wanted to hug Shi Yuan by running into her hug.

Afraid something bad might happen, Yu Qi stopped her.

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”Eh, Sister Yu Qi? ” Chang Mo Mo was confused with Yu Qi ’s action.

”Your Mama Yuan is pregnant.
You can not poun on her. ” Yu Qi advised.

Chang Mo Mo was silent.
Only her eyes were blinking stupidly.
”What are you saying? ”

”Eh, you don ’t know she is pregnant? ” Yu Q asked.

”They have not returned here for about four months.
So, they still don ’t know about my pregnancy. ” Shi Yuan helped Chang Mo Mo to answer.

”Mama Yuan, you are pregnant? Is it true? ” Chang Mo Mo asked Shi Yuan.

Four months. ” Shi Yuan nodded.

Chang Mo Mo shouted excitedly.
”Mama Yuan, congratulation.
Your wish has come true. ”

”Mama Yuan, congratulations. ” Kim Ha Yang that just stood quietly behind Chang Mo Mo approached Shi Yuan and congratulated Shi Yuan.

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”Thank you, Mo Mo, Ha Yang.
Oh, welcome home. ” Shi Yuan said welcoming them to their house.
”You must be tired.
Come in. ”

The children wanted to ask Kim Ha Yang and Chang Mo Mo to play together.

”Your Brother Ha Yang and Sister Mo Mo are tired right now.
They will play with all of you tomorrow. ” Shi Yuan asked in a soft voice.

The children looked at Kim Ha Yang and Chang Mo Mo.
”Is it true? ”

Kim Ha Yang nodded.

”Yes, I will play with you tomorrow until late.
Don ’t complain to me that you are tired later. ” Chang Mo Mo replied energetically.

”Sister Mo Mo, you are the one who is always complaining by saying I am tired. ” One of the children said.

”You little one!! ” Chang Mo Mo pointed to the child that saying the sentence just now.

The atmosphere was very lively.
Everyone was laughed.

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