Yu Qi was standing in front of the military camp ’s entrance.
It was the weekend.
Actually, at the weekend, the normal citizen was allowed to enter the military camp but certain places only.

It allowed for the parent of the soldiers to came and visit their children.
However, most of the soldiers here did not come from this area so, not many would come to this military camp.

Yu Qi was asking to meet Long Hui.
So, the soldier who guarded the entrance needed to go inside and asked whether Long Hui was in this military camp or doing his mission.

At that time, Long Hui had just finished his doc.u.ment, a soldier came and reported to him that a girl with a surname Tang had come and wanted to meet Long Hui.

It was a new soldier who had just joined this military camp.
So, he did not know that his leader had a girlfriend named Yu Qi.
He thought that his leader was not a type who might have a girlfriend.
Neither he asked others about this.
He thought that Long Hui would go to tell him to just ignore the girl.

However, it was beyond his imagination when Long Hui quickly put down his pen and ran out as fast as he could.
Seeing Long Hui ran like that, the soldier ran out too.

The soldier encountered Ren Qian Yi who was just ten steps away from Long Hui ’s room.
Ren Qian Yi looked at Long Hui.

The soldier stopped and saluted Ren Qian Yi.
”Good morning, Major Ren. ”

”Good morning.
Oh, you just come out from Colonel Long ’s room, right? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”Yes, Major Ren. ” The soldier nodded.

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”What do you tell him that has made him run like that? ” Ren Qian Yi inquired.

”I come to report that someone just come and wants to meet with Colonel Long Hui. ” The soldier explained.

”Someone? Who? ” Ren Qian Yi asked again.

”A girl with surname Tang. ” The soldier told the truth.

”Oh, no wonder he will run like that.
His girlfriend has come to visit him. ” Ren Qian Yi rubbed his chin while smiling.

The soldier was shocked.
He heard what Ren Qian Yi had said.
His leader, Long Hui already had a girlfriend.

”I want to see Yu Qi too. ” Ren Qian Yi left the place.

The soldier remembered that he was still on guard.
He needed to return to his post immediately.
So, he ran to his post.

When he was about to return to his post, he was greeted by an unbelievable scene.
Colonel Long Hui was smiling gently while holding the girl ’s hand.

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He walked to his post while looking at the couple who had entered the military camp.

”Senior, she is….? ” The soldier asked his senior.

”Oh, she is Miss Tang, the girlfriend of our Colonel Long. ” The senior had met Yu Qi several time, so, he knew her.

”Our Colonel Long ’s girlfriend? ” The soldier was shocked.
He did not expect that a weak looking girl was Colonel Long ’s girlfriend.
Seemed not suitable to Colonel Long.

”You must think that she is a weak looking girl, right? ” The senior seemed to know what the soldier was thinking.

”Well… ” The soldier scratched his behind head.

”Don ’t judge the book by its cover.
That girl has amazing marksmanship and fighting skills. ” The senior said.

”What? Is it real? ” The soldier was shocked.

I had seen her skills. ” The senior nodded several times.

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Meanwhile, Long Hui brought Yu Qi to the cafe.
He could not release Yu Qi ’s hand, so, Yu Qi ’s hand was still in his grip.
Long Hui ordered some drinks for Yu Qi and himself.

”I ’m surprised that you are here. ” Long Hui said to Yu Qi.

I can see that from your eyes. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”So, what has brought you here? It is the first time that you come here to visit me. ” Long Hui asked.

”What? If there is nothing, I can not come and see you? ” Yu Qi pretended to be angry.

Of course not.
You are welcome here.
But well, it is a bit surprising that you have come here. ” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi laughed a bit.
”I know.
But I just miss you so much. ” Her eyes looked straight at Long Hui.

Long Hui also looked at Yu Qi.
He leaned over and wanted to kiss Yu Qi but Yu Qi put her hand on his mouth.
His eyes showed some protest to Yu Qi.
They seemed to ask Yu Qi why did she avoid his kiss.

”It is not the appropriate place. ” Yu Qi answered.

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Long Hui looked at Yu Qi like an abandoned puppy.
He always liked to use this attack.
Yu Qi sighed.

”I will kiss you a lot later.
This place has too many eyes. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, okay. ” Long Hui gave up easily on the topic.
”By the way, you are on break? ”

I ’m on break.
Somehow, I will not be going back to Starlight University but will be going to Guanying City. ” Yu Qi said.

”Guanying City? What are you going to do there? ” Long Hui asked.
His expression was off.

”I ’m going there for my internship for one year. ” Yu Qi explained.
”I will be busy. ”

”One year? Its a long period. ” Long Hui made another puppy face.
”So, we can not meet each other? ”

”Well, we can meet each other but I can not leave the city just like that. ” Yu Qi was weak against Long Hui ’s puppy face attack.

”If that ’s the case, don ’t worry.
I will go and meet you there. ” Long Hui quickly changed his face.

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”By the way, before I come, have you been busy? ” Yu Qi asked.

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