”Well, that work can wait. ” Long Hui grinned.

”Really? ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

”Of course. ” Long Hui grinned again.
”Its the weekend.
I can just relax for a while. ”

”Sister in law. ” The excited voice could be heard.

It was Ren Qian Yi.
He waved his hand to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi just smiled.
While Long Hui looked at Ren Qian Yi like he wanted to murder him.

Ren Qian Yi understood the look given by Long Hui but right now, he was not afraid of this demon lord since his beloved woman was there.
The demon lord would not do anything to him.
Ren Qian Yi smirked.
Ren Qian Yi just sat in front of the couple.

”Sister in law, what a surprise.
Why do you come here? ” Ren Qian Yi asked ignoring the demon lord beside Yu Qi.

”Just want to visit Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi simple answered that.

”Don ’t tell me that you come here because you miss your Brother Hui so much? ” Ren Qian Yi just wanted to tease Yu Qi.

Yu Qi coughed.
Her face turned to red.

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”Eh!!! Is it the truth? ” Ren Qian Yi did not expect that it would be true.

”Of course, it is the truth.
Do you think she will come to meet you then? ” Long Hui glared to Ren Qian Yi.

”Relax Bro.
I ’m just kidding. ” Ren Qian Yi held back the demon lord.

”I just come to see him since it will be hard to see him later. ” Yu Qi told Ren Qian Yi.

”Eh??? Why? ” Ren Qian Yi did not understand.

”I ’m going to Guanying City for my internship. ” Yu Qi said.

Ren Qian Yi blinked several times.
He then looked at Long Hui.
Ren Qian Yi wore an odd expression.

”Oh, I see.
Have you already told Second Brother about this? ” Ren Qian Yi asked Yu Qi while his eyes were still om Long Hui.

I have been telling him just now. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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I see… ” Ren Qian Yi just grinned to Long Hui.

Long Hui was just silent without saying anything.

”By the way, what are you going to do after this? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.

”Well, if possible, I want to spend the day with Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi glanced at Long Hui.

”Of course.
You can. ” Long Hui said gently to Yu Qi.

”But you must have some work to do, right? ” Yu Qi did not want Long Hui to neglect his duty.

I have really already finished my work for today. ” Long Hui said.

”Is he telling the truth? ” Yu Qi did not ask Long Hui but Ren Qian Yi.

”Eh… ” Ren Qian Yi did not know what to say.
Then he received a sharp glare from Long Hui.
He immediately understood what to say.
”Second Brother has already finished his work.
Sister in law, you know how his character is.
He is the same as yours.
He will tell you if his work is still unfinished and ask you to wait while he finishes all the work. ”

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Long Hui nodded hearing Ren Qian Yi ’s words.
Yu Qi heard Ren Qian Yi ’s explanation and thought about that.

’That ’s right.
He is someone who will ny neglect his work. ’ Yu Qi thought.

”Yu Qi? ” Someone called Yu Qi.

Yu Qi turned around and looked at the voice that had called her.
She recognized the face.
She stood up and greeted her.
”Sister Guan Ye. ”

”What are you doing here? ” Ding Guan Ye asked.
Then she saw Long Hui.
”Oh, you are meeting with Colonel Long.
What a stupid question to ask you. ”

Yu Qi just smiled shyly to Ding Guan Ye.
She changed the topic.
”How about Na An? Have you contacted her? ” The topic was about Ding Guan Ye ’s sister.

She said she was working part-time since she has 4 weeks of break before going for her internship at Tang Private Hospital.
By the way, where are you going for your internship? ” Ding Guan Ye ’s turn to ask.

”I have applied for Guanying General Hospital. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I see.
A border city.
You need to be careful then, since there have been some cases involving young girls.
They are being kidnapped. ” Ding Guan Ye advised.

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”Don ’t worry Sister Guan Ye.
I will be careful. ” Yu Qi nodded accepting Ding Guan Ye ’s advice.

Ding Guan Ye wanted to talk more but she had received a glare from Long Hui.
She understood.
So, she excused herself first.
She did not want to die at this moment yet.

”So, Brother Hui, you can leave the camp? ” Yu Qi sat back and asked Long Hui.

But I still have to come back today. ” Long Hui answered honestly.
He could not leave for a long time.

”I see.
So, let ’s have a short date for today. ” Yu Qi suggested.

”Okay. ” Long Hui quickly agreed.

”You want to toss me, right now? ” Ren Qian Yi looked at Yu Qi and Long Hui.

”What? Do you want to follow? ” Long Hui glared to Ren Qian Yi.

No… ” Ren Qian Yi immediately shook his head.
He did not want to be fed with dog food.

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”Good. ” Long Hui said coldly to Ren Qian Yi before turned to Yu Qi with a gentle smile on his lips.
”Let ’s go, Qi Qi.
Don ’t waste our time here. ”

Yu Qi nodded and left with Long Hui.

Ren Qian Yi looked at the couple.
”Toss me after I have helped you.
What a friend. ” He mumbled and left the cafe too.

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