Both of them got out from the car.

”Let ’s warm up first. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Long Hui just followed his beloved Qi Qi even though he did not need to warm up.

After 10 minutes of warming up, they went to the path.
There were also some people who just wanted to start too.
And of course, they also looked at Yu Qi and Long Hui.

There was a group of girls who were also at the starting point.

”Hey, look at that man.
He looks very handsome in that attire.
I bet he looks good in other attires as well. ”

You are right.
He looks very handsome.
I have not seen such a handsome man like him. ”

”I wonder if he is already married or in a relationship. ”

”You idiot.
Look at the girl.
The one who is wearing the same attire as that man.
She must be his girlfriend.
Do you think such a good looking man will not have a girlfriend? How naive. ”

This time, the group of men were talking.

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”That girl is so cute. ”

”You can go and try to talk to her. ”

”Who ’s know if you can get the girl. ”

Long Hui heard the sentences that the men had been talking.
While Yu Qi was also focusing on the girl group ’s talking.
Hearing the girl and man wanted to convert their man and woman, Yu Qi gave a sharp glare to the girl group while Long Hui turned towards the men giving a murderous look.

The girls and men stepped back feeling their life had been threatened.
Yu Qi took Long Hui ’s hand and held it as she was showing off to the girls.
Long Hui chuckled when Yu Qi behaved like this.
His beloved Qi Qi had been so cute when she acted like this.

So, they started hiking.
The path was not so hard.
There had the step and holding bar to make hiking easier and to support the hiker while climbing up.

As for the one that was used for running for a quite distance in the morning and as for a soldier, Long Hui and Yu Qi felt like they were just walking around.

Sometimes, they could see some squirrels and monkey who walked and hanged out on the trees.
They did not talk much as they enjoyed being with each other in silence.

The walking to the top of the mountain took about one and half hour.
The top of the mountain had been renovated.
There were toilets and some benches where the hikers could sit after a long walk.

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The scene was very beautiful.
They could see the scenery.
Actually, Yu Qi wanted to bring Long Hui to see the sunset.
She had read in some article about seeing the sunset from the mountain at Shiwa Town.

Since that, she wanted to come and see the sunset with Long Hui.
They just needed to wait for a half-hour to see the sunset.
So, they chose to sit on one of the benches.

”Beautiful, isn ’t it? ” Yu Qi looked around admiring the scene.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui said.

”I want to travel around the world and see beautiful places.
Of course, with you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Long Hui was thinking about something.
Yu Qi looked at Long Hui when he did not respond.
She saw Long Hui was thinking about something.

”Brother Hui, what are you thinking about? ” Yu Qi pouted.

”Qi Qi, have you gone on a date with that bastard in your past life? ” Long Hui suddenly asked about that.

Yu Qi was silent for a moment and busted to laugh.

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”Brother Hui, are you thinking about that? ” Yu Qi asked after she stopped laughing.

”I can not help to feel jealous as he was your fiancee once. ” Long Hui sighed.

Yu Qi kissed Long Hui ’s cheek.
”Brother Hui, you don ’t need to worry.
Even though I was his fiancee but I had never gone on a date alone since someone also followed us. ”

”Followed you? ” Long Hui did not understand.

That Fung Meng Xuan.
She also followed us.
At that time, I just thought that she wanted to hang out with us but actually, she did not want her boyfriend to be alone with me. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Qi Qi, don ’t worry.
I will not cheat on you. ” Long Hui made a promise.

”If you cheat on me, I will kill that woman and you. ” Yu Qi just laughed.

”I will not give you that chance. ” Long Hui replied.

Then Yu Qi stood up.
The scene in front of her was very beautiful.
She could see the blue colour of the sea turning to gold colour.

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”Brother Hui, look at that.
It is very beautiful. ” Yu Qi called Long Hui.

Beautiful. ” Long Hui agreed.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/reborn-space-intelligent-woman_13666286506793905/chapter-653-seeing-the-sunset-part-two_50559216942893774 for visiting.

”I ’m happy that I can see this beautiful scene with you. ” Yu Qi said.

”Me too. ” Long Hui put his hand on Yu Qi ’s shoulder and pulled her closer to him.

Yu Qi also put her hand on Long Hui ’s waist as she leaned over and put her head on Long Hui ’s shoulder.

Both of them enjoyed the scene in silence.
Not long after that, the sun disappeared and the moon appeared

”We need to go down now.
You need to return to the military camp. ” Yu Qi said.

”If I don ’t need to return to the camp, I can stay with you longer. ” Long Hui sighed.

You can ’t.
You can ’t neglect your duty.
The man I love will not do such things. ” Yu Qi said.

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Let ’s go down. ” Long Hui smiled.
The lady also told him that, he could not ignore it.

So, they went down.
There was light along the path.
The government did spend a lot on this.

They walked down faster than they walked up.
Only one hour, they had already reached the bottom of the mountain.
They entered the car and left the place.

Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at the military camp.

”I will go for a mission for one week. ” Long Hui made a sad face.

”Don ’t worry.
We will see each other again.
I hope that you can take care of yourself.
Don ’t get hurt too much.
If you get hurt, rest until you heal.
Don ’t force yourself too much, okay. ” Yu Qi placed her hand on Long Hui ’s cheek.

Long Hui put his hand on Yu Qi ’s hand.
”I will try my best not to get hurt. ”

Yu Qi gave Long Hui ’s a quick kiss.
”It is already late.
Go back. ” Yu Qi pulled Long Hui.

But I will claim the kiss again. ” Long Hui chuckled.

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Long Hui got out from the car and walked slowly and entered the military camp.
He was saluted by the soldiers who were guarding the entrance.

”Colonel Long. ”

”Hmm… ” Long Hui replied and passed the entrance.

He did not expect that he would see Ren Qian Yi.

”Second Brother…
Wait, oh!!! You are wearing different clothes.
Where have you gone? ” Ren Qian Yi inquired with a smirk on his face.

”Humph!!! I don ’t need to tell you. ” Long Hui just walked over.

I just want you to share some stories. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”Get lost. ” Long Hui ignored Ren Qian Yi after that.

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