She began her new life at Guanying General Hospital.
Her work started at seven a.m.
First Yu Qi would go to see her patients prior to the ”rounds ” to check on the results of the diagnostic tests and to see how they are responding to therapies.

Next was the ”rounds ” with the team.
Oh, ”rounds ” meant you walk around each patient to discuss his or her case.
A team usually consisted of several interns, an upper level supervising resident, and an attending or teaching physician.
They took care of a specific group of patients.

Suggestions on further diagnostic tests and treatments were the usual topics of discussion.
After rounds, Yu Qi might return to see some patients study their cases in more depth, do whatever procedures needed to be done, talk to the patient ’s private physician and so on.

Usually, there was a lecture or conference at some point in the day.
At the end of the day, Yu Qi used to sign in to the team that was ”on-call ” in the night.
This was done to tell them about either all your patients or the ones that may run into trouble that night.

She was not alone for the internship though.
Ah Kean, Ming Gu Su, Jin Suk Ye had also begun their internsh.i.p.s together with Yu Qi.
Ah Kean was very friendly, while Ming Gu Su was just a person that did not like to talk and lastly, Ji Suk Ye was very arrogant.

She was arrogant since one of the top management was her relative.
She was looking down at other first-year residents since they did not have anyone at this hospital, especially Yu Qi.

”My uncle is one of the top management.
If I have to pass this internship, that will be very easy for me.
But I don ’t want to be like that. ” Ji Suk Ye said it proudly.

The other first residents looked at each other without saying anything.
They did not know what to reply to Ji Suk Ye.
As for Yu Qi, she was too lazy to talk about that.

However, Ji Suk Ye became quiet when she had been scolded by Lan Duan Cai.
She administrated the wrong medicine to a child.
She was confident that medicine was the right one.

Fornatunely for the child, Yu Qi noticed the changes in the child.
The child started to cry and placed her hand on her stomach, and was crying due to pain.

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Yu Qi acted faster.
She asked some of the nurses to hold the child, not letting the child move.
Yu Qi sealed some acupuncture points that made the pain to get smoothed.

She then asked the nurse to let the child drink some medicine.
The medicine would allow the child to throw up everything inside his stomach.
The child began to throw out everything in his stomach.

After that, the nurse gave a nutrient IV drop to the child, the child fell asleep.
Yu Qi took a relief breath after she saw the calm and naive looking child having sleep.

Ji Suk Ye was trembling when the entire thing had happened.
Yu Qi just glanced to Ji Suk Ye.
She did not say anything.

”It is not my fault. ” Ji Suk Ye dared to talk something like that.

”Doctor Ji, you need to be more careful and confirm the medicine with the nurse before administrating it to the child.
Luckily Doctor Tang has handled the child fast, otherwise, the child may have lost her life. ” A senior nurse talked to Ji Suk Ye when she heard Ji Suk Ye who had kept telling that it was not her fault.

Ji Suk Ye glared to the senior nurse.
”Shut up. ”

The senior nurse was shocked when Ji Suk Ye shouted like that to her.
She was working for a long time.
She did not have a first year resident shouted at her like that before.

”I have heard about Doctor Ji before.
As the rumour, you are really arrogant. ” The senior nurse commented.

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Ji Suk Ye could not handle it anymore.
She ran away from that place.

”Doctor Tang, you are proficient in acupuncture. ” One of the nurses said.
The topic had already turned to Yu Qi.

”Not really, I have just learnt some from my grandpa. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Your hands are surely fast in placing the needles on the points. ” The nurses continued.

”She has been indeed thinking fast to save the child. ” Another child continued.

The senior nurse already went to Lan Duan Cai to tell the incident that happened in the department.

Hearing the incident, Lan Duan Cai ’s anger exploded.
Lan Duan Cai called Ji Suk Ye and scolded her directly.
Half hour, Lan Duan Cai scolded Ji Suk Ye.

Ji Suk Ye got released from being scolded after another doctor called Lan Duan Cai.
Lan Duan Cai advised Ji Suk Ye to be careful next time.
He did not want the same mistake to happen.

When Ji Suk Ye got out from the room, she saw Yu Qi was standing on the registration table talking to one of the nurses.
She looked angrily at Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi noticed that and turned to look at Ji Suk Ye.
Her blank expression on her face made Ji Suk Ye felt very very angry.
After staring for a few minutes, Ji Suk Ye left the place.

”She should be grateful since you have saved her assigned patient otherwise, her skills will be questioned and will need to be evaluated. ” Shing Yu Ten said.
She was the nurse that showed Yu Qi around.

”Never mind.
Please pay attention to the patient on bed number 11.
Any changes please quickly tell me or other doctors to take a look after him. ” Yu Qi did not after

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