Chapter 659: Matching With Someone

”So, what are you waiting for? Get going. ” First Young Master Yi shouted at other doctors and nurses.

They quickly get the order done.

”First Master Yi, do you want to listen to this first year resident? She does not have much experience. ” Doctor Liu said.

”Her method is better than you. ” First Young Master Yi glared to him.

Doctor Liu broke into a cold sweat.
He then kept his mouth quiet.

”If you think I ’m still not experienced enough, we can have Doctor Lan handle it.
I am sure that he is experienced enough, then. ” Yu Qi replied.

Doctor Lan Duan Cai was stunned for a second and did a fake cough.
”Okay. ”

Doctor Lan Duan Cai stepped forward to check Little Master Yi.
Somehow Little Master Yi still snapped the doctor ’s hand.

”Your name is Little San, right? We are the doctors.
He is trying to figure out what makes you feel pain? Can you cooperate now? A good kid like you will get a reward soon. ” Yu Qi smiled gently to Little Master Yi.

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Little Master Yi nodded shyly to Yu Qi.
Seeing the kid had finally calmed down, Doctor Lan Duan Cai started to check him.

”Little San, I ’m Doctor Lan.
I ’m going to ask you a few questions and then I ’ll do an examination and run some tests.
If you have any questions don ’t be afraid to ask. ” Doctor Lan said.

”Yes. ” Little San replied in a weak voice.

”When did the pain start? ”

”2 hours ago. ”

”Where is the pain? ”

”All over my tummy. ”

After 3 minutes, the doctors and nurses came back with the equipment.

”I ’m going to have to look at your tummy now.
If it hurts anywhere or feels uncomfortable let me know. ” Doctor Lan Duan Cai told Little Master Yi.

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”Okay. ”

Yu Qi assisted Doctor Lan Duan Cai.
”Mcburney ’s sign present, positive Rovsing sign… ” Yu Qi mumbled.

Doctor Lan Duan Cai could hear that since she was nearby him.
He did not say anything and proceeded to the next tests which were ultrasound and blood.


Doctor Lan Duan Cai looked the result tests that had been conducted.
Little Master Yi ’s family, especially Madam Yi looked very worried.

”Doctor Tang, what is the diagnosis and treatment for someone who has widespread abdominal pain, Mcburney ’s sign, receive Rovsing sign, temperature rise, arise WBC, especially neutrophilia and arise CRP? ” Doctor Lan Duan Cai suddenly asked Yu Qi.

”Acute appendicitis, laparoscopic appendectomy. ” Yu Qi spontaneously answered without thinking for a second.

Doctor Lan Duan Cai started to explain the diagnosis of appendicitis, the management and treatment options to the family.

”Okay, we will do as Doctor Lan say. ” Master Yi nodded.

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”As for you, Doctor Liu, let ’s move to another location. ” First Young Master Yi looked at Doctor Liu.

Doctor Liu swallowed non-existence saliva.
He started wishing that the ground would swallow him whole.

”You can handle it by yourself.
I want to accompany Little San here. ” Elder Master Yi waved his hand to First Young Master Yi.

Yu Qi was also not interested in Doctor Liu ’s matter.
So, she wanted to leave the room to settle her own job.

”Wait… ”

Yu Qi stopped when someone stopped her.
She turned to the voice.
It was Elder Madam Yi.

”Thanks, Doctor… ” Elder Madam Yi inquired her name.

”I ’m first year resident, Doctor Tang. ” Yu Qi introduced her name.

”Thank you, Doctor Tang.
If not because of your interruption, I may have lost my youngest son. ” Madam Yi grabbed Yu Qi ’s hands and shook them.

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”I have just pointed out something I have known.
That ’s all. ” Yu Qi smiled and wanted to take back her hands.

Madam Yi suddenly looked up and down to Yu Qi.
She then nodded approving her own thoughts.
Seeing this, Yu Qi felt something bad might happen.

”Mum, Doctor Tang is scared when you look at her like that. ” Second Young Master Yi said while grinning.

”Oh, sorry.
I just take a look at you.
You are really beautiful. ” Madam Yi smiled.

”Indeed, Doctor Tang is really beautiful. ” Second Young Master Yi grinned.

Yu Qi just smiled.
”Madam Yi, Second Young Master Yi, I have another job to do.
Please excuse me. ”

”Okay. ” Madam Yi smiled.

Yu Qi finally could leave the room.

”Mum, you are thinking about something, right? ” Second Young Master Yi grinned.

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”What do you think about that doctor? ” Madam Yi asked.

”I like her.
She is very straight forward and brave.
And the bonus is she is very beautiful. ” Second Young Master told his opinion about that doctor.

”I ’m thinking of matching that doctor to your brother. ” Madam Yi clapped her hands.

”Oh, that matching is indeed good. ” Second Young Master Yi rubbed his chin.
He turned to his little brother.
”Little San, do you like that female doctor? ”

Little Master Yi heard the question and nodded.
”I like that sister.
She is good. ”

”Do you want that female doctor to be your sister? ” Second Master Yi asked his little brother.

Humm… ” Little Young Yi nodded.

”So, we need to help Big Brother in this, okay? ” Second Young Master made a deal with his little brother.

”Okay. ” Little Master Yi agreed.

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Madam Yi laughed while seeing that her sons wanted to plot against their brother.
However, she did not stop them since she also wanted to achieve the same result.
Thirl was very suitable for her son.

Both of them whom they had wanted to plot against sneezed.

Yu Qi rubbed her nose.
’Am I having a fever? ’ She had not been sick for a long time after she had been reborn, so she was not sure about this.

While First Young Master Yi also rubbed his nose.
He narrowed his eyes.
Someone must be thinking to plot against him.

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