Chapter 661: He Came

”Colonel, the injured soldier has just been pushed into the surgery room. ” A soldier reported to Long Hui.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui replied.

”We will go back to the military compound.
One soldier will be left here in case something happens. ” The soldier said.

I have something to do here.
You can leave first. ” Long Hui gave the order.

”Yes, Sir. ” The soldier gave his salute and left.

Long Hui looked around.
He knew that she was here at this hospital but he did not know where was the exact place.
I think I need to ask someone. ’

Long Hui went to the front table where the patient checks in.
He already could see the expression on the nurses there.
It was always like this.
He was annoyed but still approached them to ask.

”Excuse me. ” Long Hui got the nurses ’ attention.

”Yes, sir? May I help you? ” A nurse with a blush on her cheeks offered her help.

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”Where can I find an internship doctor with the name Tang Yu Qi? ” Long Hui did not want to waste his time here.

The nurse was dumbfounded.
She did not expect that this handsome soldier in front of her would find someone like Tang Yu Qi.
Of course, she knew that first year resident, Tang Yu Qi.
She was quite famous recently with her scandal seducing the Director Zheng Je Wi.

”May I know why do you want to find Doctor Tang? ” The nurse asked.

”Do you know where she is or not? ” Long Hui asked in a cold tone.

The nurse became scared when Long Hui asked her with that tone.

She is in the…
paediatric department. ” The nurse answered his question.

”Thank you. ” After getting his answer, Long Hui looked at the layout hospital at the wall.

The paediatric department was on his right.
He walked straight toward where his beloved Qi Qi was.
A lot of eyes were watching him.
With that face and his attire, he looked dashing.

Turned around the corner, he would find the paediatric department.
However, his steps stopped as he heard some argument.

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”Tang Yu Qi, you just want to hide that you are a lover of Director Zheng.
Shameless woman. ”

He heard everything.
’Lover of Director Zheng? Ridiculous. ’ He walked straight and pulled Yu Qi to his hug.

At first, the woman in his hug wanted to struggle but she became docile in instant.
His beloved Qi Qi had realized who he was.

”Whose lover is she? ” A domineering voice could be heard.

Everyone was shocked when they saw a dashing and handsome man with a soldier attire suddenly hug Yu Qi.
And for their surprise, Yu Qi did not struggle when a stranger hugged her.

Ji Suk Ye was jealous when a handsome man hugged Yu Qi like that.
So, she wanted to throw dirty water on Yu Qi ’s head.

”She has seduced our director to have a place of internship here.
She is shameless.
We have evidence here. ” Ji Suk Ye said.

Long Hui ’s murderous aura was leaking out.
Everyone felt scared.
Ji Suk Ye felt scared again as she stumbled and fell on the ground.
Her breath became faster and shorter.
She was feeling like this again.

”Brother Hui, calm down. ” A soft voice heard.
It came from the woman in Long Hui ’s hug.

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Long Hui calmed down but his expression was still stern.

”I have gotten this place through my hard work instead of relying on powerful people unlike someone here. ” Yu Qi looked at Ji Suk Ye that still on the floor.
”I will ask the top management to release my information by tomorrow.
You can take a look and think for yourself. ”

After finishing her speech, she pulled Long Hui leaving the place.
She went to the corridor that was not usually used by people.

”Brother Hui, what are you doing? ” Yu Qi asked.
She was very very very surprised when she found Long Hui here.

Actually, she already could smell the lotus fragrance but she did not believe that he was here.
After getting pulled into a hug, she realized it was not a dream that he was here.

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi back into his hug.
His nose was on her neck.
’It is my beloved Qi Qi ’s scent. ’

”I have a mission here.
One of my soldiers has been injured and need surgery.
So, here I am. ” Long Hui whispered right into Yu Qi ’s ear.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.
Her ear felt ticklish when being whispered so close like this.

”So, what ’s happening? ” Long Hui referred to that time.

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”Oh, that…
I guess someone is using me to ruin Director Zheng ’s reputation. ” That was what Yu Qi thought.

She did not have an enemy here before this.
That picture was taken when she had first met with Director Zheng Je Wi.
Even though Ji Suk Ye hated her right now, she did not know Yu Qi before starting the internship here.
So, there was no way that Ji Suk Ye took that picture.

Then, just one assumption left.
Director Zheng Je Wi ’s enemy wanted to ruin his reputation.
They wanted to use Yu Qi to make Director Zheng Je Wi to lose his director position.

”I see. ” Long Hui was not stupid.
He understood.

Plotting against someone using his beloved Qi Qi was unforgivable.
He needed to investigate the person behind this.

”Don ’t worry.
I can handle this. ” Yu Qi patted Long Hui ’s back.
She knew that Long Hui wanted to help her but she did not want Long Hui to misuse his power.

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