Long Hui woke up and saw his beloved Qi Qi was still sleeping deeply.
Her face while she was sleeping indeed seduced him.
Making him wanted to attack her while she was sleeping.

He quickly held back that feeling.
He would not be so inconsiderate as to attack her while she slept.
She must be so tired after they did the night exercise.

He got out of the bed and cleaned up first.
He took a look at his watch.
It showed it was just 6 a.m outside.
So, it was morning already.

Since she was still sleeping, he could make some breakfast for her.
He got out of the room and saw the boy and the dog were waiting in front of the room.

”Eh, where is our master? ” Bo Ya asked while frowning when he only saw the man had come out from the room.
His master did not come out.

”Your master is still sleeping.
She is tired. ” Long Hui said.

”It must be your work tiring my master, right? ” Bo Ya questioned the man.

Long Hui faked the cough.
Well, he could not deny that.
To avoid the question, he asked another question to both of them.
”What do you want to eat? ”

”What? Why do you ask us? ” Aoi asked back?

”Don ’t tell me that you want to cook? ” Bo Ya narrowed his eyes.
He could not believe that this man in front of him could cook.

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To answer all of the boy and the dog ’s question, he nodded.
I will cook it.
I know how to cook. ”

”Is the food cooked by you, suitable for being eating? ” Bo Ya tilted his head.

”Of course, just…
I don ’t think it will be as delicious as your master ’s. ” Long Hui said.

”Of course, the food that my master food ’s is very delicious. ” Bo Ya put a proud face.

”That ’s right.
My master is the best cook. ” Aoi also followed Bo Ya put on a proud expression on his face.

”I know but I will be the cook for this morning.
Your master needs some rest.
Waking up her for cooking will not a good idea, right? ” Long Hui used his beloved Qi Qi.
He knew that both of them loved their master very much and would not want their master to be tired.

Bo Ya turned to Aoi.
”I think we can let this man cook since the Master is still sleeping.
We can not let the Master to be so tired. ”

That ’s right. ” Aoi nodded agreeing with Bo Ya.

To be the truth, Yu Qi did not feel cooking would tire her at all since she loved to cook.
The things that made her very tired was making love with Long Hui.
That man had so much energy for that matter.

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The three of them had an agreement to let Long Hui cooked for their breakfast.
Long Hui went to the kitchen to cook.
He decided to make some rice porridge with meat and pancake with eggs.

Long Hui asked Bo Ya and Aoi to get some veggies from their garden.
Even though both of them wi displeased in helping Long Hui but for the sake of their master, they went to the garden and did what Long Hui had asked for.

Not long after that, the dish was ready to eat.
The rice porridge and pancake ’s smell had occupied the air.
It smelled so delicious.
The two cuties gulped their saliva when they smelled the delicious aroma.
It made them felt hungry.

”What a surprise! ” There was a voice at the kitchen ’s door.

Three of them turned to look at the door and found out that Yu Qi had already woken up.

Bo Ya: ”Master. ”

Aoi: ”Master. ”

Long Hui: Qi Qi. ”

Yu Qi smiled and greeted them.
”Good morning. ”

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”Good morning. ” Three voices replied to her greeting.

Yu Qi looked at the food on the tables.
”You have cooked, this? ” She looked at Long Hui.

”Yeah. ” Long Hui nodded.

”We are helping too. ” Bo Ya and Aoi wanted some credit.
They did not want Long Hui to have all the credit.

Long Hui just let them to say that.
Yu Qi chuckled.

”It looks delicious. ” Yu Qi commented.

”Let ’s eat then. ” Long Hui said.

Long Hui gave a portion of the rice porridge and pancake to Yu Qi.
Usually, Yu Qi served Long Hui.
This morning, Long Hui served Yu Qi.
Yu Qi opened her mouth to eat food.
Long Hui looked at Yu Qi with the eyes of expectation.

”Delicious. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”Really? ” Long Hui asked.

I don ’t think that you can cook. ” Yu Qi said.

”Well, I know to cook some simple dishes. ” Long Hui was happy seeing his beloved Qi Qi ate the food that he cooked.
He bet what was Yu Qi ’s feeling when she ate his food.

”My little cuties, is the food delicious? ” Yu Qi asked her two little cuties who were also currently eating.

”Well, not as delicious as your cooking, Master. ” Bo Ya said.

”That ’s right.
Master ’s cooking is the most delicious. ” Aoi commented.

Yu Qi laughed.
”I know.
I know.
You will not admit it.
You glutton. ”

The simple food could bring happiness if the food was cooked with love.
They chatted while finishing their breakfast.
Not long after tha,t they realized the plate was already empty.

They prepared to leave for work.
Long Hui would send Yu Qi to work since he also had some matters at the hospital.
He needed to check his subordinate ’s condition.

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