They arrived and entered the hospital together.

”I think we are going in the opposite sides. ” Yu Qi said.

I will come and visit you next time. ” Long Hui nodded.

”I hope your subordinate will be okay.
Then, I ’m going first. ” Yu Qi turned and started to walk.

However, Long Hui reached and grabbed her hand making her to turn back to him.
Long Hui smirked.
He made a quick attack kissing her.
”Please miss me a lot. ” He walked away from there.

Yu Qi was stunned.
She then realized that she had been kissed in front of people.
Everyone thwaswere watching her.
She quickly walked away from there and went to the paediatric department.

In the entrance of the paediatric department, Yu Qi met Ji Suk Ye.
However, the latter only glared to her and left without saying anything.

”Doctor Tang, good morning. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten greeted Yu Qi followed by other nurses.

”Good morning everyone. ” Yu Qi greeted them back.

”Doctor Tang, I will like to apologize to you. ” Suddenly one of the doctors came forward to Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi blinked several times feeling confused with this sudden action.
”Why do you want to apologize? ”

”Actually, I have believed the rumour saying you have seduced Director Zheng in order to have an internship place.
But after looking at your resume and result in university, I feel ashamed of myself.
You have written many papers even you are still a student. ”

”How do you know about that? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Actually the hospital ’s management has given out the notice saying you have entered the hospital through the right channel.
They even let others to take a look at your resume. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten said.

Yu Qi did have a plan to make the hospital to release her resume and result to the public.
She never thought that they made their move clarifying the rumour using the same method.

”I see.
It ’s okay. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Everyone that looked at the smile felt something.
’She does not have to do anything.
That smile is a fatal attack. ’

Yu Qi began to do her round.
The last patient that she needed to check was Little Master Yi, Little San.
Doctor Lan Cai Duan placed Little San under Yu Qi ’s care since the family had requested for it.

”Oh, Doctor Tang, you are here. ” Second Young Master Yi welcomed Yu Qi with a smile.

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”This is not visiting time yet.
Why are you here? ” Yu Qi quickly checked Little San ’s condition.

”Well, I have sneaked in. ” Second Young Master Yi grinned.

”Oh, really? I will not say anything. ” Yu Qi said.

”Eh, you will not scold me? ” Second Young Master Yi asked.

”If I ask you to leave right now, will you leave? ” Yu Qi asked him without even looking at him since she was writing something in the file.

”Nope. ” Second Young Master Yi answered.

”See? There is no meaning even if I tell you to leave. ” Yu Qi said.
Then she smiled at Little San.
”Good boy.
You are doing a job enduring the pain.
You will be healthy soon. ” She rubbed Little San ’s head gently.

”Thank you, Doctor Tang. ” Little San smiled.
He felt warm with Yu Qi ’s touch.

”Well, I will go first. ” Yu Qi bowed a little and went out.

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”Doctor Tang, wait. ” Second Young Master also came out.

”Yes? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well… ” Second Young Master scratched the back of his head.
He was actually on the mission to get to know about Doctor Tang.
It was his mother ’s order.
To get know more information about Doctor Tang.

He sighed.
Not like he would get married to her.
It was his brother.
When he told that to her mother, her mother told him that if she asked his brother, his brother would not get married at all.
That was why she needed some information about Doctor Tang first.

”Second Young Master Yi… ” Yu Qi called while waving her hand in front of his face but he did not respond at all.
Looked like he was thinking about something important.
She called him back.

Second Young Master was startled.
”Sorry, Doctor Tang. ”

”It ’s alright.
Are you okay? ” Yu Qi asked.

I ’m okay. ” Second Young Master Yi nodded.

”So, what do you want to talk with me? ” Yu Qi was straight to the point.

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”Are you free tonight? ” Second Young Master Yi asked.
Even he was stunned with his own question.

”Second Young Master Yi, are you asking me to go out with you? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”Well, yeah.
Can you call me with my name but my title? ” Second Young Master Yi asked.

”Then, what is your name? I don ’t know about that. ” To think about that, Yu Qi really did not know his name.

”Let me introduce my name.
My name is Yi Liwei, second son of Yi Family.
Please call me Liwei. ” Yi Liwei introduced his name.

”Okay, Liwei. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Yi Liwei was surprised that she would call his name straight forward.

The watch on Yu Qi ’s hand was ringing which indicated the time.
She needed to hurry up as she had another meeting with Doctor Lan Cai Duan.

”Liwei, sorry.
I need to go first.
I have a meeting. ” Yu Qi ran away leaving Yi Liwei who did not react.

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Right after Yu Qi disappeared from his sight, he remembered that he still had a mission to do.
”I still need to do what Mum has asked for.
Well, I will try it tomorrow. ”

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