Ming Xuehai: ”So, do you have any time to meet me? ”

Yu Qi: ”I have an hour break. ”

Ming Xuehai: ”Okay.
I will meet you tomorrow at the hospital. ”

Yu Qi: ”Okay.
Wait for me at the hospital cafe at one p.m. ”

That was what Ming Xuehai messaged her last night.
It must be important things since Ming Xuehai himself came to report to her.
She already made a notice that if something that did not need much attention from her, they could decide among themselves.

She had already finished doing her round and checked some patients doc.u.ments.
She asked Ming Xuehai to wait for her at the cafe because she did not have her phone with her at the moment.
She left her phone in the locker room.

Some of the devices in the hospital had some resistance to the mobile phone.
She was afraid her phone would disturb that device.
Ming Xuehai would not able to call her right now.

The clock showed the time was already one p.m.
Yu Qi put down her doc.u.ment and went to the cafe.
At the entrance, Yu Qi already saw Ming Xuehai.

She could see some of the female nurses and doctors looking at Ming Xuehai.
Yu Qi acknowledged that Ming Xuehai was very good looking but not as much as Long Hui.

She walked to Ming Xuehai.
”Brother Xuehai. ” She greeted Yu Qi.

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”Miss Yu Qi. ” Ming Xuehai called Yu Qi ’s name.

Yu Qi sighed.
She had already told Ming Xuehai several times that he could call her ’Yu Qi ’ instead of ’Miss Yu Qi ’ but Ming Xuehai just smiled and kept calling her with ’Miss ’.

Since the time was short, Ming Xuehai started to the purpose of this meeting.
He brought some papers and placed them in front of Yu Qi.

”This is… ” Yu Qi took the papers and read them.
She frowned as she read the paper.
”So, this is what you have gotten after two months of investigating the matter? ”

It is more complicated.
If not for Baise, I may be in their hands. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

”You mean? ” Yu Qi did want to discover about this matter but she did not want them to be hurt in the process which was why she wanted them to be extremely careful.

”Some people from their side know that we are investigating them.
I have been almost getting caught.
However, Baise has covered all of my traces. ” Ming Xuehai explained.

Yu Qi sighed feeling relief.
”If things get dangerous, retreat.
That ’s going the same as for your subordinates. ”

”So, it is true that some people from the government has given the lands to outsiders. ” Yu Qi concluded from what she read.

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It is a sin.
They can be sent to jail for lifetimes. ” Ming Xuehai stated.

There was a law in the Binhai nation that stated that the land could not belong to other than Binhai ’s people themselves.
Otherwise as Ming Xuehai had said before, they could be sent to jail for a lifetime.
It was not worth it.

”But they are clever.
Instead of changing the name of the owner of the land, they are renting it out to outsiders. ” Ming Xuehai said.

”Renting it out? Meaning it is not a crime then. ” Yu Qi thought that it was hard for Grandpa Chang to get back the land.

”Not really.
It depends on who and what they aim to do with that land. ” Ming Xuehai smiled.

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”In order to get the land back, we have to investigate who and what they are going to do with the land.
I have already gotten the wind about them. ” Ming Xuehai told Yu Qi about the next plan.

”Can I know who is the one that grabbed the land from Grandpa Chang ’s hand? ” Yu Qi wanted to know.

”Here. ” Ming Xuehai pointed to the paper.

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Yu Qi looked at it.
”Wei Zhu Feng. ” The name that she knew.
It was him.

”So, he is the one who has taken the land. ” Yu Qi sighed.

Do you know him? ” Ming Xuehai asked.

”I have met him once at the party.
He is the Minister of Tourism. ” Yu Qi said.

”So, maybe he is renting out the land for promoting the tourism of our nation? ” Ming Xuehai assumed.

”I don ’t think so.
Brother Xuehai, proceed to the next plan.
Find out who are the people that are renting out the land and where they come from? But proceed with extreme caution.
Pull back if you feel danger. ”

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

”Ask Baise for help. ” Yu Qi added.

”I understand. ” Ming Xuehai nodded again.

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Yu Qi looked at her watch.
Ten more minutes before her break would finish.

”Oh, my break is about to end.
I need to go first. ” Yu Qi stood up.
”See you again, Brother Xuehai. ”

”You too.
But remember to eat more.
I think you have lost weight too much. ” Ming Xuehai commented.

Yu Qi stunned.
She did not think she was losing any weight at all.
But both of the men commented the same thing.
Yeah, Long Hui had already said the same thing about her body.
Right after they were about to sleep after their lovemaking.

That was why Long Hui making her eat so much in the morning.
Long Hui persuaded her to eat a lot at that time.

”Am I losing the weight too much? ” Yu Qi asked that question to Ming Xuehai.

If someone knows you before will tell you the same. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

I will try to eat some more…
Thank you, Brother Xuehai.
Oh, no…
My break is over.
I ’m going now.
Bye. ” Yu Qi walked faster heading to the workplace.

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