When Yu Qi returned to the paediatric department, she was greeted by Nurse Shin Yu Ten.

”Doctor Tang, tell me who is the man you have just met now? ” Nurse Shin Yu Ten smirked while raising her brows.

He is… ” Yu Qi could not answer that.
What identity should she use for Ming Xuehai? She could not just tell that he was her lawyer.
That would raise another question.

”She has too many men at the beginning.
What a loose woman. ” Ji Suk Ye was there too and just said what she wanted to say.

”And what that suppose to do with you? Mind your own matters, will you? ” Yu Qi glared at Ji Suk Ye.

Ji Suk Ye remembered yesterday ’s incident and kept her mouth tight.
She then walked away from that place.

”Well, then, Doctor Tang.
Which one is your true boyfriend? ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten was on a different topic.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi looked at Nurse Shing Yu Ten.
’Why is she so persistent with this? ’

”Yesterday ’s man or today ’s man, which one is your true boyfriend? ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten repeated the question.

The nurses who were there also looking at Yu Qi while waiting for an answer.

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”Yesterday ’s man. ” Yu Qi answered.

”See, I have told you before.
He is Doctor Tang ’s boyfriend.
That domineering man suits Doctor Tang. ”

”But today ’s man is nice too.
His character is an older brother type.
His caring is nice too. ”

”Yesterday ’s man is matched to Doctor Tang.
No doubt about that. ”

I also agreed with that. ”

”What are they talking about? ” Yu Qi was confused so she asked Nurse Shing Yu Ten about this.

”Well, they are betting which one is your true boyfriend.
Doctor Tang, you are really famous. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten said.

Yu Qi was speechless.
That can be used for betting?

Go to work. ” Senior Nurse Gong put the end of this.

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Yi Liwei came every day to the hospital.
His little brother was still in the hospital.
Since Yu Qi was in charge of his brother, they met a lot each other.

Today, his big brother, First Young Master Yi was also here.
Oh, Yi Liwei had already told her about his big brother ’s name.
It was Yi Lishan.

”Hello there. ” Yi Lishan greeted Yu Qi.

”Hello. ” Yu Qi replied.

Yi Liwei was behind them looking fl.u.s.tered with his big brother.
Yi Lishan had already been told by their mother about Yu Qi.
Their mother told Yi Lishan that she was interested in taking Yu Qi as her daughter in law.
However, Yi Lishan just looked indifferent about that topic.

Yi Liwei sighed.
He thought that their mother must give up about the idea of taking Yu Qi as her daughter in law.

”Little San can return home today. ” Yu Qi looked at the file.

”He can return home today, can ’t he? ” Yi Liwei asked.

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He is healing so nicely.
So, he can return home already. ” Yu Qi looked at Yi Liwei, confused.
’He doesn ’t like his little brother return home? ’

”I can return home already? ” Little San asked with a small voice.

You already healthy. ” Yu Qi said.

”So, I can ’t see you anymore? ” Little San asked again.

”Well, yeah… ” Yu Qi nodded.

”But I want to see you every day. ” Little San was sad since he could not see Yu Qi anymore.

”You can see me but not as a patient. ” Yu Qi patted Little San ’s head.

”Really? I can meet you even if I return home? ” Little San ’s eyes were sparkling.

If I ’m not busy, we can meet each other. ” Yu Qi said.

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”It is a promise. ” Little San handled out his hand wanted to make a pinky promise.

I promise that I will meet you if I ’m not busy. ” Yu Qi made a pinky promise with Little San.

Yi Liwei looked at Little San.
’Nice move, Little San. ’ This way, Yu Qi would also meet with their big brother.
He needed to tell their mother about this.

”I will go and process Little San ’s check out. ” Yi Liwei took this opportunity to let Yu Qi and Yi Lishan alone.
Well, Little San was there too but Yi Liwei would just leave him out.

”I will go with you. ” Yi Lishan said.

”No need, Big Brother.
You can accompany Little San here. ” Yi Liwei rejected the offer.
Without waiting for any reply from his big brother, Yi Liwei left the room swiftly.

So, Yi Lishan was left with Yu Qi and Little San.
Little San was feeling tired.
So, he fell asleep.
That made only Yu Qi and Yi Lishan alone.

Yu Qi thought that she could leave since her round had already finished.
She looked at Yi Lishan.

”First Young Master Yi, I think I will leave first since everything is okay now. ” Yu Qi said.

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”Brother Lishan. ” Yi Lishan said.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”Call me Brother Lishan. ” Yi Lishan said it again.

”Oh, okay, Brother Lishan. ” Yu Qi followed that.

”Thank you for saving my little brother. ” Yi Lishan took this opportunity to thank Yu Qi.

If not for Yu Qi interrupting on that day, his little brother might lose his life.
So, he would like to thank her for that day.

”It is my job.
No need to thank me. ” Yu Qi said.
”Well, I will leave first. ”

This time, Yi Lishan did not stop Yu Qi from leaving.

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