”Hey, you give me that tube first and the Ambu Bag to me. ” Yu Qi asked the nearest person which was the man beside her.

”This one? ” The man asked.

And the thing like a balloon too. ” Yu Qi said.

The man followed her order and passed the things to Yu Qi.
The tube was called Endotracheal Tube.
It was put into the empty syringe and another end of the tube had been put with the Ambu Bag.

Then she pumped the Ambu Bag.
After a second she pumping the Ambu Bag, the girl began to breathe as the air could flow through her throat.
Yu Qi took a relief breath as she saw the girl breathed.

”Look, she is breathing. ” One of her friends said.

”Thank goodness…
Thank goodness… ”

Everyone there was very happy to see that their friend was breathing.

”Thank goodness. ” The man beside the girl said.
”Is she going to be okay? ”

”To be honest, she still needs some treatment.
This is only emergency treatment. ” Yu Qi explained.

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”Miss, what happened to her actually? ” The man asked.

”She has an infection inside her throat.
So it is swollen and has blocked her airways due to which she has been having some problem to breathe.
This treatment is only a temporary method to make she breathe. ” Yu Qi explained furthermore.

”So, we need an ambulance as soon as possible.
Hey, has Alex come back? ” The man asked their friends.

I will go and check him. ” One of the men said and went down to the bottom of the mountain.

”Thank you, Miss.. ” The man beside the girl thanked and asked her name.

”My surname is Tang. ” Yu Qi introduced her name.

”Oh, I ’m Lu Tangxiao and this girl is Xian Suyan.
We all are from Hanwen University Hiking Club. ” Lu Tangxiao said.

”Hello. ” Yu Qi acknowledged them.

”By the way, Miss Tang, are you a doctor because you seemed to be very proficient handling the situation like this? ” Lu Tangxiao asked.

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”Well, I ’m indeed a doctor but I ’m currently doing the internship. ” Yu Qi answered honestly.

”What? Meaning you are a new doctor? ” Lu Tangxiao was shocked.

”Tangxiao, she may endanger Suyan. ” Linda interrupted.

”Shut up! ” Lu Tangxiao said to Linda.
He was annoyed with Linda just now.
Her friend was having a critical moment just now but she could throw some irresponsible remarks.

Linda was looked wronged at Lu Tangxiao.
She did not expect him to say something like that to her.

”Even though she is the new doctor, I believe her.
You should see how she has worked just yet. ” Lu Tangxiao said.

”That ’s right.
She is very proficient in doing her job. ”

She is not a quack doctor. ”

Their friends seemed to be convinced by Lu Tangxiao.
What a charisma person, Yu Qi thought.

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”The paramedics has arrived. ” The person that went down to call for help came back and shouted.

”Thank goodness.
The help is finally here. ” Yu Qi relieved.

”What is the matter? ” The paramedic asked.

”This girl is having a deep neck infection.
She needs to go to the hospital immediately. ” Yu Qi explained the current situation.

”Doctor Tang? ” The paramedics was shocked to see Yu Qi here.

”You know me? ” Yu Qi looked at the paramedic.
”We can talk later.
Right now, we need to transfer the patient as fast as we can. ”

”Yes, Doctor Tang. ” The paramedics began their work.

”We need to be careful in climbing down while transferring the patient. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yes, Doctor Tang. ” The paramedic nodded.

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’Aoi, can you stay here for a while? I will come back later. ’ Yu Qi said to Aoi through telepathy.

’Well, even you don ’t come to take me back, I can find my way back to you, Master. ’ Aoi chuckled.

’Don ’t worry.
I still have to come back since my car is here too. ’ Yu Qi also chuckled.

She knew about that since they were bounded in the blood contract.
He could easily find her and she could easily find him.
She actually wanted to take Aoi and bring him in her space but she did not have time for that.

”I will follow you guys from behind.
You guys can go first. ” Lu Tangxiao said.

”Okay. ” His friends nodded.

Lu Tangxiao wanted to go following them too but when he looked at the things that Yu Qi left, he asked his friends to leave first.
He wanted to clean up and return the things to Yu Qi.

Linda who saw Lu Tangxiao had stayed, she also decided to stay back too.
She approached Lu Tangxiao who was currently busy in cleaning up and storing Yu Qi ’s things inside the first aid box that Yu Qi brought.

”Tangxiao, I have something to tell you, ” Linda said.

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”What is this? Tell me quickly. ” Lu Tangxiao did not even look at Linda and was still working.

Linda was hurt when Lu Tangxiao did not even look at her.
However, she ignored the pain.
This was the first time she was alone together with Lu Tangxiao.
She would use this chance nicely.

”There is something that I really want to tell you, Tangxiao.
like you… ” Linda gathered all the courage that she had to tell her feeling to Lu Tangxiao.

She was waiting for Lu Tangxiao to respond to her confession.
However, she waited for long enough but she did not hear anything from Lu Tangxiao.
She opened her eyes and looked at Lu Tangxiao.

Lu Tangxiao looked very surprised like he did not expect that Linda would confess to him.
But his expression changed back to normal.

”I ’m sorry.
You should know that I like someone else. ” Lu Tangxiao left and brought Yu Qi ’s things together with him.

Aoi saw the person brought his master ’s things and followed him.
’Good, Master does not need to climb back here to take the things. ’

Linda was standing lifeless there.

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