She continued again.
”I began to inquire about her condition.
After getting information from her friends, I made my diagnosis.
She was having a deep neck infection.
Her throat swollen, blocking her airway. ”

”I see. ” The doctors nodded and mumbled among them.

”I was thinking to do cricothyroidotomy.
But I did not have the equipment to do it.
So, I thought another method. ” Yu Qi said.

”So, that is the method that you have thought? ” Doctor Bai was looking very shocked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi innocently nodded.

”Amazing. ”

”I have never thought that endotracheal tube could use like that. ”

”This is the first time I am seeing the first aid treatment like that. ”

”I think it is a good first aid treatment that we need to learn. ”

Yu Qi was dumbfounded facing this current situation.
She was blinking several times.

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”Doctor Tang, we have actually never seen this kind of treatment before.
That is why we are excited when we have discovered this. ” Doctor Bai said.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi said.

”Doctor Tang, we have a request for you. ” Doctor Bai suddenly said in a formal tone.

”Yes? ” Yu Qi looked at Doctor Bai.

”Can you teach us the method that has used yesterday? ” Doctor Bai requested.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi did not mind.

Doctor Bai and other doctors heard this and smiled at each other.

”We will arrange a day for you to teach the method.
Other doctors that want to join can join too. ” Doctor Bai told Yu Qi about the arrangement that he wanted to do.

”I think I should just teach the method to you and you can teach other doctors. ” Yu Qi thought it was a suitable way.

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You should teach them directly.
You know the method.
If questions raised, you can answer right away. ” Doctor Bai said.

Yu Qi thought for a moment.
”Well, if you insisted. ”


For the next day, Yu Qi became the trainer for the session after doing her morning round.
The session was held for one hour for the next five days.
If the doctor was free, they could join the session.

Yu Qi thought that it would empty on the first day since usually, none one wanted a first year resident to teach them.
However, she was mistaken.
Her session was full.
There were a lot of questions which had been asked in the session.

Yu Qi asked one of the participants.
Why were the doctors coming for the session? He told her that Doctor Bai spoke greatly about her method and they should learn it.
Doctor Bai was one of the anesthesiologist doctors who had great influence in this hospital, so they believed in him.
That was why they came and learned the method from her.

Min Gu Su and Ah Kean also joined the session.
They were so impressed with the method that Yu Qi taught.
Like Doctor Bai, Min Gu Su would also never think that endotracheal tube could be used like that.

As for Ji Suk Ye, she did not bother to join it.
At first, she was happy when she knew that Yu Qi had been summoned by other doctors.
She thought that Yu Qi would get punished for something but who knew that she had been praised and even given the opportunity of giving the lectures to other doctors.

Yu Qi began to be famous again.
This time was for a better reason unlike before.
Other first year residents in other departments started to look for her and asked about the medical treatment.

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Of course, Yu Qi was not stingy about her knowledge.
If she knew about the question that people asked her, she would answer it.
Otherwise, she just told them to go to someone that had more knowledge about it.

It was a normal day for Yu Qi.
She just finished her work for today.
So, she returned home in the evening.
When she returned home, she saw that someone had just moved into the house beside her.

She did not pay much attention to them.
However, someone called her when she was about to open the door, someone called her name.

”Yu Qi. ”

Yu Qi knew that voice.
She turned around and saw a familiar face.
”Brother Xia. ” She was surprised to see him here.

”How are you? ” Qin Xia approached closer to Yu Qi.

I ’m fine.
How about you? Oh, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi threw questions to Qin Xia.

Qin Xia smirked when he had been asked those questions.
He looked at the people who were moving the furniture into the next house.
”As you can see. ”

”You mean you are the one who has moved in? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”Yeah. ” Qin Xia nodded.

”Eh? Why? Wait for a second.
Where is your previous house? ” To think about, Yu Qi never knew where Qin Xia ’s house was.

Before this, they just met coincidently somewhere.
Well, it was a coincidence for Yu Qi but not for Qin Xia.
He had arranged it and made the situation like they were meeting coincidently.

”Do you have dinner yet? ” Qin Xia asked.

”Not yet. ” Yu Qi answered.
It was the truth since she usually cooks at home for her dinner unless she needed to stay for on call duty.

”Well then, do you mind if I invite you for dinner tonight? ” Qin Xia invited Yu Qi.

Min Liang who stood not far behind his boss opened his eyes widely.
He was immediately cheering for his boss.
’Go for it, Boss…
Go for it, Boss… ’

”Why not? Let ’s go. ” Yu Qi agreed.

’Nice! ’ Min Liang smiled happily like Yu Qi was agreeing to have dinner with him.
Well, he was just happy for his boss.

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”Complete the work.
I want them to be completed when I ’m returning. ” Qin Xia gave the order to Min Liang.

”Yes, Mr Qin. ” Min Liang nodded.
’He wants to abandon me. ’

Qin Xia glared sharply to Min Liang.
Min Liang gulped.
He bowed and left them.

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