”I have come here with a friend.
Madam, please watch your language. ” Yu Qi warned the middle aged woman.

”What can you do to me, huh? Just a poor girl wants to threaten me. ” The middle aged woman sneered.
She remembered that Ji Suk Ye told her that this girl in front of her just came from a humble background.

”She can ’t but I can. ” A deep voice interrupted them.

All of them turned to that voice.
The voice belonged to a handsome man.
He was staring sharply to others making everyone felt the pressure.

”What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You have gone for a long time.
So, I have come out to find you.
And see an interesting thing. ” Qin Xia patted Yu Qi ’s head.

Then he turned to Ji Suk Ye and the middle aged couple.
”Call your manager right now. ” He talked to the nearby waiter.

Yu Qi was blinking several times.
When Qin Xia patted her head just now, she felt something familiar about it.
She was sure that Qin Xia never pats her head before.
She was wondering why was she feeling like this.

”Huh? Okay.
Okay. ” The waiter nodded and ran away.

”See, you have already seduced another man. ” The middle aged woman pointed to Qin Xia.

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Ji Suk Ye was shocked to see this man.
This man did not lose to Yu Qi ’s boyfriend.
She clenched her fists.
’How can she get to know all the handsome man? This is not fair. ’ She glared at Yu Qi.

Qin Xia and Yu Qi just kept silent when hearing the words from the middle aged woman.

Not long after that, the manager arrived at the scene.
He was particularly shocked when he saw Qin Xia here.
’Who is the one who has annoyed the devil? ’

”Mr Qin, what has happened here? ” The manager asked respectfully to Qin Xia.

Ji Suk Ye and the middle aged couple were dumbfounded as they saw the manager acted respectfully to the man.
They had come to this hotel, this restaurant several times before.
So, they knew the manager here would not act like this.

”Ban them from entering this hotel and this restaurant. ” Qin Xia ordered the manager.

”Yes, Mr.
Qin. ” The manager obeyed the order.

”Who are you to ban us? ” The middle aged woman shouted angrily.

”He is the owner. ” The manager answered on behalf of Qin Xia.

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”What??? He…
Owner? ” The middle aged woman paled.

The middle aged man also became pale.
Ji Suk Ye also shocked.
’This man is the owner? ’

”And also check this man.
Ban him.
If he also has any companions, ban them too. ” Qin Xia said in such a domineering tone while pointing to the drunken man that just knock out over there.

”What a reverse plot.
That girl really doesn ’t know that drunken man. ”

Meaning another girl wants to ruin the girl ’s reputation. ”

She is jealous of that girl. ”

”That is why people say that the woman ’s jealousy is dangerous. ”

”What are you waiting for? Please leave.
Otherwise, don ’t blame us to be rude. ” The manager said to Ji Suk Ye and the middle aged couple.

Ji Suk Ye already felt embarrassed with this quickly left the place followed by her auntie and uncle.

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Qin Xia and Yu Qi already returned to their room.

”I ’m sorry for making you experience this, in my restaurant Qin Xia said in the regretful tone.

”Brother Xia, no need to apologize to me.
It is not your fault. ” Yu Qi quickly stopped Qin Xia.

”But… ” Qin Xia wanted to argue more.

”Even not here, that woman just want to ruin my reputation.
So, as I have said, no need for you to feel guilty about that. ” Yu Qi smiled again.

”Okay. ” Qin Xia nodded.

”By the way, if you have time, can we have another dinner together again? ” Qin Xia asked carefully.

Why not? ” Yu Qi agreed.

While in the space…

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Bo Ya was watching the outside world using Yu Qi ’s eyes.

”What do you think that man will do if he knows that the Master is having dinner with another man? ” Bo Ya asked Aoi that just beside him laying around.

”I bet he will be mad, ” Aoi replied.

I think so too. ” Bo Ya nodded after giving a few thought.

”Humph!!! That man…
If he is getting angry with our master, I will support our master. ” Aoi stood up.

”That man is pretty scary when he is mad.
Can you handle it? ” Bo Ya raised his eyebrow.

Aoi imagined about Long Hui ’s face.
He shivered.
’That man is indeed a scary man. ’ However, for the sake of his master, he would stand up against that scary man.

”I will preserve it. ” Aoi nodded.

If he makes a move on our master here, I will stand together with you.
If that happens outside, I need to count on you about this matter. ” Bo Ya also nodded.

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The two of them did not realize that their beloved master was already behind them when they were so grossed in their conversation.

Yu Qi could catch some of their conversations.
It seemed they were talking about her and that scary man was Long Hui.
They seemed to protect her from Long Hui in case Long Hui was jealous.

Yu Qi laughed.
Then her two little cuties realized that their master was already in.

”Master. ” Both of them were lingering around them.

”Are you hungry? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes!!! ” Both of them answered at the same time excited.

I will cook something for you. ” Yu Qi said.

The two little cuties were happy as they helped Yu Qi prepared the ingredients.

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