The next day, Yu Qi went to the hospital as usual.
When she just about to start her morning round, the nurse informed her that after her morning round, Ji Tein Lei, wanted to see her in his office room.

Yeah, Ji Tein Lei was Ji Suk Ye ’s uncle.
The uncle that Ji Suk Ye always boasted about.
He probably wanted to talk about the last night incident.

Yu Qi thanked the nurse that passed the message.
Then she went to do her morning round.
After about two hours, she finally finished her duty.
Then she went to the meeting room to re-arrange the notes that she wrote during the morning round.

Ah Kean and Min Gu Su were there too.
She greeted them and took her seat and started doing her work.

However, her work was stopped when someone opened the door roughly and the door made a sound.
Three of them in the meeting room that just looking down at their work, lifted the face and took a look at the source of the sound.

In front of them, there was Ji Suk Ye with a trademark face, an angry face.
She walked straight away to Yu Qi.

”What are you doing here? ” Ji Suk Ye asked when she stopped in front of Yu Qi.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi tilted her head, did not understand what Ji Suk Ye meant about that.

Ah Kean and Min Gu Su were already looking at each other.
Actually, they thought it was ridiculous for Ji Suk Ye when she asked something that was totally obvious.

”Doing my work, of course. ” Yu Qi answered Ji Suk Ye as she thought Ji Suk Ye acted an idiot.

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”Has someone passed you the message telling you that my uncle wants to meet you? ” Ji Suk Ye said.

”I have. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Then, why don ’t you go? ” Ji Suk Ye questioned Yu Qi like a madman.

”I ’m still haven ’t finish my morning round. ” Yu Qi sighed.

”Haven ’t finish yet? Then, why are you here? ” The more Ji Suk Ye talked to Yu Qi, the more Ji Suk Ye felt angry.
Not to mention, the last night incident.

”Doctor Ji, go through patient ’s files are the part of it.
One more to go, then I will go to meet your uncle, okay. ” Yu Qi already ignored Ji Suk Ye and went through the last patient ’s files and wrote something.

Ji Suk Ye clenched her fists.
Seeing Yu Qi did not want to talk anymore, she stormed out from the meeting room.
Without Ji Suk Ye in the meeting room, the peace was restored.

After fifteen minutes later, Yu Qi finished her work.
She stood up and decided to go to Ji Tein Lei ’s room as per requested.

”Doctor Tang, will you go and see Mr.
Ji? ” Ah Kean asked.

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He was quite worried about that.
He was behind Yu Qi when the nurse passed the message.
Ah Kean knew about Ji Tein Lei ’s behaviour.
The other male doctors talked among themselves about Ji Tein Suk.

”No need to worry about me.
I will be fine. ” Yu Qi just walked as she went to the Ji Tein Lei ’s office room.

Just outside Ji Tein Lei ’s room, Yu Qi saw there was a lady that currently taken care of her nails.

”Miss, I have been called by Mr.
Ji, can I enter his room? ” Yu Qi said politely.

The lady looked up and saw Yu Qi.
She stopped doing that she currently doing and called Ji Tein Lei.

Ji, there is a female doctor who wants to meet you. ” The lady asked.

Then, she became quiet for a few second.
I will ask her to enter quickly. ” The lady ended the call.
”You may enter now. ” Right after she stopped talking, she returned to do what she stopped just now.

Yu Qi entered after hearing the voice telling her to enter the room.
As she entered the room, her eyes were greeted by a faltering face and an annoyed face.

”Doctor Tang, it is a pleasure to meet you again. ” Ji Tein Lei said with a smile.

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Ji, just tell me what do you want from me? ” Yu Qi did not want to waste any of her time here.

”Well, then, I will ask directly. ” Ji Tein Lei said.
”Doctor Tang, can you talk to yesterday ’s man to lift up the ban that he has put on us? ”

”No, that matter is out of my range. ” Yu Qi refused.

”Doctor Tang, you need to think.
I can help you with the hospital ’s matter.
It is not a losing deal for you. ” Ji Tein Lei wanted Yu Qi to consider more.

”No need for that.
I can handle it myself.
Or you can leave the help for your niece.
She really needs that. ” Yu Qi replied.

”You!!! My uncle has already lowered himself to you.
Do you want him to kneel down and kowtow to you? ” Ji Suk Ye ’s anger exploded when seeing Yu Qi did not give in to her uncle ’s request.

”To tell you, he can do whatever he wants.
Kneel down or kowtow or whatever you want to do.
I don ’t have a final word for this.
If you want to reverse the ban, go and beg the man who has put the ban on you. ” Yu Qi smirked.

Ji Tein Lei ’s expression changed.
It looked grim right now.
”Are you not afraid that I will make trouble for your work later? ” If flattering was not a good solution, he could change it to threaten.

”Are you sure you want to cause trouble with my work? You can try but don ’t blame me for the ruthlessness. ” Yu Qi just smiled however, her eyes did not.

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She did not wait any longer and went out, leaving the two people in the room dumbfounded with that.

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