Ji Suk Ye got the information about the man from his uncle.
Qin Xia.
That man ’s name was Qin Xia.
What a good name.

The longer she read the information, the desire to make this man hers became very high.
If she could get her hands on this man, she would not need to worry about the money.

That was right.
Money was very important to her.
With money, she could do whatever she wanted.
For the money, she could do anything.

Her parent was normal people that just worked at the farm.
Her father was an older brother to her uncle, Ji Tein Lei.
When her uncle visited her parent when she was twelve, she was very interested to hear the stories about the city since she was coming from the remote area.

Then she asked her uncle whether she could follow him to the city.
Her uncle agreed and also her auntie since they did not have their own children.
Because she was good at coaxing, her auntie liked her around.

However, her parents did not want her to go and leave them.
They wanted her to grow up here with them.
Because of that, she argued with her parents.

Of course, her parent was on the losing side.
Her uncle and her auntie supported her.
They told her parent that it was a good thing for her to come and live with them.
They could provide a good life for her.

Thinking that their daughter would have a good life, her parent agreed that their daughter went with her uncle.
Her mother was crying very badly when she was leaving.
She coaxed her mother that she would come back sometimes to see them.

However, she could count with her fingers how many times she went back to that remote area.
For the first and second year, her parent always wanted to see her once in years but after her mother gave birth to another child, they did not force her to return.
Enough with a phone call.

Qin Xia.
This man, she needed to have him.
A president of multiple companies under him.
She would seduce him and had him wrapped around her fingers.

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She read the information and remembered it nicely.
It might a good thing if she had this desire for her job.

Actually, she did not care much about becoming the doctor.
It was her auntie that told her to be a doctor.
Because she was afraid that she would be throw away, she went to university to be a doctor even though she did not interest to be a doctor.


The day for Yu Qi to enter the surgery theatre again was here.
As usual, before entering the surgery theatre, there were some regulations to be followed.
Both of Yu Qi and Min Gu Su followed the regulations.

The surgery led by Professor Xian and would be assisted by Doctor Hu.
After completing the regulations, the surgery would be started.

As for today ’s surgery, the patient would be having a knee replacement revision surgery.
It was a surgery that needed to be performed when a knee replacement no longer functioned correctly.
So, revision surgery was required.
During this procedure, Professor Xian needed to replace the old device with a new one.

Revision surgery was not something to take lightly.
It was more complicated than a primary (or initial) total knee replacement (TKR) and entailed many of the same risks.

A revision procedure was typically more complex than the original knee replacement surgery because the surgeon needed to remove the original implant, which would have grown into the existing bone.

Yu Qi paid a lot of attention to the surgery.
The surgery was doing very well.
All the people in the theatre played their roles.

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Out of sudden, Doctor Hu fainted.
Everyone in the theatre was shocked.
The person standing beside Doctor Hu quickly took a look at Doctor Hu.
The reason for Doctor Hu fainted was unknown.
So, the person moved Doctor Hu from the surgery table.

Professor Xian frowned.
He needed some assistance here.
The patient might be having some complications if the surgery delayed.

Thinking about the patient, Yu Qi quickly stepped forward to assist Professor Xian.

”Professor Xian, I may assist you. ” Yu Qi offered her help.

”Who are you? ” Professor Xian asked.

”My name is Tang Yu Qi, the first year resident. ” Yu Qi answered it.

Professor Xian remembered that name.
She was a rising doctor.
He heard about this girl.
He attended the training session this has girl conducted.
Thinking the girl in front of him was the doctor, he allowed her to assist him in this surgery since delayed the surgery furthermore would have some complications on the patient ’s condition.

”You will assist me. ” Professor Xian said.

”Yes, Professor. ” Yu Qi nodded while looking at Professor Xian.

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Then the surgery continued again.
Professor Xian operated the patient with Yu Qi ’s assistance.
At first, everyone in the theatre was very worried when the first year resident suddenly offered to assist Professor Xian.

However, after a few whiles and looking at her skills, they were relieved.
She looked very experienced when assisting Professor Xian.
Like it was not her first time doing this job.

Eventually, the surgery succeeded.
Even though the surgery had some problems like Doctor Hu ’s fainting incident, in the end, everything was okay.

After stepping out of the theatre, Professor Xian called her and asked a question.

”Have you assisted in the operation before? ” Professor Xian asked.
He could tell from this operation.
This first year resident was very familiar in doing the operation.
Her assistance was very excellent.

”Yes, I have. ” Yu Qi answered shortly.

”I see. ” Professor Xian nodded.
’No wonder…. ’

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