Her name once again became a topic in the hospital due to her brilliant assistance in the surgery.
It did not come from any doctor but Professor Xian himself.
Even that was back up with the people who were involved in that surgery.
Yu Qi became the rising doctor in the hospital.


After doing the normal round, Yu Qi sat in the meeting room with Ah Kean and Min Gu Su as usual.
They were discussing about the surgery that Ah Kean and Min Gu Su went last night.

Out of sudden, a nurse ran into the meeting room in a panicked expression.
The nurse approached Yu Qi.

”Doctor Tang, you should come and follow it.
It is chaos right now.
Come… ” The nurse said in a short breath.

It was clear that she was running to come to the meeting room.

”Calm down.
Breathe properly.
Then tell me what has happened, making you become so panicked. ” Yu Qi asked the nurse to calm down.

The nurse followed the instruction given.
After she was a little bit calmed down, Yu Qi inquired.
The nurse began to talk about what had happened.

”Someone is blaming you.
Telling others that you have harmed her son. ” The nurse told her.

Yu Qi, Ah Kean and Min Gu Su were very shocked hearing this.

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”I need to go and take a look at this case. ” Yu Qi said.
”Bring me there. ” She asked the nurse.

Ah Kean and Min Gu Su also followed them.
They arrived at the place.
They could hear that a woman was screaming and crying while telling others that a doctor wanted to kill her son.

A group of doctors were there to calm down the woman.
But still, the woman was crying loudly and made the noise.

The woman ’s eyes suddenly caught Yu Qi that just entered the door.
She was sitting on the floor just now stood and ran to Yu Qi.
Thank goodness that Ah Kean and Min Gu Su held the woman back before she could reach Yu Qi.

”Let me go…
Let me go…
Why do you harm my son? Why!!!! ” The woman screamed at Yu Qi.

One of the nurses called the security team to hold the woman afraid that she might cause injury to others.

The woman was still screaming and shouting at Yu Qi.
She asked Yu Qi the question many times, why Yu Qi wanted to harm her son.

”The rising doctor is making a mistake? ” Ji Suk Ye sneered.

Yu Qi ’s expression did not change.
She went to the doctor that checked the woman ’s son and asked some questions.

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”What happened? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Did you prescribe some pain relief to him? ” The doctor asked Yu Qi back.

He just check-in yesterday with a broken ankle.
I treated the injury and prescribe some pain relief to him. ” Yu Qi explained to the doctors.

”What kind of pain relief that you prescribe to him? ”

”Combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. ” Yu Qi swiftly answered that.
”You may check his file. ” She added.

”Indeed, I remembered that. ” The nurse that happened doing her duty with Yu Qi yesterday acknowledged that.

”We need to investigate this matter furthermore. ” The doctor said.

Other doctors nodded.
They looked at Yu Qi.

”So, Doctor Tang, you will be suspended from your duty until the matter is clear. ” The doctor said.

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Yu Qi was calm even she received the suspension.
Usually, some of them would act aggressively after getting suspended without anything.

”I hope the matter becomes clear later. ” Yu Qi accepted the suspension.

She threw a look at Ji Suk Ye and smiled icily to her.
Seeing that from Yu Qi, Ji Suk Ye shivered.
She will never know. ’

The matter became widely spread in the hospital.
Those who did not know Yu Qi much would say that Yu Qi became arrogant because she was getting the praise from others and that led her to the mistake in prescribing the wrong medicine to the patient.

However, those who worked with her before knew how was she doing her works.
She was very careful about handling the patients and medicine.

Because of that, Doctor Cai, Doctor Lan, Doctor Lai, Doctor Bai, as well, Professor Xian worked on this matter.
They investigated from different aspects.

The patient had a brain damage.
After taking several blood tests, they finally knew what caused the brain damage.
It was due to the overdose drug.

In his blood, they found many types of drugs.
They were totally shocked.
Some of the drugs were a higher concentration that been allowed in the blood.

The drugs were morphine, codeine, oxycodone (Oxycontin), and hydrocodone (Vicodin).
It was Opioid Pain Medication, used in pain relief as well.
Usually, served as pain relief after surgery.

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There were also acetaminophen and ibuprofen in his blood.
This combination of drugs damaged the brain.
It was the cause of it.

From there, they investigated where and how the drugs got into his body.
From what Yu Qi had told them, she prescribed acetaminophen and ibuprofen to the patient as the pain relief for his broken ankle.
The amount found in his blood was enough to serve as the pain relief for the broken ankle.

However, for the opioid pain medication, they did not know how it got into the patient ’s body.
Doctor Lai then mentioned.
Only the hospital could accthat kindse kind of drug.

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