From that clue, they separated into to two teams.
One would go to check the CCTV.
There should be CCTV ’s where the room that had access to those drugs.
A normal person would never have the access for the room unless the hospital ’s staff itself.

And also there was a CCTV in the wad where the patient was staying.
It might capture the person that administered the drugs into the patient ’s body.

However, the clues ended.
On that day, the CCTV at the drug ’s room was broken.
As for the CCTV in the wad captured nothing indifferent about the patient.

As for another team, they investigated the drug ’s room itself.
They found out that amount of the drugs stored in the drug ’s room did not match the written amount in the doc.u.ment.

Meaning someone had been stealing it.
The missing amount of the drug matched the amount found in the patient body.
Even though they found this information but it still did not help in clearing Yu Qi ’s name.

Snow: ”I need your help. ”

Shiro: ”What is it? ”

Snow: ”Investigate this person.
Everything about him, his family, his finance.
Oh, his parent ’s finance too.
Send the information as soon as possible. ”

Shiro: ”Roger. ”

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After sending the message to Han Baixe, Yu Qi returned home.
It was just four p.m.
in the evening.
Yu Qi usually got off from her work on seven p.m.
in the evening.

She felt weird all the sudden when she suddenly got off from the work this early.
She sighed.

”Yu Qi. ” A deep voice called her name.

She knew that voice.
It belonged to her neighbour, Qin Xia.

”It is rare to see you come home this early. ” Qin Xia said.

”I just feel my body is tired.
So, I take a week off. ” Yu Qi made a lie.

She did not want to trouble Qin Xia with her trouble.

”I see.
Then, we can have dinner together today. ” Qin Xia invited Yu Qi.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded accepting the invitation.

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”I will be cooking. ” Qin Xia ’s words surprised Yu Qi.

”Brother Xia, you can cook? ” Yu Qi asked.

I ’m living by myself.
So, I know how to cook. ” Qin Xia smiled.

”I have thought you just used to eat outside. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Of course not.
My junior sister always nags me, telling me not to be lazy to cook.
I have learned cooking from her. ” Qin Xia looked at Yu Qi with a sad lingering feeling.

At the same time, Yu Qi also was watching Qin Xia.
When he said something like that, her heart stung.
Just like something pinched her heart.
However, she ignored it.

”Well, then, I will be waiting for your cooking. ” Yu Qi said something to ignore the sting.

You can come to my house at 8 p.m.
By the way, you can bring your dog too.
I will cook for him too. ” Qin Xia told her.

”Oh, okay.
See you later. ” Yu Qi waved her hand and entered her house.

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”Master, where are we going? ” Aoi asked.

Yu Qi just woke up from her napping after hours of doing things.
She spent her time working on recovering the CCTV at Guanying Hospital.

Having the same thinking with the investigation team at the hospital, she was investigating the CCTVs in the hospital.
She knew that someone just used her patient to mess with her.
Framing her would be taint in her resume.

Her hands danced across the keyboard.
She was hacking Guanying Hospital ’s CCTV system.
It was not difficult breaking into the system.
Not less on 20 minutes, she succeed.

She went to review the CCTV at the wad where the patient stayed.
At first glance, there was nothing wrong with the video.
Everything seemed very normal.
However, after reviewing many times, she noticed something.

There were several loops in the video.
The video already being edited.
It was a piece of clear evidence that someone wanted to harm her.

But Yu Qi only smiled.
It was a child play.
Within 15 minutes, she restored the original video of the CCTV.
She went through the video.
She got it.

In the video, around 11 p.m.
in the night, the mother of the patient, the one that accused Yu Qi visited the patient.
The patient was totally woke up at that moment.

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He could be seen talking to his mother.
Probably asking for the water.
His mother then took out something from her bag.
It was some kind of pills.

The mother poured a glass of water and put all the pills into the glass and stirred them until it was dissolved in the water.
She then gave the glass to her son.

The patient took them.
Without waiting furthermore, he drunk the water.
The woman talked to him once again.
Probably asking him to sleep since she forced her son to lay down.
Not long after that, the patient fell into sleep.

Then she called someone.
As for who that she had called, Yu Qi had no idea since the video was the type of the CCTV that did not have audio.

Master… ” Aoi called her many times.

”Oh, sorry, Aoi.
I just do some thinking.
What are you asking for? ” Yu Qi was currently about to wear her clothes asked back to Aoi, his question.

”Where are we going? ” Aoi was excited to go out for tonight.

”We will go to eat. ” Yu Qi smirked.

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