Yu Qi went shopping for her grocery.
The meat stock at the house and in the space already used up.
She needed to pile up the stock.
She went together with Aoi.

Before that, she walked across the dress shop.
She did not even think to enter the shop.
Out of sudden, her walk was blocked by someone.

”You dare to come out after harming someone? Don ’t you have some shame as a doctor? ” The person talked to Yu Qi was Ji Suk Ye.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
However, she did not reply to Ji Suk Ye.

Ji Suk Ye gulped when she saw the look on Yu Qi ’s face.
Then when she was thinking that she was in the public place, she relieved.
Yu Qi could not do anything to her here.

If Yu Qi tried to do something to her, she would shout and reveal everything here.
That way, Yu Qi would be a shame here and she would be saved from Yu Qi.

Seeing Yu Qi did not move at all, Ji Suk Ye finally gave her thought.
”I can help you. ”

Yu Qi tilted her head confusing by what Ji Suk Ye wanted to tell her.

”I can help you clear your name in one condition. ” Ji Suk Ye continued, ”Introduce me to the man with you in the hotel on that night and give me his phone number. ”

Yu Qi once again tilted her head again.
She was so confusing even Ji Suk Ye could read her expression.

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”The man with you on that night.
The handsome one.
I want you to introduce me to him.
And I will help you clear your name.
It is a good offer to you, isn ’t it? ” Ji Suk Ye ’s expression right now looked like she was expecting something from Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was amused this time.
Ji Suk Ye took a liking to Qin Xia.
’Brother Hui, your looks are not attracting to Ji Suk Ye.
I don ’t know how to feel right now, happy or sad. ’

”It is a good offer for you. ” Ji Suk Ye said.

Ji Suk Ye wanted to use Yu Qi.
Yu Qi had a good relationship with Qin Xia.
Instead of approaching Qin Xia by herself, it would be better to use someone who Qin Xia was familiar with.

Yu Qi still did not say anything.
However, the corner of her lips curved up, feeling amused with Ji Suk Ye.

”Hey, speak something. ” Ji Suk Ye said to Yu Qi because she saw Yu Qi did not reply anything at all.

It is a good offer. ” Yu Qi smiled.

When Ji Suk Ye heard Yu Qi said that, she was assuming that Yu Qi was agreeing on her condition but the next sentence made Ji Suk Ye felt more anger.

”I will never let someone like you who have some bad intentions approach him.
I think the hospital management team will help me.
So, Doctor Ji, no need for your effort to help me.
It is better for you to put the efforts into your work. ” Yu Qi ended talking and left Ji Suk Ye directly.

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Ji Suk Ye was dumbfounded with Yu Qi ’s response.
She was good enough to help Yu Qi to get her out from this problem.
But not only Yu Qi rejected her and embarrassed her like that.
She was very angry.

After calming down, Ji Suk Ye called her uncle.

Ji Suk Ye: ”Hello, uncle. ”

Ji Tein Lei: ”Yeah, what is this? ”

Ji Suk Ye: ”May I know, the problem regarding Doctor Tang, how is the investigation progress right? ”

Ji Tein Lei: ”Suk Ye, don ’t worry about that.
They can ’t prove her innocence.
She will be banned and can never become a doctor anymore. ”

Ji Suk Ye: ”Okay, Uncle.
Bye. ”

The call ended.
Ji Tein Lei was in the management team of the hospital.
Of course, her uncle knew the progress of the investigation.
From her uncle ’s voice, he had absolute confidence that they would succeed this time.

Ji Suk Ye smirked.
’Tang Yu Qi, you will regret not to accepting my help. ’

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”Master, is that girl sick? From my understanding, she and her uncle are the ones who have designed this for you. ” Aoi already understood on the things after Bo Ya told him.

”I know.
But without enough evidence, they can still get away from it.
So, even though it may take longer time.
Without enough evidence, they can not run away anymore. ” Yu Qi explained.

”I see… ” Aoi was nodding.

”Sister Doctor! ’ ’

Yu Qi heard someone shouted the word ’sister ’ but she did not pay any attention to that and walked again.
However, the next moment, she felt someone grabbed her leg.

Yeah, someone.
It was a kid.
The kid looked at her.
His eyes were excited to see her again.

”Little San? ” Yu Qi called his name.

That was right.
It was the Little Young Master Yi, Little San.

”I ’m happy that Sister Doctor remembers me. ” Little San smiled sweetly to Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi squat down in front of Little San patting his head while asking him, ”Are you alone? ”

”No, I ’m with Mom. ” Little San said.
He leaned over and whispered.
”And with our bodyguard. ”

Yu Qi looked around.
She saw several men with normal attire while looking at Litte San.
She understood.

”Then, where is your mom? ” Yu Qi asked.

Little San pointed to one direction.
”There. ” And he shouted.
”Mom. ”

Madam Yi quickly went to her son.
”Little San, don ’t run like that again.
It is dangerous. ”

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