The old man had stepped back when he looked in the bathroom.
The scarred man felt weird when saw his boss stepped back.
Then what was appeared in his sight totally made him dumbfounded.
The girl that he had kidnapped was currently pointing a gun at his boss.
He wanted to protect his boss but was stopped from doing so because the girl did something that made him and the other bodyguards shocked when they saw it.

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The girl pulled the trigger and shot.
The bullet grazed the old man ’s cheek and because of that, blood appeared in its trail.
Then they could hear the girl ’s voice that was so cold it made them all shiver.
It was a voice thaseemsem to come from the pits of hell, inviting them to enter the door of purgatory.

”That was a warning shot.
I can shoot you right through your heat if you want, and you will die instantly.
However, I don ’t want to do that right now.
We need to have a talk, you and I, will you? ” The girl asked.

The scarred man could see that this girl appeared very calm while talking about shooting a human through the heart.
She looked like a professional when holding the gun.
Who was this girl?

”Old man, tell your men not to do anything stupid.
I would hate for you to lose your life by my hands due to their stupidity. ” The girl ’s voice sounded again.

The men, who were about to do something, froze when they heard the warning from the girl.
The old man signaled for his men not to do anything.

”Who are you? ” The old man asked.

Yu Qi suddenly laughed when she heard that question coming from the old man.
She was supposed to ask the old man about that instead.

”Old man, that is my question.
So, can you tell me, who are you? And the most important thing, why did you bring me here? ” Yu Qi did not put her gun down, it was still pointing at the old man.
She would not let her guard down for even a second.

The old man could not answer those simple questions.
How could he tell her the truth when she had a gun pointed at his head? She might send him directly to hell if she found out the truth.

”Just tell me the truth, otherwise… ” Yu Qi made her finger move around the gun.

”Wait! I will tell you.
I fell for your beauty so I want to… ” The old man did not want to finish his sentence.

”To what? ”

The room was silent.

”To what? ” This time, Yu Qi shouted.

”To fuck you. ” The old man answered when she shouted like that at him.
He did not know why he was so fearful of that young girl.

The room once again fell to silence.

”How did you find out about me? ” Yu Qi asked.

The old man felt he was being interrogated.

”I know a woman named Wang Fu Ya.
She was the one that told me about you. ” The old man answered.

”I see.
That woman never learns from her past.
Looks like I need to do some house cleaning. ”

When the men heard about that, they knew that this girl in front of them was not a normal young girl.

’BANG. ’ Yu Qi pulled the trigger.

The old man was horrified by what happened.
He was so scared that he was sitting down quietly right now.
The old man turned back slowly and saw one of his bodyguards laying down with a clean shot through his forehead.

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”I told you not to do anything stupid. ” Yu Qi said after shooting the man.

The scarred man watched the girl ’s expression.
Her face showed nothing.
It was void of emotions as if she did not do anything wrong.
Like she did not just shoot a man in cold blood.
Now he had confirmed that this girl was not a normal girl.
A normal girl would not have the ability to shoot like this.

Yu Qi was informed by Bo Ya that one of the bodyguards was planning to shoot her from her blind spot.
She made a quick decision and pulled the trigger.

”All of you get out of this room.
Leave this old man.
Get out now! Otherwise, I will shoot again. ” Yu Qi ordered.

All of them went out.
Only the old remained inside the room.

”Stand up and turn around. ” Now Yu Qi was ordering the old man.

The old man stood up and did as she had ordered.
Yu Qi then placed her gun right on the old man ’s back.

”I want to leave.
It is the only way. ” Yu Qi pushed the old man.

They were getting the room.
The bodyguards were cautious when they saw the girl behind their boss.
They knew that there was a gun behind their boss ’s back.

’Master, I can feel I ’m getting closer to you.
I arrived at some gate.
It looks like a house. ’ Aoi asked.

’ Yes.
That is the place. ’ Yu Qi answered.

One of the bodyguards saw Yu Qi was not paying much attention, so he moved to the old man ’s side and pulled the old man out from the girl ’s range.

”Brother, now. ” That bodyguard shouted.

The other bodyguards started to pull out their own guns and Yu Qi became alert.
The sound of shots could be heard when the bodyguards started shooting in the girl ’s direction after confirming that their boss was safe.

Yu Qi quickly ran into the room to take cover.

”Young girl, you should give up now.
With our numbers, you don ’t stand a chance of winning.
Besides, you can not use the gun anymore because you will quickly run out of bullets, ” one of the bodyguards told Yu Qi.

”Don ’t kill that girl.
Capture her alive! Just make it so she can not move.
This time I will definitely fuck her and give her to you to enjoy as well, ” the old man said.
He was very resentful at Yu Qi.
Just now, that girl managed to threaten him.

The bodyguards were excited after hearing that.
In order to enjoy their reward, they had to catch this girl first.

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Hearing the men talking about her like that made Yu Qi ’s blood boil.
’If that is the case, then I will not hold back anymore. ’
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