Wang Fu Ya collided with the trolley.
Because the trolley had scalpels and other instruments on it, some of the scalpels fell down and cut Wang Fu Ya ’s skin.

”Ahh!!! ” Wang Fu Ya screamed in pain when the scalpels cut her skin.

The nurse was shocked at the loud noise.
She bent down and saw Wang Fu Ya.
”Miss, are you okay? Here, I will tend your wounds. ”

Wang Fu Ya pushed the nurse away.
The nurse fell down and her hand got cut from the scalpel that on the ground.
She was hissed in pain.
Another nurse that saw this scene and ran to her colleague to help her.

”Are you okay? ”

”Yes. ”

”You tried to help her, but she was ungrateful.
It was her fault for running in the hospital corridor and crashing into your trolley, ” the nurse complained.

Others also thought so too, but Wang Fu Ya did not care about what people thought of her.
She needed to run away.
She tried to stand up even though she felt the pain from all the open cuts.

However, her attempts to get away failed as one of the police officers that was chasing her managed to catch her while another police officer pulled out handcuffs and put them on Wang Fu Ya ’s hand so that she could not run away anymore.

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The onlookers were surprised to see that the girl was handcuffed by the police officers.
They finally understood…
This was the reason why she was running in the hospital corridor.

”Miss Wang, please don ’t make any more problems, otherwise, we will put another charge on you, ” the police officer said.

”We need to treat her wounds first, ” the other police officer said to his colleague.

”Yeah. ”

They then brought Wang Fu Ya to see a doctor to treat her wound first before going to the police station.
Madam Wang saw this and became angry.

”You bastard! What are you doing to my daughter? Even though you want to catch her, you can not do this to her. ” Madam Wang shouted at the police officers.

”Madam, this is not our doing.
She crashed into a trolley that had some scalpels on it.
When they collided, the scalpels fell down and cut her skin, ” the police officer tried to explain.

But Madam Wang did not want to believe it.
”I don ’t believe you.
It must be your doing to catch her. ”

The onlookers around felt that this old woman was unbelievable.
She was accusing the police officers of doing something that they clearly did not do.
After all, it was all her daughter ’s fault that she ended up like that.

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”Madam, the police officer told you the truth.
All of us here were witnesses to what happened.
We saw this girl running and crashed the trolley pushed by this nurse.
In the end, she fell down and scalpels cut her skin, ” one of the onlookers said.

”Shut up! Don ’t interfere! It is my family ’s matter! ” Madam Wang shouted to the onlooker that spoke just now.

The onlookers now felt this old woman was completely unreasonable.

”Madam Wang, please don ’t stop us from doing our job, otherwise, we will be forced to arrest you as well, ” the police officer said in a stern tone.
He did not want to speak nicely anymore with this old woman.

Madam Wang felt scared when she heard this.
She could not be caught by the police officers.
Who would take care of Wang Yu Jin if she got caught? She could not let that happen so she could only become quiet.

The police officers saw that Madam Wang did not fight back, they escorted Wang Fu Ya out of the room.

”Mum, don ’t let them take me! ” Wang Fu Ya screamed at her mother.

However, her mother, who at the beginning fought the police officers, silently let the police officers bring her away.

”Mum, mum…!!! ” Wang Fu Ya screamed loudly in the hospital.

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The police officer pushed Wang Fu Ya to walk quickly so that she would not disturb others with her loud voice.
While the other police officer apologized to the hospital staff for this matter.

You can not arrest me.
I don ’t do anything wrong. ” Wang Fu Ya said pitifully.

”Miss Wang, we have a warrant for your arrest, you have the right to remain silent.
Everything you say can and will be used in the court, ” the police officer reminded Wang Fu Ya.

Hearing the police officer mention the court, Wang Fu Ya closed her mouth.
’What happened here? I don ’t do anything wrong! Wait, did you find out that the kidnapping was related to me? That is impossible! ’ Wang Fu Ya thought about all the possibilities as to why she was arrested today.

The police officers brought Wang Fu Ya to see the doctor tended her wound.
The cuts that she got from the scalpels were not deep, but there were a lot of them.
There were some on her hands, and on her legs, but luckily for her, there were no cuts on her face.

After the doctor tended her wounds, the police officers brought Wang Fu Ya to the car and drove away from the hospital.
Wang Fu Ya thought they would go to the nearby police station.
However, they passed the police station.

”Wait! Where are you bringing me to? You already passed the police station! You are not police officers, right? You are just disguised as police officers to kidnap me, right? ” Wang Fu Ya shouted to the police officers.

The police officers looked at each other and rolling their eyes.
This girl ’s brain was very creative.
She could imagine something like that.

”Miss Wang, we are real police officers, ” one of the police officers tried to talk to Wang Fu Ya.

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”You said you will bring me to the police station? But you just passed the police station, clearly, you are lying. ” Wang Fu Ya said.

”Miss Wang, we indeed said that we will bring you to the police station but not the police station here.
We will be going to the police station in Wenta Town because the arrest warrant was issued by the police station there.

”What? Why? ” Wang Fu Ya asked.
She did not remember ever going to Wenta Town.

”You can ask the officer in charge of your case, ” the police officer said as he ended the conversation.

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