”Oh, my…
It is you.
Nice to meet you again, Doctor Tang. ” Madam Yi said after she saw the woman that her son hugged was Yu Qi.

”Nice to meet you again, Madam Yi. ” Yu Qi bowed as she greeted Madam Yi.

”Have you come to buy the groceries too? ” Madam Yi asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Madam Yi knew that she was going to buy the groceries because ahead this path only had a supermarket where people could buy the groceries.

”I have just finished shopping for groceries.
Suddenly I see my son is running like that.
It has made me scared. ” Madam Yi patted her son ’s head.

Little San was still hugging Yu Qi ’s legs.
He did not want to release her legs.

”Little San, you need to release her leg.
Otherwise, your Sister Doctor will trip over. ” Madam Yi said.

Afraid that his Sister Doctor would trip over, Little San quickly released his hold on Yu Qi ’s legs.

”By the way, you are not working today? ” Madam Yi asked.

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Yu Qi stunned for a moment before nodding.
It just happened for a few seconds but Madam Yi caught that.
Something happened to Doctor Tang.
She would find out later.

Little San, say goodbye to your Sister Doctor.
We are returning home. ” Madam Yi said.

Little San changed his expression.
He just met his Sister Doctor and did not spend much time with her.
Now he was leaving.

”Little San, Sister Doctor has something to do.
Next time, we will invite her to our house, okay? ” Madam Yi coaxed her son.

Little San looked at Yu Qi hoping that she would come over to his house.

”I will meet you soon. ” Yu Qi nodded as she smiled and patted his head.

Little San automatically smiled.
Madam Yi and Little San left together with their bodyguards.

Yu Qi went to buy the groceries as she planned to.


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The next day, Yu Qi had been called to come to the hospital after three days of absence.
She was told to go to the conference room number three.

As she stepped in, there were many people inside.
She guessed all of the head departments were here as well as the top management including Director Zheng and Ji Tein Lei as well, were here, in the conference room.

Oh, the mother of the patient also here.
She was silently crying.
People would be thinking that she was badly sad when knowing her son was harmed.

The judgement day had come.
Yu Qi was calmed.
She was not panicked at all.

Ji Tein Lei also looked at Yu Qi.
He smirked as he spoke in his mind by saying, ’This is what you will get since you are not cooperating with me. ’

Somehow right after he finished speaking the sentence, he saw Yu Qi turned over and stared at him.
Her expression looked like she knew something.
She will never know it. ’ He brushed off the matter as he thought that it was a coincidence that Yu Qi looked at him like that.

The door was opened and Qin Xia stepped in with his secretary, Min Liang.
One from the top management asked who he was.

Qin Xia did not answer as his eyes were only on Yu Qi.
Min Liang stepped in and told them who his boss was.
Then Qin Xia was allowed to stay in the conference room.

Director Zheng stood up and started the session.

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”Today, we are gathering here to discuss about Doctor Tang.
On 17th, one of the Doctor Tang ’s patient has been harmed.
In his body, many drugs have been found, leading to organ failure and eventually put the patient in the coma state. ” Director Zheng started talking.

”As for this matter, the investigation team has formed to investigate about this matter.
Professor Guan, please step forward and tell me what have you and your team found. ” Director Zheng asked Professor Guan to take over.

Professor Guan started to explain what they had found.
The missing drug from the drug room, the CCTV, and everything.
It was not good for Yu Qi ’s side.

Qin Xia just listened to the talk without any changes of expression.
On another side, Min Liang was very nervous.
Everything that been talking pointed to Yu Qi as a doctor that harmed her patient.
He looked at Yu Qi.
The woman also was very calm.

”At this point, it is clear that Doctor Tang is the wrong one.
She has administered the wrong medicine to the patient. ” One of the top management said.
He was a good friend of Ji Tein Lei.

”That ’s right.
She should admit it. ” Ji Tein Lei said.

Director Zheng was worried about Yu Qi.
He never thought that Yu Qi would do such a mistake.
However, nothing could prove her innocence.
She should reveal her identity.
That might help her.
Therefore, he kept gave some kind of signs to Yu Qi to notice him.

Yu Qi looked at Director Zheng.
At this moment, he was the only one that knew her identity.
Director Zheng must think that she needed to tell others about her identity.
But she did not plan to reveal anything.

”Mr Ji, you know, if I admit this, I will never become a doctor anymore, right? ” Yu Qi suddenly talked.
And the question was addressed to Ji Tein Lei.

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However, the one who responded to the question was not Ji Tein Lei but his good friend.
Ji Tein Lei was looking surprised when Yu Qi asked him like that.
So, he could not respond on time.

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