Chapter 688: Exposing Him (Part Three)

They decided to call the nurse to the conference room.
As they were waiting for the nurse to come over, Yu Qi took a glance at Ji Tein Lei.

Ji Tein Lei was not talking to his friend anymore unlike before.
He just kept his mouth shut.
Sensing someone was watching him, he looked around and saw Yu Qi was looking at him with a faint smile.
He felt that Yu Qi was mocking him.
Automatically, he clenched his fist.

She will never know it. ’ He kept convinced that.

Then, the nurse showed up.
She was shocked as she saw the people inside the room.
Head of the departments, top management, even people from the military was there.
Then, she began to tremble as she saw Yu Qi.

Yu Qi wore a faint smile on her face.
However, her eyes glared sharply to the nurse as she released her aura to intimidate her.
The nurse fell backwards as she was fearing Yu Qi.

Qin Xia chuckled.
Everyone did not realize that Yu Qi was doing something just now.
But he did.

Min Liang who was beside Qin Xia heard the chuckle.
He assumed that his boss was laughing because the nurse had fallen backwards.

If Qin Xia knew what Min Liang thought, he might be presented with Qin Xia ’s glare.

”Nurse Xei, do you know why have you been called? ” Director Zheng asked.

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Nurse Xei calmed down herself.
They did not know it.
’Calm down.
Calm down. ’ She said to herself before answering the question.

”No. ” Nurse Xei already gained back her confidence.

”Play the video. ” Captain Zu told his subordinate.

Nurse Xei widened her eyes as she saw herself in the video where she entered the drug room.
’Calm down…
Calm down…
I can reverse this. ’

”How about this? ” Nurse Xei asked, playing dumb about this.
”It is normal for the nurse to enter the drug room to take the medicine, right? ”

Professor Xian stood up.
”You told us you entered the drug room to take medicine on that day right? ”

”Yes. ” Nurse Xei nodded.

”Then why your name was not on the record entry? ” Boom!!! A question from Professor Xian made Nurse Xei speechless.

Every entry of the medical personnel that entered the drug room would need to record their entry and the drug that they brought out from the drug room.

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The investigation team already took a look at the record.
Professor Xian himself read the record too.
So, he remembered that there was no record of surname Xei on the record entry list.

I ’m sorry. ” Nurse Xei burst into tear.
She was trembling as she wanted to explain.
”I have been threatened too.
They have asked me to do it otherwise they will kill my mother.
I don ’t have any choice but to obey the order. ”

”Oh, Nurse Xei, haven ’t your mother already died four years ago? Which mother are you referring too? From the information that I have here, you are not married yet.
So you don ’t have a mother in law. ” Ming Xuehai read the file in his file.

Yu Qi looked at Ming Xuehai amusingly.
No wonder Ming Xuehai was a top lawyer in her past life.
He did his homework.
Even Yu Qi did not expect that a nurse played a role in this matter.

Nurse Xei heard the sentence was dumbfounded.
She stopped crying at this moment.
happen? ’

”In fact, you have already received a big amount of money in your account three days ago.
What a coincidence, right? ” Ming Xuehai spoke.

Everyone could hear the mocking tone in his voice.

”Everything here proved that Doctor Tang is innocent in this matter.
A nurse who is thinking about the money will dare to do something like that.
And also a mother who should take care of her own son, wants to get rid of her son by giving the drug which can destroy his life. ” Ming Xuehai said coldly.

Nurse Xei and Madam Lee were already speechless.
They seemed to lose their soul.

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”However, they are only the pawns of the mastermind. ” Ming Xuehai dropped another bomb.

Everyone looked at Ming Xuehai attentively.
’ Does he already know who is the mastermind? ’ That was what appeared in their mind right now.

”Miss Yu Qi, do you want to sue the person? ” Ming Xuehai turned to Yu Qi and asked her.

Yu Qi was totally silent before.
Then she smiled.
”I ’m a good person. ”

When Yu Qi said that, Ji Tein Lei felt relieved.
However, Yu Qi ’s next sentence made him shivered as he saw Yu Qi was staring at him.

”But if someone crosses my limit, I will make them regret once they cross my limit.
So, I will sue him! ” Yu Qi ’s voice was gentle but at the same time, it was powerful.

”Well, then, Mr.
Ji, we will meet each other in the court. ”


Everyone was shocked when Yu Qi said the name.
Only one Mr Ji here in this conference room.

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”Doctor Tang, you can not say something like that without any proof. ” Ji Tein Li ’s friend defended him.

”Do we have enough evidence? ” Yu Qi asked Ming Xuehai.

”Yes. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

Ji Tein Lei had already fallen into the ground.
His expression…
Obviously terrified with all of this.

Ji Tein Lei was quite stupid though.
To use his personal account to transfer the money directly to his pawns.
He also hired a novice hacker to edit the CCTV video and used the same method to pay the hacker.

Ming Xuehai had already caught the hacker.
And he had confessed about that.

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