Another in the management team spoke.
”Doctor Tang, how about we settle this outside the court? ”

”Yeah, that ’s right.
Better settle this outside the court. ” Ji Tein Lei ’s friend nodded.

”Doctor Tang, I ’m willing to pay you to settle this outside the court. ” Ji Tein Lei particularly begged Yu Qi.

”Yeah, the fee to the process is not a small amount of money.
I don ’t think you will have spare money for it. ” Ji Tein Lei ’s friend added.

Yu Qi chuckled.
She was about to speak but someone took her chance.

”If she doesn ’t have money, I can provide it to her. ” Qin Xia was silent from very beginning suddenly spoke up.

Everyone looked at Qin Xia.
They were wondering what the relationship that they had, making the man wanted to just give the money to the woman.

Yu Qi did not say anything about that.
She just smiled as she was agreeing with that.
She knew that Qin Xia only talked like this in front of these people.
Not like he did not know who she was.

”And I will not forget about the two of you? I also will sue you. ” Yu Qi turned to Madam Lee and Nurse Xei.

Madam Lee could not hold anymore.
She fainted on the spot.
While Nurse Xei did not move anymore.
She was staring blankly.

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”I suppose I can get to work again, right? So, I hope it can be announced to clear my name. ” Yu Qi said.
She thought there was not more to continue this.

”Yes, I will make the arrangement. ” Director Zheng nodded.

”Wait, Director Zheng, you can ’t do that. ” Ji Tein Lei shouted.

”You should be ashamed right now.
Do you know, what have you done can destroy a good doctor and has already harmed a patient? Even though you are not a doctor, you are working in the hospital, you should value life. ” Professor Xian said harshly to Ji Tein Lei.


The news about Yu Qi that harmed the patient had been replaced by Ji Tein Lei was the person that did everything.
The management team showed every single of the evidence of the things that Ji Tein Lei did to frame Yu Qi and eventually led to destroy her career as a doctor.

Everyone read about this and feeling disgusted about him.
Then, all the bad things that Ji Tein Le had done were exposed to the public.
S.e.xual harassing to the female nurses and doctors, swindling the hospital money and all of them.

Some of the nurses and female doctors who really wanted Ji Tein Lei to get arrested were happy with this news.
Finally, the evil had perished.

The most affected person from this news was Ji Suk Ye.
She was his niece and she depended on her uncle.
Even the intern position right now, she had gotten from her uncle.
When her uncle was right in the position, she held her face up and casually offended some of the nurses and doctors.
Now she could not hole her face up as she was embarrassed with this matter.

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She had to hold back.
Her uncle needed to be saved.
Her auntie begged her all day and night to her to help her uncle from being sued by Yu Qi.
She knew that Yu Qi would never step back from suing her uncle.

She remembered the face that Yu Qi made when she offered her help to Yu Qi.
Right now, she knew that Yu Qi was looking at her like an idiot person on that day.
Yu Qi already knew the plan was made by her uncle.

Actually, that plan was her idea.
She wanted Yu Qi to lose her job.
Instead of firing her like a normal way, she wanted that Yu Qi could not work anymore.
Since Yu Qi liked her job so much, she thought it was a good lesson to Yu Qi.
However, everything went wrong.

She needed another plan to survive.
Qin Xia…
Yeah, Qin Xia could help her.
Her uncle told her that on that day, Qin Xia was also present.
Qin Xia also told everyone in the room that if Yu Qi did not have money to pay to sue her uncle, he would help Yu Qi.

Meaning, if Yu Qi did not get the help from Qin Xia, Yu Qi could not sue her uncle.
She assumed that Qin Xia just got to know Yu Qi and wanted to pursue her.
He might never know that Yu Qi already had a boyfriend and Yu Qi did not bother to tell Qin Xia about that because she did not want to lose another source of money.

Yu Qi ’s boyfriend was a soldier.
Probably a low ranking now.
So, she probably wanted to find another man with a higher salary.

What if she told Qin Xia about that, Qin Xia would be disgusted with Yu Qi and would never help her.
She smiled as she thought about that.

It was very hard to meet Qin Xia.
She knew that Qin Xia was a businessman at a company.
But she was afraid that she could never meet him there.
No! She needed to do it.
Even though it was a shameless thing to do.

”Doctor Ji, can you not daydream right now? We are checking the patient here. ” A nurse reminded her.

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That was right.
She currently checking her patient with a nurse.
She gritted her tooth as she looked at the nurse.
Now, even a snobbish nurse dared to rebuke her.
After her uncle got arrested by the police, she always heard someone badmouthing her, almost in the toilet.

’Calm down, Ji Suk Ye.
You will make them pay for what they have done to you. ’ Ji Suk Ye calmed down herself and continued her work.

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