The second month in the orthopaedics department ended.
Yu Qi and the other first year residents reported to the next epartment which was the OB/GYN department.
It stood for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

This time, the person in charge of the first year residents was a female doctor, Doctor Chen.
Ji Suk Ye was present at the moment.
She was not late and wore the proper attire that a doctor should wear.

She did not wear her usual arrogant face anymore and keep her mouth shut up.
She only talked whenever people asked her only.
Other first year residents did not say anything since they already knew why she behaved like this.

Doctor Chen explained the scope of the work in the department.
Since there were two specialities, four of them would be separated.
The first one would stay with obstetrics and the other two would stay with gynaecology.
Then they would exchange after two weeks.

Yu Qi was paired with Min Gu Su while Ah Kean was paired with Ji Suk Ye.


”Can I see your president? ” Ji Suk Ye asked the receptionist.

She was currently at Qin Xia ’s office.

”Miss, do you have an appointment with Mr.
Qin? ” The receptionist asked.

Ji Suk Ye frowned as she answered.
”No, but… ”

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”Everyone wants to meet Mr.
Qin needs to have booked an appointment first. ” The receptionist interrupted.

”You… ” Ji Suk Ye pointed to the receptionist.

The receptionist was still calm as she provided the professional smile to Ji Suk Ye.
After the president came to manage their branch, many people wanted to see Mr.

Qin was a busy person.
He did not have time to meet with those people.
So, his secretary, Min Liang told those people to book the appointment first if they wanted to meet Mr.

However, it was very hard to book an appointment.
Qin Xia almost rejected them before they made the appointment.
He only met the people that he thought that they were important to his business.

”Miss, I suggest you leave this premise.
No need to come and humiliate yourself. ” The receptionist was a realistic person.
She knew that woman in front of her right now wanted Mr Qin to become hers.
But that would not be going to happen.

”How dare you? ” Ji Suk Ye wanted to slap the receptionist but the receptionist avoided it and maintained the professional smile on her lips.

Ji Suk Ye wanted to argue more but her eyes caught something.
It was Qin Xia who walked into the building.
She assumed that he just came in from some meeting.

’This is the perfect chance for me. ’ As she gathered all the courage by clenching her right fist to her chest, she motivated herself.
She walked approaching Qin Xia.
The receptionist just looked as she shook her head.

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Wait a minute. ” Ji Suk Ye said with a smile.

Qin Xia stopped and looked over.
He saw a woman.
Well, an unknown woman.
Totally a stranger.
He turned to Min Liang.
Only his eyes communicated asking who the woman was.

Min Liang was a person that stayed with Qin Xia for almost 8 years.
He could know what the look given by his boss meant.

Min Liang whispered something.
Not long after that Qin Xia nodded several times and started to talk again.

’See what I tell you.
You don ’t want to listen to me. ’ The receptionist sighed.

It is about Tang Yu Qi. ” Ji Suk Ye used the bait.

Qin Xia stopped once again.

”About what? ” Qin Xia questioned Ji Suk Ye.

Even though Ji Suk Ye used Yu Qi to attract Qin Xia ’s attention, she also felt hurt.
Qin Xia really wanted Yu Qi to be his.
She would not allow that.

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”Min Liang, bring her to the meeting room.
I will go to the room first. ” Qin Xia said before leaving the company lobby.

The receptionist was surprised to see that Ji Suk Ye had been escorted to the meeting room.
This time, it was the first time Qin Xia wanted to meet someone without an appointment.
Maybe that girl had something special for Qin Xia.
However, she did not want to say anything about Qin Xia.

Qin Xia appeared after the half-hour later.
In the beginning, Ji Suk Ye thought Qin Xia just wanted to play a prank, leaving her in this meeting room alone.
When he finally came to the meeting room, she felt relief.

”Talk. ” Qin Xia only said one word.

Ji Suk Ye once again clenched her fists.
Qin, I know that you like Tang Yu Qi.
However, I don ’t want you to be cheated by her. ”

Qin Xia was still expressionless.
While Min Liang already looked dumbfounded about this.
He was thinking of when and how that Yu Qi cheated his boss.

”Tang Yu Qi is a woman who likes to seduce men.
She seduces men and uses them to achieve what she wants. ” Ji Suk Ye continued again.
”Previously, there is a rumour that Tang Yu Qi has seduced Director Zheng for the intern spot.
And that is not a rumour.
It is true.
You will never know that Tang Yu Qi already has a boyfriend.
What a disgusting woman. ”

Qin Xia was silent before saying something.
”Well, it is indeed a disgusting woman. ”

Ji Suk Ye was happy when Qin Xia was agreeing with her.
It was the truth then, Qin Xia would dislike Yu Qi after hearing something like that.

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