However, happiness was not long.
Qin Xia glared sharply to Ji Suk Ye.
Ji Suk Ye felt that she was having trouble to breathe.
It felt the same as she was facing Yu Qi before.

”You are a disgusting woman. ” Qin Xia narrowed his eyes.
”Do you think I just get to know Yu Qi here? ”

Ji Suk Ye panicked.
She did not expect that they knew each other for a long time ago.

”Do you think I do not know that she already has her boyfriend? ” Qin Xia asked in a mocking tone.

”I have known her for a long time ago.
I know her character.
Never rely on others to success.
And you say she seduces men to success.
What a joke. ” Qin Xia smirked.

”Because of someone like you before, she has died once.
I will never let that happen again.
This time, I will protect her happiness. ” Qin Xia declared.

Ji Suk Ye already fell on the ground.
Her plan failed.

”Min Liang, throw her outside.
Never let her step into this building anymore.
If she comes again, dispose of her. ” Qin Xia made the gesture crossing his thumb to his neck, meaning ’kill her ’.
He did not want to waste his time anymore with Ji Suk Ye.

”Yes, Sir. ” Min Liang quickly asked someone to throw the girl outside.

Min Liang actually did not understand what his boss meant.
’She has died once? Who? Miss Tang? She is still alive. ’ He wanted to ask his boss.
But he was scared.

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Qin Xia rarely got angry.
If he was angry, it was quite dangerous.
He might kill someone.
Even though he always glared to Min Liang but he did not have the aura that he had right now.

Qin Xia sat at his table still had the murderous aura around him.
Min Liang gulped.
He did not want to enter the room but he still needed to go in.
Qin Xia still had a meeting to go.

Qin, you have a meeting at 3 p.m.
today. ” Min Liang informed Qin Xia as he checked the schedule.

”Cancel it. ” Qin Xia said.

Min Liang was silent for a second and then he replied.
”Okay, Mr.
Qin. ” He left the room.


”Senior Brother Xia, look at this.
My new weapon. ” Yue came to his courtyard showing off her new weapon.

Qin Xia turned around that saw a girl in the light blue dress holding a fan.
The fan looked like a normal fan.

”What ’s special about it? ” Qin Xia asked.
He just finished practising his sword.

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Yue opened her fan and swing the fan to a tree.
Then a tree seemed to melt away.
She then turned back to Qin Xia and put an arrogant expression on her face.

Amazing right? ” Yue smirked.

Amazing. ” Qin Xia nodded.

Indeed, amazing.
His junior sister made a simple fan, a dangerous weapon ever.

”He he he…
I ’m a genius. ” Yue laughed.

”I know. ” Qin Xia patted Yue ’s head.

”Yue, I have already found you.
I will make sure you are safe. ” Qin Xia vowed.


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”Can I meet with Doctor Tang? ” A woman asked at the registration counter.

”Doctor Tang? ” The nurse made the double confirmation.

I think her full name is Tang Yu…
Something like that. ” The woman said.

”Doctor Tang? Tang Yu… ” The nurse thought about that.

Then she was interrupted by her friend.
”Doctor Tang Yu Qi.
The intern. ”

”Oh, right.
I will check where is she right now. ” The nurse said to the woman.

”Thank you. ” The woman politely said thanking the nurse.

”I hope she is here.
I will like to express the gratefulness to her since she has saved my life before. ” The woman said to the man that came with her.

”Don ’t worry, Su Yan.
We will meet her soon. ” The man said.

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Yeah, the woman was Xian Su Yan, the woman whom Yu Qi the emergency treatment at the mountain.
And the man was Lu Tangxiao.

They came to meet Yu Qi.
After Xian Su Yan ’s condition had improved.
Her family came and transferred her to the hospital where her family stayed.
So, she did not meet Yu Qi.

After she had fully healed, Lu Tangxiao told the whole story how Yu Qi had saved her life.
Without Yu Qi, she would probably have already died right now.

Xian Su Yan told that she wanted to meet Yu Qi.
However, she was a student as well as Lu Tangxiao.
So, they could not meet with Yu Qi until now.

”Miss, I have been informed that Doctor Tang is at the Obstetrics and Gynecology department.
You can look at the map over there to know where the department is. ” The nurse called Xian Su Yan and Lu Tangxiao and told them about Yu Qi.

”I see.
Thank, Miss Nurse.
Have a good day. ” Xian Su Yan thanked the nurse.

Both of them went to see the map mentioned by the nurse just now.
So, the department was not too far.
They would arrive in 10 minutes walk.

So, they went to the department.
Like before, she asked the registration about Yu Qi ’s whereabout.
The nurse checked and informed them that Yu Qi was currently in the operation theatre.
Probably would come out in one hour later if not problem happened in the surgery theatre.

When Xian Su Yan and Lu Tangxiao heard this, they took the decision to wait for Yu Qi at the cafe.
They asked the nurse to inform Yu Qi about them.

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