”Miss Tang, may I know is your family, the Tang family in FINN City? ” Xian Song Yi asked out of sudden.

Yu Qi was stunned.
She did not expect someone would know Tang Family.
Even though she was currently hiding her identity right now, these people were not from the Guanying Hospital.
She did not mind telling them.
However if someday, people from Guanying Hospital got wind about her identity, she would not deny it.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Dad? What? Do you know Yu Qi? ” Xian Su Yan asked.

”I have met them once.
They are all doctors, Tang Family. ” Xian Song Yi said.

”Tang Family? What? You mean that Tang Family? ” Lu Chong Be was shocked.

That Tangs. ” Xian Song Yi nodded.

”Dad, what is this? Can you tell us? ” Xian Su Yan was annoyed as she heard her father was talking in riddles.

”This girl is the granddaughter of the legendary doctor, Tang Jiang Man. ” Lu Chong Be explained to them.

Others were shocked.
All eyes were on Yu Qi.

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”Really? You are the one? ” Duan Qi Qi asked.

I am but just an adopted granddaughter. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Adopted or not, you are related to him. ” Duan Qi Qi was excited.

”Then, if you are his granddaughter, meaning the boyfriend that you have mentioned just now is Colonel Long, grandson of the Great General Long? ” Wen Nie asked in shock.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Everyone could not brain the thing out.
’Is there something shocked about it? ’ Yu Qi thought.

’Master, I think you are his girlfriend is the shocking matter to them.
Because everyone can not believe that man has a girlfriend. ’ Bo Ya said through the telepathy.

’Oh… ’ Yu Qi understood.

”Yu Qi is my saviour, there is no doubt about that. ” Xian Su Yan talked.

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The dinner ended.
Both of the family extended their business cards to Yu Qi.
Xian Family was involved in the delivery services in and out of the nation while the Lu Family was in the construction line.
Even though it was not as large as Feng Cooperation.

Yu Qi saw Xian Family as an opportunity in doing business with them.
She did plan to sell her Qi Qi Skincare Brand in another countries.
Money… ’ She would rely on Su Yu Hi about this idea.

In the space, both of her cuties looked at each other.
Yu Qi ’s thought about money could be heard.

”Hey, Master seems to like money recently.
What do you think? ” Aoi asked.

”Of course, she does.
Because you seem to eat more recently.
Master must think she needs to gather more money to feed you. ” Bo Ya smirked.

”Hey, you also eat a lot.
Not me only okay. ” Aoi argued.

”But better our master thinks about money, not the man. ” Bo Ya rolled his eyes when thinking about a certain man who shamelessly converted their master ’s time.


Ji Suk Ye became more and more restless after the hearing for her uncle ’s case was nearing.
She needed help.
But everyone who were usually close to her uncle did not want to help her and her uncle.

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Ji Suk Ye ’s auntie was a typical housewife who solely depended on her husband.
At this time, she just knew how to cry.
She asked her friends but like her husband ’s friends, they backed off saying that they did not want to get involved with them anymore.
That really saddened Ji Suk Ye ’s auntie.

She ended up spending her time crying at the house.
When Ji Suk Ye came back home from work, she felt stressed as her auntie came and talked to her how she should help her uncle since her uncle already took a good care of her when she was little.

Ji Suk Ye did want to help her uncle but Ji Suk Ye ’s suggestion to help her uncle was disgusting.
Her auntie suggested that she could accompany the old man that had some money in his pocket.

Even though Ji Suk Ye wanted to get rich but she also wanted to choose someone who was decent.
Not an old man with a fat belly.
That was disgusting.

Ji Suk Ye once again set her eyes on Qin Xia.
She needed to try once more.
Who knew this time, she could draw the attention of Qin Xia.

She was still delusional as she thought that after she got Qin Xia, she would get rid of Yu Qi.
That poor bitch would go to hell.

This time, she wanted to meet him at his own house.
However, she did not know where was Qin Xia ’s house.
In order to know about that, Ji Suk Ye went to Qin Xia ’s company first.
She would wait for Qin Xia to return home and she would follow him from the back.

At 9 p.m.
she finally saw that Qin Xia had walked out from the building.
His usual assistant was not with him.
He was alone as he walked to his car and entered his car.
His car started to move.

Ji Suk Ye started to follow Qin Xia ’s car.
She did not notice that Qin Xia ’s car headed towards the non-habitat place.
Qin Xia stopped his car.
Ji Suk Ye did the same.

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Ji Suk Ye saw Qin Xia came out from the car.
Ji Suk Ye thought that it was her chance.
She quickly came out from her car too.
She saw Qin Xia was leaning against his car.

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