Qin, what are you doing here? ” Ji Suk Ye asked in the shy tone.

She forgot that Qin Xia had told her to get lost once.

”Waiting for you to come out. ” Qin Xia said.

Ji Suk Ye felt excited.
She thought Qin Xia meant something when he said something like that.

”Waiting for you to come out and waiting to see for your intention of following me. ” Qin Xia faced Ji Suk Ye.

Ji Suk Ye was feeling shy.
Qin, I… ”

”Have you forgotten that I have said if I see you again, I will get rid of you? ” Qin Xia ’s words made Ji Suk Ye look at him.

Ji Suk Ye stepped backwards when she saw the expression on Qin Xia ’s face right now.
She did not know how to describe it but it scared her.

”I have told you, remember? ” Qin Xia stepped forward closing the distance between him and Ji Suk Ye.

Qin, I just want… ” Ji Suk Ye wanted to say something but Qin Xia cut her sentences.

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”You know what…
I think I ’m a kind person.
But if someone gladly offers their heads to me to cut it, I don ’t mind to do it. ” Qin Xia smiled as he was narrowing his eyes.

His behaviour right now was the same as Yu Qi met him for the first time.
When Yu Qi first met with him, he just wanted to fight someone with the knife.
This time, he did not have a knife on his hand but his intense aura spread around the place.

I… ” Ji Suk Ye still wanted to slowly talk with him.

”You know what, she has been framed for something that she has not even done it.
Just because she is beautiful and good at everything, she has been isolated.
Just because she can do something impossible, she is treated differently. ” Qin Xia started to talk.

Ji Suk Ye did no understand who Qin Xia meant by ’she ’.
But she knew that Qin Xia felt something strong toward the girl.
’ Does he mean Tang Yu Qi? ’

”Then she has been killed because of them.
Because she has done something impossible at that time. ” Qin Xia clenched his fists as he remembered the cold body on that ground.

The scene that he never forgot all this time.
He was late to save her.
He just could hold her cold body after her death.

When Ji Suk Ye heard that, she realized the ’she ’ that Qin Xia was talking about was not Yu Qi.
’She ’ had died.
So, it was not Yu Qi.
When she was thinking, she did not realize that Qin Xia was already in front of him.

”People like you have killed her.
Now the same kind of you want to kill her again? ” Qin Xia snorted.
”I will not allow it. ” He gripped Ji Suk Ye ’s neck and pulled her up.

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Ji Suk Ye ’s opened widely.
She felt choked as Qin Xia pulled her up until her legs could not reach the ground anymore.

”I will leave you alone and wait for her to deal with you personally but you want to use me to hurt her.
That is something that I will never allow it. ” Qin Xia still held Ji Suk Ye ’s up.

His grip was not too weak and not too strong.
But still, Ji Suk Ye could not escape Qin Xia ’s grip.

Mer…cy on me… ” Ji Suk Ye was struggling to say one sentence.

”Don ’t worry.
Someone will find you later. ” Qin Xia smiled so devilish.

Ji Suk Ye felt her breath became short and shorter.
Suddenly Qin Xia released Ji Suk Ye.
Ji Suk Ye fell on the ground tried to catch up her breath.
She even coughed.

’Run. ’ Ji Suk Ye screamed in her head.
This man was dangerous.
She needed to run away right now to escape from this man right now.
She tried to stand after catching her breath.
She ran to her car.

Qin Xia was standing there watching Ji Suk Ye ran away and did nothing.
Ji Suk Ye could see the cold smile on his lips right now.
She tried to start her car but it was not working.
She tried once again.

”F.u.c.k! Come on. ” Ji Suk Ye could not help to curse.

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On her fourth try, the damn car finally worked.
She stepped on the pedal hardly in order to get away from this place.
However, something shocking happened to her.

”Where are you going? Don ’t you want to talk to me? Why are you running away? ”

Ji Suk Ye heard the voice right behind her.
It was Qin Xia ’s voice.
Meaning he was right behind me.
She did not look behind.

’When did he come into the car? Why I did not realise it? ’

Ji Suk Ye was still driving at the high speed.
When she heard the voice, her leg pressed the pedal harder because she was so shocked.
So, the car speeded up.

The road was in the remote area and it was a mountain road.
So, it was a dangerous road that if she came out from the road, she ended up falling down.

And she did.
She could not slow down on the turn and go straight crashing the road barrier.
She screamed loudly as she went down there.
Her car crashed into the thick tree.

Because she did not wear the seatbelt just now, her body thrown out from the front mirror and fell onto several trees before landing on the ground.
She had already lost her life there.

Qin Xia was standing where Ji Suk Ye ’s car went down.
He smirked.
”I have told you that I will give a quick death to you.
There you go. ”

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