”What? A fake product? ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes as she listened to Su Yu Hi ’s report.

Su Yu Hi came to meet Yu Qi at Guanying Hospital to report about this matter.

Fake products.
Some of the people outside there are using our brand name to sell their products.
And that product has given negative effects on the user.
Then the user has given the bad review on our products by saying we are selling a bad product to the customers. ” Su Yu Hi explained furthermore.

”You mean many of them saying something like that? ” Yu Qi inquired more.

”Yes. ” Su Yu Hi nodded.

Yu Qi sighed.
”It is troublesome.
Even though Qi Qi Brand is still new, we are rapidly growing.
It bounds to invite some haters. ”

”That ’s true. ” Su Yu Hi agreed.

The second Yu Qi heard the news, she knew that someone who was in the skincare business must have done something to damage the reputation of Qi Qi.

Qi Qi was too popular now, and many peers were jealous of it.
Given the fame of Qi Qi now, only third-tier skincare brands would feel threatened.

The ingredients in the products especially the herbs had been watered by lake water from her space.
Lake water was special water that had the power that enhanced the effect of the herbs.

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And the herbs that they used, even combined the herbs together, without using her lake water had no negative effect on the human.
She knew that because she already had her research team to do some experiment using two products.
One using the herbs that watered by her lake water, while another one using the herbs that watered by the normal water.

The result clearly showed the difference.
The efficiency of the product on the human skin, no doubt that the herbs using her lake water was the winner.
The time that it affected the skin also being considered.

She did not say that another one was bad but the herbs that watered by her lake water was the best one.
Both of them were good.
So, there should no negative effect as the users mentioned to the public.

However, without any proof, she could not jump to the conclusion.

”Here is the sample of the fake product that we are talking about.
I have only managed to obtain one of them.
The moisturizer.
Here, look at them. ” Su Yu Hi brought out the fake product.

”How do you get the hand on it? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, I have disguised as one of the customers that wanted to buy the product.
It is easy because they just sell them online, not in-store.
I have paid for it and they will deliver it straight to the address that we have used it. ” Su Yu Hi grinned.

”Is that so? ” Yu Qi also grinned.

Yu Qi took the moisturizer and looked at it.
She looked at the certain part of the printed label on the moisturizer.
The grin on her face became more and bigger.

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”Look at this. ” Yu Qi pointed to the part that she had been looked for.

”You have noticed it too, right? ” Su Yu Hi also pointed out the part.

”The watermark. ” Yu Qi said it.

All the packages of Qi Qi ’s products carried a light watermark, but those of the fake Qi Qi ’s products did not, which wasn ’t very noticeable.
The design and package were Yu Qi, Su Yu Hi and Song Tai ’s idea.

Even though they might look the same at first glance, people who were familiar with real Qi Qi could easily tell the differences.

Other than the watermark, there were also several other differences between the real and fake Qi Qi.

Those who had bought fake Qi Qi probably weren ’t aware of what the packages of real Qi Qi looked like, so they were deceived.
It was not an uncommon thing to see fake famous brands now.

Therefore Yu Qi needed to find out the mastermind that using her brand name for clear Qi Qi ’s name.

Those who bought and used the real Qi Qi skincare defended it because their skin was improved and even better.
Many of the users of the real Qi Qi ’s products believed that the products were very effective.
No one would criticize Qi Qi skincare after using its products.

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However, those who had never tried Qi Qi ’s products before were affected by the criticisms levelled at it.
Many people joined those who were criticizing Qi Qi on the Internet.

”I will have Shiro to do some investigation on those posts to see whether they have been bought by the fake Qi Qi ’s products or if they are hired by our business enemies. ” Yu Qi said to Su Yu Hi.

Su Yu Hi nodded.
Even though Yu Qi never tell Su Yu Hi who Shiro was but he could guess it.

She quickly sent a message to Han Baixe about this matter.
Han Baixe quickly replied that he would send her the email if he found something.

”For now, we need to deal with the public first.
We must not appear aggressive but aggressively act to deal with it. ” Yu Qi said.

”Any idea? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

Yu Qi smiled as she thought about the idea.
Yu Qi explained the method that she wanted to use to Su Yu Hi.

Su Yu Hi nodded as he listened to Yu Qi ’s idea.
It was a simple method but a powerful one.
That could clear the brand name.

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