On the next day, when Yu Qi opened the homepage of Qi Qi Skincare, she smiled as she read it.
There was an announcement notice on it.

”There have been several customers who have reported that their skin has been damaged after using our Qi Qi Skincare.
Therefore after some investigation, we have found out that they have bought the fake Qi Qi Skincare.

Our Qi Qi Skincare has undergone several tests with the Health Ministry.
The Health Ministry report has proved that our Qi Qi Skincare is safe and can be used by the humans.

According to the Trademark Law and Market Competition Law, we ’ll use our right to sue the producer(s) of fake Qi Qi.

Anyone who still believes that their skin has been damaged by our Qi Qi Skincare, please come to our office and bring us the invoice or bill saying that you have been brought our Qi Qi Skincare.
We will protect your interests and our rights. ”

There were pictures attached down below.
The real Qi Qi and the fake Qi Qi.
There was also a link to the Health Ministry about the tests that Qi Qi had undergone.

In the link, it was clearly stated that ingredients or the herbs used in the Qi Qi ’s products were safe.

The Health Ministry had also mentioned that they also had investigated the matter on their side.
If the Qi Qi was found guilty of selling the goods that harmed people, they would impose a fine on Qi Qi.

”Oh, Doctor Tang, you also read them. ” One of the nurses said to Yu Qi as she caught Yu Qi read the announcement notice on Qi Qi ’s homepage.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.
Then she asked.
”You use this skincare too? ”

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”Of course I am.
I really like to use Qi Qi Skincare.
Actually, my skin has been pretty rough.
Having dark circles around my eyes is a normal thing.
I have been having breakouts too often.
My cousin has told me about this Qi Qi Skincare products.

At first, I don ’t believe it.
I have tried too many products it is its still not working out.
My cousin has told me that I should try them first.
She has even said that she will pay back the money if the products do not work on me.

So, I have tried my luck and bought the products.
One set of products.
That time, I have cried in my heart since the products are a bit expensive.

Then, after, hmm…
About one week I have tried the product, my face has started to change.
It has become smooth.
The dark circle around my eyes have disappeared.
And after using products, I do not breakout once. ” The nurse excitedly told her story.

”No wonder your skin looks fresh. ” Her friend commented.
”Qi Qi Skincare…
I think I will try them later. ”

”I am also using the Qi Qi Skincare. ” Another nurse added.

”Doctor Tang, you also use the Qi Qi Skincare? ”

Yu Qi nodded.

”See, Doctor Tang also uses the Qi Qi Skincare.
That is why Doctor Tang ’s face looks so fresh even though she is very busy. ” The first nurse commented on Yu Qi ’s skin.
”I am glad that my cousin has recommended Qi Qi to me.
Otherwise, my skin will look the same as before. ”

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”Right, even my boyfriend has commented on my skin.
He has told me that I look more beautiful. ” The nurse giggled.

”So, when they have made up the story saying the Qi Qi has damaged their skin, I do not believe it. ” The nurse said.

”However, there is one problem. ” One of the nurses sighed.

”Huh? What is the problem? ” Yu Qi needed to know so, she could fix it.

”There is no nearby store here. ” She said.

”You can buy it directly from their online store. ” Yu Qi mentioned it.

”I know but I still like to go and walk around the store while looking and choosing the products. ” The nurse smiled.

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi understood.

Even though it was easy to just shop online, there must be someone like this nurse outside there that just loved to go directly to the store and purchased things from the store.

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It was nice to hear the review from her product ’s users from their mouths.

Many of the people read the announcement.
In fact, many people were aware of rampant fake skincare products, so most of them chose to believe Qi Qi ’s official explanation.
Moreover, Qi Qi was willing to help its customers to sue the evil producer of the fake Qi Qi.

However, some of the people, probably hired by the Qi Qi ’s rival, were unwilling to stop attacking Qi Qi.
They stated that it was actually Qi Qi ’s propaganda to increase their sales by selling the fake ones at the lower cost and the real ones at a higher cost.

Yu Qi almost laughed at this stupidity.
She did not expect they would twist the word like that.

Some people believed in them but most of the people, especially Qi Qi ’s users did not believe it.
From the start, they knew that Qi Qi ’s products were expensive.

Yu Qi also asked Su Yu Hi and Song Tai to check the factory in person.
She was afraid if the mastermind might send someone there to damage the factory.

She was already determined to find the mastermind and punish them since they dared to act against her.
Even though the mastermind had already stopped at this point, their action had triggered every action and damaged Qi Qi ’s reputation.

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