”What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi blinked her eyes looking very surprised to see the man in front of him.

The man walked towards Yu Qi and pulled her in his hug.
His head was leaning towards her neck and his nose picked up the smell that he had missed so much.

”I miss you. ” Long Hui said while he still hugging Yu Qi.

Yu Qi ’s face broke into a smile.
”I miss you too. ”

Long Hui did not want to let her go but sensing that everyone at the parking lot were looking at them, he let her go.

”Have you been waiting for long? Why don ’t you call me and inform me that you are here? What if I have a night shift tonight? ” Yu Qi asked several questions non- stop.

”I will wait until you are finished. ” Long Hui answered like an idiot.

Yu Qi sighed.
She did not know what to say at this point.

”Never mind.
Let ’s go home first. ” Yu Qi said.

”You can leave your car here. ” Long Hui said.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi did not want to waste their time here anymore.
Long Hui must be tired driving all the way to Guanying City.

They entered Long Hui ’s car.

”May I invite you to a short date tonight? ” Long Hui smiled sweetly to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi ’s heart was melting.
However, she considered about Long Hui ’s body.
”Are you not tired? ”

”Qi Qi, I am not tired.
I just want to spend time with you. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s hand.

Let ’s have a short date. ” Yu Qi agreed with Long Hui ’s invitation.

Since it just only 7 p.m., they decided to go and had dinner first.
As usual, they became an attraction for others.
Long Hui ignored all of them.
His eyes were only on his beloved Qi Qi.

”Eat a lot. ” Long Hui put the dish on Yu Qi ’s bowl.

”Wait, this is too much. ” Yu Qi moved her bowl away, stopping Long Hui to fill in her bowl.

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”You eat too little. ” Long Hui said.

”It is dinner.
It is okay to eat little.
It will not be able to digest the food during the night. ” Yu Qi replied.

”But we will be exercising later. ” Long Hui raised his eyebrows.

”Exercising? What are you talking a… ” Yu Qi ’s eyes widened as she realized what Long Hui wanted to say.

”It is an exercise, right? ” Long Hui smirked.

Yu Qi ’s face turned to red.
She looked around.
Luckily they were sitting a little bit far from other customers.
Otherwise, they would listen to Long Hui ’s shameless words.

However, she did not deny that she might need the energy to do that exercise since they definitely would do it, not only once but several times.

Her chopsticks quickly moved back and forward the dish.
Long Hui smiled as he saw Yu Qi had started to eat a lot.

”You eat as well.
Don ’t just look at me. ” Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.

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”Okay, Qi Qi.
I also need energy.
Otherwise, you will not be satisfied with my performance. ” Long Hui said the shameless thing again.

Yu Qi almost choked on her food when she heard the sentence.
She glared again to Long Hui.
This man became more shameless after not seeing him for a while.

After dinner, they went for a walk.
There was a night market nearby.
Yu Qi never went to this night market since she did not have time to go.
Since she was on a short date tonight, she wanted to take a look with Long Hui.

Long Hui, of course, did not mind where Yu Qi wanted to go.
The most important thing to him, that he would spend time with his beloved Qi Qi.

When they stepped in the night market, they would see there were a lot of people buying things.
They were selling many things, like food, clothes, shoes, bags and others.

Yu Qi did not mean to buy anything.
However, when they passed the stall that was selling the masks, Yu Qi was interested to stop and look at the mask.

”Brother Hui, let ’s take a look at this stall. ” Yu Qi pulled Long Hui ’s hand and went to the stall.

There were a lot of masks.
Too many designs.
One mask took Yu Qi ’s interest.
It was a black fox mask.
It looked very cool.
She took the mask and put in front of Long Hui ’s face.

Looks cool.
Mister, do you have a white version of this mask? ” Yu Qi asked the owner.

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”Of course, we have it.
Wait a minute. ” The owner went inside his store.
The next moment he came back with a white fox mask.
”Here. ” He handed out the mask to Yu Qi.

”Great. ” Yu Qi took the mask.
She placed the black and white fox mask side by side.

”Looks like a couple like us. ” Yu Qi commented while nodding.
”Mister, I will buy these two masks.
How much for these two masks. ” She asked the owner.

The owner stated the price.
Yu Qi wanted to take her money out but someone beat her.
Long Hui had already placed his money on the owner ’s hand.

Yu Qi just smiled sweetly to Long Hui.
”Lean over your head to me. ”

Long Hui followed her order.
Yu Qi then put on the black fox mask on Long Hui ’s face.

”Done. ” Yu Qi said and watched him.
”Even with this mask, I still can tell that you are very good looking one. ” She praised him.

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