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Long Hui let his beloved Qi Qi to feel comfortable first.
After a few seconds, Yu Qi began to move up and down swallowing Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.

The pleasure slowly started to build up every time Yu Qi did that and soon Long Hui ’s h.i.p.s were moving as well, instinctively seeking her.
She acted lewdly in front of him.

If she was still in her right mind, she would have felt embarrassed by her wanton actions, but she did not care any of that at this moment.
Her need had long hijacked her good sense.

Long Hui narrowed his eyes as he saw the two melons which were moving up and down as their master moved that way.
His hands unconsciously grabbed and played with her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Hui… ” She screamed Long Hui ’s name as she moved her h.i.p.s matching Long Hui ’s movement.

Hearing his beloved Qi Qi screaming his name, he m.o.a.ned in approval.
That sound made Yu Qi to tighten down below.
Her action had a direct effect on him as his m.o.a.n turned in a deep groan.
The pleasure began more intense than before.

”I ’m c.u.m.m.i.n.g!!! ” Yu Qi screamed loudly.

Her ’inside ’ had released another juice.
Her body fell onto Long Hui ’s body.
She was leaning over on Long Hui ’, while catching her breath.

”Tired? ” Long Hui asked slowly.

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I want more. ” Yu Qi said as her inside gave a good massage to Long Hui ’s ’little brother ’.

Then you can take a break.
Leave the rest to me. ” Long Hui changed his position to the sitting position.

His hands rested on her h.i.p.s.
He began to thrust into Yu Qi ’s core.

Yu Qi started to feel pleasure again.
She cooperated with Long Hui by matching his thrust.
Not long after that, the thrust became faster.

”I ’m going to c.u.m… ” Yu Qi m.o.a.ned loudly.

”Me too.
Let ’s c.u.m together, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui kissed Yu Qi wildly.

Then Long Hui released the creamy milk once again.
This time, right into Yu Qi.
As Long Hui released the creamy milk into Yu Qi, she bit Long Hui ’s shoulder when she orgasmed.
It left the biting mark on Long Hui ’s shoulder.

They were hugging each other waiting for themselves to calm down after a fierce battle.

It ’ss amazing, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui said after a while.

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That is incredible for me too. ” Yu Qi said after that.

”Are you okay that I am sitting on you like this? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I ’m okay.
And I like you sitting on him.
Especially like this. ” Long Hui whispered into Yu Qi ’s ear for the last sentence.

”Really? I like it too. ” Yu Qi chuckled

”Are you ready? ” Long Hui asked.

I will try to match you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

So, the battle continued again.

Long Hui woke up first.
Seeing his beloved Qi Qi while she was sleeping was a blessing for him.
He looked at his watch.
Outside the world ’s time was already 7 p.m.
It was already late for his beloved Qi Qi to go for work.

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Even though he did not want Yu Qi to go to work but he could not control his beloved Qi Qi.
It was her decision whether to go or not.

”Qi Qi…
Qi Qi…
Wake up. ” Long Hui gently shook Yu Qi ’s body.

Don ’t disturb me…
I ’m tired… ” Yu Qi was like a cat that slept and got disturbed by something and slapped Long Hui ’s hand.

Long Hui chuckled as he watched Yu Qi behaved like this.
’She is very cute. ’

”But its time for you to get up.
You don ’t want to go to work? Hmm… ” Long Hui was still trying to wake her up.

Yu Qi swiftly woke up as she remembered that she needed to go to work.
However, she was feeling a severe pain in her back.

”Ouch!!! ” Yu Qi shouted.

”Are you okay, Qi Qi? ” Long Hui quickly held Yu Qi when he heard Yu Qi shouted for pain.

”My back.
It ’s hurt. ” Yu Qi cried.

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”I think you should take a rest for today.
Let ’s call your superior. ” Long Hui suggested.

Yu Qi thought for a moment.
”I think you are right, let ’s do that way.
If I go to work today, I will be a hindrance. ”

”I will make something for you to eat.
You just lay back. ” Long Hui slowly put Yu Qi on laying position.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Long Hui went outside.
Like a Deja Vu, Long Hui found out that Bo Ya and Aoi were standing outside Yu Qi ’s room looking furiously at Long Hui.

”Hey, bad man.
You are hurting my master, right? ” Bo Ya questioned Long Hui as soon as Long Hui opened the door.

”I will beat you. ” Aoi wanted to pounce at Long Hui.

”Aoi, stop. ” Yu Qi heard the argument.

Bo Ya and Aoi ran inside Yu Qi ’s room and lined up at Yu Qi ’s bedside.

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Long Hui saw this situation for a moment before leaving for the kitchen.

”Master, are you okay? ” Bo Ya asked.

”Master, where are feeling the pain? ” Aoi also asked with a worried face.

”I ’m fine. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Master, you don ’t need to lie.
I know that the bad man is hurting you.
You don ’t need to be afraid to him.
We will handle him. ” Aoi said with passion.

”Well, I ’m hurt but its not his fault.
Don ’t do something to him.
He is my precious man. ” Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head.

”Okay, Master. ” Aoi nodded.

Bo Ya also nodded.

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