Shiro sent the result of his investigation about the issue of fake Qi Qi to Yu Qi by email this morning.
Yu Qi just got the time to review it.

Long Hui returned to Shiwa Town after dropping her at Guanying Hospital.
After that, she went to do her morning routine.
According to the next schedule, she was assigned to the third surgeon of the heart replacement surgery.

Everyone did not protest since they had already witnessed Yu Qi ’s ability.
The surgery took place for about four to five hours.

Yu Qi finally opened the file given to her.
She smiled as she went through the doc.u.ment.
It was as she had suspected.
Someone wanted to harm her business.

And that would be Sunshine Company.
Sunshine Company was one of the leading skincare company.
The products from Sunshine Company were okay.
But was not as good as Qi Qi Skincare.

After six months, Qi Qi Skincare had been launched, the sales of Sunshine Company began to decline.
They began to investigate why this had happened.

And they found Qi Qi Skincare.
They felt threatened by this new brand.
Because of that, they made a plan to sabotage Qi Qi Skincare.

Selling the damaged products under Qi Qi Skincare Brand.
Yu Qi would say that it was a good idea.
But right now, they were facing Yu Qi.
A woman who did not show any mercy to her enemy who wanted to take her down.

The next page was about Sunshine Company.
It was a complete report about the Sunshine Company.
Its board of directors, shareholders, everything in this report.

’Shiro, you are the best. ’ Yu Qi praised Shiro.

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Shiro who was currently playing a game sneezed.
He wiped his nose with a tissue.

Yu Qi had finished reading the report.
In her mind, she had already planned the counterattack for this Sunshine Company.
’Since you have started this war first, don ’t blame me for being vicious. ’

For the next few days, the news had been exploded with Sunshine Company ’s news.
Three members of their board of directors had been involved in bribery and tax evasion.

The sales from the past few years were very good.
So, they should be paying a lot of tax to the government.
However, they preferred to bribe some of the officers in the Tax and Service Department.

Three of them had been brought to the police station for further investigation.
And also the officers in the Tax and Service Department had been investigated too.

The authorities still did not know which officers had received the bribery.
The public paid a lot of attention to this case.

The share of Sunshine Company dropped about 40% down.
This was the first time their market share had dropped by this much.

On the same day, the remaining members of their board of directors held the emergency meeting to tackle this current situation.

”How can this happen? ”

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”Yeah? How are our secrets leaked to the authorities? ”

”We still do not know about that. ”

”I think this is Qi Qi Skincare ’s work. ”

”What? That is impossible. ”

We have already investigated that factory registered under a person who has come from the Shiwa Town.
They have no ties with some powerful background. ”

”Are you sure about that? ”

It is mentioned in the report that I have received from the private detective that I have hired. ”

”I think the information that we collect about Qi Qi Skincare is wrong. ”

All eyes looked at the man that sat at the end of the table.
It was their CEO, Sun Wei Yan.

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”CEO Sun, you mean? ”

”That ’s right.
Someone powerful is hiding behind Qi Qi Skincare.
I think this is their payback. ” CEO Sun nodded.

”What should we do now? ”

”I think we need to wait. ”

”We can push the blame to those people who had been caught by the police.
Telling them that we are innocent.
All of us know nothing about that tax evasion. ”

”Humph, are you sure that the authorities will believe us? ”

”Then, what do you think we should do? ”

”As I said, we should wait first. ” Sun Wei Yan said in loud voice.
”The meeting is adjourned. ” Without waiting for anything, he stood up and left the meeting room.

”He has told us to wait.
For wait? ”

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”Just wait.
If nothing happens after this, that will be his fault.
Then, we have a reason to push him down, don ’t we? ”

The two of them discussed to push the CEO down.
They should be thinking about how they needed to do to recover the market share price.

If we push down CEO Sun right now, who else will be the leader? Do you want to be a leader? ”

The two who had discussed about pushing down Sun Wei Yan shook their heads.
Who was in the right mind to take the position now when the problems were arising nowadays.

”Then shut up. ”

The next day, the authorities caught several officers from the Tax and Service Department.
Since the news was all over the place, some of the media companies asked their reporters to pay attention to the police.

When the reporters saw the authorities took the action, they could tell their companies about that as faster as possible.

After that, everyone started to talk about the Sunshine Company ’s products.
When Sunshine Company first launched its first product couple of years before, it became a hit item.

The skincare market before was still new to the public.
So, Sunshine Company dominated the market.
Then several different companies appeared and competed with Sunshine Company.

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