The store manager gave the sample invoice that usually Qi Qi Skincare would give to their customer when they bought the product online.
It was obvious that the invoice given by the store manager was not the same as the woman got.

The woman did not care about that.
She wanted her money to be refunded.
Otherwise, she would bring this matter to the police.

The store manager only smiled as she told the woman that she could freely do that.
They did not mind.
The woman left as she insulted Qi Qi Skincare and telling that she would sue Qi Qi Skincare.

The woman did go to the police station and made a report about Qi Qi Skincare.
She told the police officer that she wanted to sue Qi Qi Skincare.
The officer took her report and called the store manager.

The store manager already knew why the police called her.
Even the police officers in that station already knew the store manager since she did make multiple trips to the police station for this matter.

The police officers must follow the rules when someone wanted to sue another person, they would have to call the another person.
They needed to hear from the other side ’s story.

The store manager explained all of their sides.
The police officers understand.
The police officers went to explain that the woman would only waste her time, money and afford on suing the Qi Qi Skincare since she would definitely be in the losing side.

The woman became totally angry when she listened to the police officers that suggested something like that to her.
She even said that the police officers here had been received bribery from Qi Qi Skincare.

The store manager felt that she had been insulted.
With her professional smile, she told the woman that she would receive a letter from Qi Qi Skincare ’s lawyer.

The woman was dumbfounded with this turn.
She never thought that she would face the sue from Qi Qi Skincare.
She actually just wanted to get some compensation from Qi Qi Skincare.
But now what? She would get the letter from the lawyer of Qi Qi Skincare.

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The police officers told the woman to read the news about Qi Qi Skincare.
The woman did not understand what the police officer wanted to tell her but she still did read the news.

After that, the woman was shocked by what she just read.
Someone sold the fake Qi Qi Skincare online? The customer got deceived by that? Meaning she also got deceived by that online seller.
She wanted to cry.
She left the police station with the listless face.


Sun Wei Yan called someone in his office.
He needed to do something to save his business.
His call had been answered by someone.

Sun Wei Yan: ”I have already done what you want me to do. ”

The unknown person: ”So? In the end, you have still failed. ”

Sun Wei Yan: ”You have told me that they are nothing but start-up business.
Nothing that needs to be scared of. ”

The unknown person: ”It is your fault.
Why don ’t you investigate that yourself? ”

Sun Wei Yan: ”I have already done what you want.
It is your turn to help me.
Save my company. ”

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The unknown person: ”I do not know how do you lead your company with your stupidity.
It is not my obligation to help, neither to save your company. ”

Sun Wei Yan: ”You Bastard!!! ”

The unknown person: ”I hope this is your last time calling me that.
And don ’t call me again. ”

Sun Wei Yan: ”Are you not afraid that I will tell someone about this? ”

The unknown person: ”You may tell anyone but remember this, the moment you tell another soul, your family… ”

Sun Wei Yan: ”Don ’t you dare do anything to my family!!! ”

The unknown person: ”Then, don ’t force me to do so. ”

Sun Wei Yan: ”… ”

The unknown person: ”I hope ththes your last time that you are calling me.
Goodbye and have a nice day. ”

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Sun Wei Yan ended up staring at the phone angrily.
He could not accept that he had been deceived by that bastard.

That person told him that he would like to invest 2 million into Sunshine Company.
Sun Wei Yan thought that it was a good thing.
However, he wanted Sun Wei Yan to do something first.

He wanted to ruin Qi Qi Skincare.
Of course, he would invest one million as the deposit.
He even told that Qi Qi Skincare ’s owner was a man that came from the village.

Sun Wei Yan believed that.
So, he schemed all of the plots against Qi Qi Skincare.
At first, the scheme was a success.

After one week, Qi Qi Skincare began to clear the problem that occurred to them.
Then, out of the sudden, his company began to have a problem.
Their board of director ’s members involved in bribery next was the tax evasion.

Not like he did not know about bribery and tax evasion, he knew it.
Since he had also played a hand in this matter.
He was not that stupid.
He then clearly understood that this was Qi Qi Skincare payback.
Even though the police said that they had received the information about bribery and tax evasion anonymously.

He did not expect that Qi Qi Skincare had an expert.
’This is troublesome. ’ He pinched his nose bridge.
’What should I do next? What should I do next? ’

That word was suitable to him right now.
He regretted provoking Qi Qi Skincare.

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