Yu Qi ’s popularity increased day by day.
Doctors at Guanying Hospital could not deny her skill as a surgeon.
She attended the surgery once per day as the assistant to the lead surgeon.

She just came out of the surgery theatre.
When she was about to get some food for her lunch at the cafe, her name suddenly was called by someone.

”Tang Yu Qi? ”

She turned around and saw a middle aged couple that currently looking at her.
She did not remember this couple.

”What are you doing here? ” The middle aged woman asked.

Yu Qi suddenly remembered meeting this middle aged couple at Tang Residence.
She tried to recall back the couple ’s name.
Oh, Si Su Zen and her husband, Si Fung Bien.

”You seem to be working here? Has Tang Family already thrown you away? ” Si Su Zen was mocking Yu Qi with a loud voice.

Everyone looked at Yu Qi and the middle aged couple.
Some of the people at the cafe right now were doctors and nurses.
So, they knew Yu Qi but not the middle aged couple.
They wondered what was their relationship.

”What, you are embarrassing enough that you could not speak? ” Si Su Zen asked again.

Yu Qi looked at Si Su Zen as she was watching an idiot woman.

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”Mrs Si, actually what do you want to say? ” Yu Qi finally opened her mouth and asked.

”Humph, an orphan wants to suck a rich family. ” Si Su Zen looked mockingly to Yu Qi.

Everyone that currently watching them was shocked to hear that Yu Qi was an orphan.
Yu Qi seemed to notice that everyone was shocked and had started to whisper to each other.

”What? They do not seem to know you are an orphan.
So, you hide it.
Sorry for blowing your secret. ” Si Su Zen said while faking a laugh.

Yu Qi sighed.
”Mrs Si, I have never considered it as a secret.
Why should I go around and tell everyone that I ’m an orphan? Not like I want sympathy from anybody. ” She did not know what this woman ’s brain thinking.
’Is she truly an idiot? ’ She was wondering about that.

Everyone thought the same way as Yu Qi.
Why should someone tell around that they were an orphan?

Then Yu Qi added.
”And Mrs Su, my current family has nothing to do with you.
You are ’Su ’ while I ’m a ’Tang ’.
So, don ’t bother about that. ”

”We are Tang ’s distant relatives.
You can not deny that. ” Si Su Zen said.

”You are just a daughter from a cousin of my grandmother ’s side. ” Yu Qi said.

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”You! ” Si Su Zen pointed to Yu Qi angrily.

”What? I ’m telling the truth.
What are you getting angry about? ” This time, Yu Qi sounded like she was mocking her.

”Su Zen, let ’s go now.
You have said that you have wanted to visit your friend here. ” Si Fung Bien wanted to pull Si Su Zen away from there.

Si Su Zen was still looking angrily at Yu Qi.
”Let ’s go.
We are going to tell my friend that she should transfer from this hospital since the doctor is so rude to others. ”

Then, Si Su Zen walked leaving her husband that quickly followed her steps.

Yu Qi sighed.
She did not feel tired dealing with the patients but would feel tired when dealing with someone like Si Su Zen.
She did not know why Si Su Zen was targeting her in the first place.
She did not even talk to Si Su Zen before.

”Doctor Tang, I have never thought that you are an orphan. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten approached Yu Qi.

”It is not something that I think I should tell others about. ” Yu Qi said.
She continued, ”But now, I have an amazing family. ”

”That ’s right.
Like Doctor Tang said, why should we tell others that we are an orphan? ” Another nurse said while nodded several times.

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”Thank you for coming here, Doctor Tang.
The lecture that you have given is very good.
I think it will help our doctors here. ” A man said to another man.

”I ’m glad that that can help you. ” The other man said.

”How about we having dinner together, Doctor Tang? ” The man asked.

”No, I ’m going to meet my little sister now.
I think she has probably finished her duty for today. ” ’Doctor Tang said.

”Eh? ” The man was confused.
’Sister? ’ He thought there was no girl in the younger generation of the Tang Family.
How come he had a little sister?

”Oh, she is also working here? ” The man asked.

”Yes. ” ’Doctor Tang ’ answered.

The man started to process his brain.
How come he never know that a person from Tang Family that came to Guanying Hospital and worked here? Wait, there was someone with the ’Tang ’ surname too.
Is that her?

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”I will go first. ” ’Doctor Tang ’ said.

”Doctor Tang, can we meet your sister too? ” Another man that heard the previous conversation joined in.

”Sure. ” ’Doctor Tang ’ nodded.

There were several men who followed ’Doctor Tang ’.

This ’Doctor Tang ’ was actually Tang Han Lee.
He had come here delivered a lecture.
And also wanted to see his little sister as her mother and auntie requested.

They were worried about his little sister even his little sister was calling them once per week.
So, when they heard that he had to come to Guanying Hospital, they asked him to go and see his little sister.
Well, he did not mind seeing his little sister too.

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