Tang Han Lee remembered that his little sister had told him that she was currently working at the Surgery Department.
He wondered whether she was in the surgery theatre right now.

To get to the Surgery Department, they needed to pass the cafe.
When he passed the cafe area, his eyes caught his little sister.
She was currently eating some sandwich.
He directly went to his little sister.

His figure seemed to catch a lot of attention since a few doctors had followed him from behind making others believe that he was some kind of a big shot.

Yu Qi who was quietly eating her sandwich suddenly looked up and saw her big brother in front of her.
Her expression was totally surprised by his big brother ’s sudden visit.

”Little Sis, how are you doing? ” Tang Han Lee said with a smile on his face.

”Big Brother, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”I have a lecture here today.
So, I have thought that I can see you.
Mother and Aunt have also asked me to see you too. ” Tang Han Lee patted Yu Qi ’s head.

The doctors who had followed Tang Han Lee were shocked as they watched their interactions.
They were blinking several times like a foolish person.

Tang Yu Qi…
Tang Han Lee…
They were a family.
No wonder this Tang Yu Qi was an excellent doctor.
She came from that family.
The skill was very good.

Yu Qi looked behind Tang Han Lee.
She saw some familiar faces.
She greeted them by nodding to them.
She knew what they were thinking right now.
However, it was not important anymore.
She had proven her worth.
So, she did not mind if she blew her cover right now.

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”Who is that man? So handsome. ”

”All men that came to meet Doctor Tang were very good looking. ”

”That ’s right.
Especially the first one. ”

”I agree. ”

”I am so jealous. ”

”Like others are saying, a beautiful woman bounded to a handsome man.
Sigh… ”

”When can I meet someone like that too? ”

”We can just be dreaming about that. ”

”But I think this man is not her boyfriend.
Look at them.
They are more like siblings. ”

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I have heard that Doctor Tang already has a boyfriend. ”

The nurses were gossiping about Yu Qi and Tang Han Lee.

They saw Yu Qi and Tang Han Lee went separately.
Then they saw Yu Qi turned away.

”Big Brother. ” Yu Qi called Tang Han Lee.

Most of the onlookers heard that.
’Oh, he is Doctor Tang ’s brother. ’ That was what they were thinking.

Yu Qi approached Tang Han Lee.

The spare key.
I will come home at mostly 7 p.m.
You can go and wait at home first.
I will cook for you. ” Yu Qi handed out the key and left Tang Han Lee.


Tang Han Lee was beside Yu Qi helping her in cooking for their dinner while the dog was looking at his master who was not far away from them.
He did tell her that she should not cook since she had just returned home from work.
He did not want to tire his little sister.

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However, she told him that she did not feel tired and would like to cook for him.
So, there she was in the kitchen.
She told him that she would cook alone.
But he could not let that happened.
He at least could help her.

One hour later, the dish was laying on the table.
Yu Qi gave a portion to Aoi to enjoy it.
She was lucky that she also stored some of the ingredients in the kitchen.

”Your cooking has improved again.
It is delicious. ” Tang Han Lee praised Yu Qi.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi smiled.
”How is the family? ”

”They are good. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”How about Grandpa? ” Yu Qi asked.

”My mother has called him two days ago.
He has told her that he was okay and is telling them not to worry about him.
He is always like that.
He will not answer my call. ” Tang Han Lee sighed.

Yu Qi laughed.
She remembered that her grandfather would like to avoid Tang Han Lee and had been telling her that, it was because Tang Han Lee nagged at her grandfather too much.

”I have called him last week.
He has been excited about the new herb that he has successfully planted. ” Yu Qi said.

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”He is still like to do that.
I just hope that he will not fall sick. ” Tang Han Lee said.

”Don ’t worry, Big Brother.
He will be fine. ” Yu Qi smiled.

She could say that because she knew that her grandfather had drunk the medicinal wine that she gifted him on his birthdays.
That medicinal wine would boost his health.
There was no doubt about that.

”How about your girlfriend, Big Brother? ” Yu Qi asked Tang Han Lee teasingly

Tang Han Lee currently eating coughed several times after he heard about that question.

”Eh, she is not your girlfriend yet? ” Yu Qi widened her eyes.

She has already agreed to be my girlfriend. ” Tang Han Lee quickly corrected Yu Qi.
Then, he coughed again.

He did not expect that he would feel anxiety when hearing Yu Qi ’s question.

”I see. ” Yu Qi smirked.
”How is she? She is doing her internship at Tang Hospital right? ”

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She is doing fine. ” Tang Han Lee tried to answer Yu Qi ’s question normally.

”I bet you are happy since your beloved is nearby.
You probably peek on her a lot. ” Yu Qi grinned.

She knew that Ding Na An would not go public about her relationship.
Ding Na An was having the same mindset as her.
She would not use the relationship.
She would rather suffer and improve her skill.

”You… ” Tang Han Lee did not know what to say.

It was like Yu Qi had said.
He did go and peek Ding Na An at work.

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