Bai Shu Jin read the doc.u.ment that contained the information about Yu Qi.
Even though he did not meet her, he kept himself updating about Yu Qi ’s being.

He could not forget her even after everything had happened.
After he graduated, he started working officially at Bai Group.
He wanted to forget Yu Qi by burying himself with the workload.

Day by day, month by month, still nothing changed.
His feeling even grew bigger towards Yu Qi.
He actually did not know why.

And he met Su Yu Hi, the person that Yu Qi always met during the university.
He caught them meeting at the cafe near the university.

He actually remembered vividly Yu Qi ’s reaction at the time.
She rolled her eyes expressing her feeling by asking who he was to her and why he had to be angry at her.

At that moment, Bai Shu Jin could not think properly.
Even he did not know what right he had to be angry with the fact Yu Qi was meeting someone else.
He was not the boyfriend.

When he met Su Yu Hi, the man just nodded acknowledged him and walked away.
He wanted to know who Su Yu Hi was and what was his relationship with Su Yu Hi.
So, he asked his assistant to figure it out.

That when he found out that Su Yu Hi was Yu Qi ’s employee.
And the most shocking thing was the person behind Qi Investment Company.
That was Yu Qi.

She had built the company during her study.
He could imagine how much effort Yu Qi gave to do so.
The company now stood as the most profitable new company during these two years.

They thought Su Yu Hi was the owner of Qi Investment Company since he was the representative of the company.
No one would wonder that it was just a young girl and that person was not even properly studying business but was a doctor.

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”First Young Master, Master wants to meet you. ” Bai Shu Jin ’s assistant said.

”Why? ” Bai Shu Jin asked.

”Master do not mention anything to me. ” The assistant said.

I will go now. ” Bai Shu Jin nodded and stood up, walking straight to his father ’s room.

Bai Shu Jin knocked on his father ’s door.
He entered when he heard the voice calling him to enter.
When he stepped in, he could see that his younger brother was also there.

”Yo, Brother! ” Bai Yu greeted his brother.

”What are you doing here? ” Bai Shu Jin asked.

It was rare to see his younger brother here, at the headquarter of Bai Group.
Not to mention, inside their father ’s room.

”I ’m having a semester break.
So, I come to visit Dad. ” Bai Yu answered.

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”I see. ” Bai Shu Jin turned his view from his younger brother to his father.
”Father, why are you calling me? ”

”Sit. ” Bai Xia Fang said.

Followed his father ’s order, Bai Shu Jin sat in front of Bai Xia Fang.

”Do you know Guanying City, right? ”

”Yes, Father. ” Bai Shu Jin ’s gaze deepened as he remembered something about that place.

”The mayor wants to develop the place into a world class resort.
We need to grab the chance. ” Bai Xia Fang said.

”So, there will not us only us, right? ” Bai Shu Jin asked.

Several forces like Feng, Qin, and others will join to bid the project. ” Bai Shu Jin nodded.

”Feng indeed is a tough player. ” Bai Shu Jin made the analysis.

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But I think we need to look out for Qin. ” Bai Xia Fang said.

”Qin? It was a new player in the industry, right? ” Bai Shu Jin frowned.

”They are indeed a new player in construction but not new in the business.
In fact, they are currently building a shopping mall at Guanying City. ” Bai Xia Fang explained.

”I see. ” Bai Shu Jin nodded several times.

”I need you to go and meet the mayor to discuss about the project.
Collect the information on how the mayor wants for the world class resort. ” Bai Xia Fang ordered.

”Yes, Father. ” Bai Shu Jin nodded obeying the order.

”This time, Yu, follow your brother. ” This time, Bai Xia Fang spoke to Bai Yu.

”Hah? Me? Why should I go there too? ” Bai Yu was shocked when he heard that his father asking him to follow his brother.

”It is your semester break.
You should come and involve in our work too since you will be going to work here too. ” Bai Xia Fang sternly said to Bai Yu.

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”But… ” Bai Yu wanted to protest.

”I will suspend your card. ” Bai Xia Fang glared at Bai Yu.

”Okay, Dad.
I will follow Big Bro to work too. ” Bai Yu quickly changed his word obeying his father ’s order too.

”You two can dismiss. ” Bai Xia Fang waved his hand.

Bai Shu Jin and Bai Yu went outside.

”What the suck! I just come to visit and suddenly has to follow you to work.
What bad luck. ” Bai Yu sighed.

Bai Shu Jin knocked Bai Yu ’s head.
”You can ’t say something like that. ”

”Ouch, Big Bro, that hurts. ” Bai Yu held that place that Bai Shu Jin hit just now.

Bai Shu Jin rolled his eyes and left Bai Yu.
Bai Yu quickly ran to follow his brother.

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”Big Bro, can I not go there? ” Bai Yu begged his brother.

You must go. ” Bai Shu Jin did not stop walking.

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