”But… ” Bai Yu wanted to protest.

”If you don ’t go, Father will suspend your card. ” Bai Shu Jin said.

”For that matter, I need your cooperation.
You can just tell Dad that I have followed you. ” Bai Yu grinned.

”Yu, Father has a lot of spies.
You will on their radar.
If you do not follow me, Father will know immediately.
And the consequence of that, you dare? ” Bai Shu Jin narrowed his eyes.

”What? ” Bai Yu looked around and saw nothing.

”You will see nothing. ” Bai Shu Jin said.

”Alright, alright.
I will follow you.
Where will we going to go? ” Bai Yu asked, giving up on running away.

”I have thought you have been listening to our conversation. ” Bai Shu Jin sighed.

”Why should I listen to a boring conversation like that? ” Bai Yu rolled his eyes.

”Guanying City. ” Bai Shu Jin said.

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”What? Guanying City? ” Bai Yu shouted excitedly.

Bai Shu Jin felt weird by Bai Yu ’s reaction.
”What is with you? ”

”Oh, nothing…
When will we go then? ” Bai Yu calmed down himself.

”I will need to set an appointment with the mayor.
After getting the date, I will tell you. ” Bai Shu Jin looked at his watch.

”Okay, Big Bro.
I will be waiting. ” Bai Yu left the office energetic.

Bai Shu Jin did feel that something was weird with his younger brother.
His younger brother seemed to get excited suddenly to follow him.
He thought that it was when he told the place where they would be going.

Well, Bai Shu Jin tossed the matter about Bai Yu.
He did not think long about that.
He returned back to his room and called his assistant to settle the work.

Bai Yu was excited to go to Guanying City.
The reason why he was happy because he could see Yu Qi there.
The last time he met with her was when he was going out with a woman.
He met Yu Qi at the hotel.

Yu Qi just ignored him but he was slightly happy with that coincident meeting.
He would like to meet her again.
He heard that she was currently undergoing an internship at Guanying General Hospital.

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Yu Qi was eating dinner with Qin Xia, Yi Lishan, Yi Liwei and Little San.
And how they ended up having dinner together, it was a coincidence.

Yu Qi had been invited to have dinner together at a restaurant.
They met each other at the entrance of the restaurant.
Little San was happy to see Yu Qi again and wanted to eat together with Yu Qi.

Yi Lishan and Qin Xia looked at each other.
Yi Liwei could see the sparks between these two men.
So, Yi Liwei suggested that they could eat together since Little San seemed wanted it badly.

So, they ended up eating together.

”What is your relationship? ” Yi Liwei asked when seeing Yu Qi seemed nicer with Qin Xia.

Yu Qi: ”He is like my brother. ”

Qin Xia: ”He is like my sister. ”

Both of them answered at the same time.
Then they turned looked at each other.

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”Oh, I have thought you are in a romantic relationship. ” Yi Liwei grinned as he looked at his older brother.

”I already have my boyfriend. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh… ” Yi Liwei looked at his older brother again.

Yi Lishan ’s expression did not change at all.
Yi Liwei sighed in his mind.
His older brother seemed to be slow.

”By the way, I ’m Yi Liwei.
This is my older brother, Yi Lishan and my younger brother, Yi Sanyi. ” Yi Liwei introduced themselves to Qin Xia.

”I ’m Qin Xia. ” Qin Xia made it short.

”I see. ” Yi Liwei nodded.

”By the way, are you from the mayor ’s family, right? ” Qin Xia asked for confirmation.

”Yeah. ” Yi Liwei nodded.

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”Oh, which city? ” Yu Qi asked.

”This city, Guanying City. ” Yi Lishan answered her question.

”Eh, really? I have just thought you guys are from a richer family.
Never have expected that you are the Mayor ’s family.
Meaning your father is the mayor, right? ” Yu Qi was a little bit surprised by this.

”That ’s right. ” Yi Liwei nodded.

”I have heard that your father wants to build a resort. ” Qin Xia stated.

That ’s right. ” Yi Lishan nodded.
”Here is a border city.
Somehow a remote area.
We need to develop this city. ”

”This city sometimes has refugees cross our border. ” Yu Qi added.

”Yeah but having a military compound here really decreased the amount of them. ” Yi Lishan said.

”And it is not just a resort.
But a world class resort. ” Yi Liwei said.

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”For that reason, we are going to open the bid for the project. ” Yi Lishan said.

”I see.
So, it will be Guanying City ’s property. ” Yu Qi said.

The profit will be an income to Guanying City. ” Yu Liwei said.

Yu Qi nodded.
In her head, she already thought about another business that she could think about.
’I guess I need to discuss with Brother Yu Hi first. ’

The dinner ended up in a good mood.
Little San was a little bit sad when they needed to separate to return home.

Yu Qi succeeded in coaxing him after telling them he could visit her at the hospital or she would go and visit him later.

Yu Qi returned with Qin Xia.

”Brother Xia, thank you for inviting me to dinner. ” Yu Qi thanked Qin Xia.

”It is my pleasure. ” Qin Xia said while smiling.

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”I ’m going to excuse myself first.
Good night, Brother Xia.
Have a good rest. ” Yu Qi said.

”You too. ”

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